How girls like me want to be treated by their boyfriend/husband

How girls like me want to be treated by their boyfriend/husband

Girls like me want to be treated with respect. Without respect we will ignore you guys.

If I ever have a boy come up to me and ask me out I would probably and most likely say no. I have a hard time with commitment because I was heart broken once and I hated the feeling crying everyday while listening to sad music. While I was heart broken I stopped eating, I wasn't focused on school, I was depressed, and people began to think I had mental problems. That's not good!

I'd most likely say yes to a boy who asked me out if that boy asked me out in a romantic manner. Like in those 90's movies (the breakfast club, sixteen candles,etc.). It's just romantic and it shows the girls how much of a good person you are and how much you actually care. No girl wants to date or marry a man who is full of himself and always puts himself first. That is not being a gentleman. Also not to mention if you talk or flirt to other girls while you're dating! It's basically the first rule in having a relationship! Don't be going around with other girls while you're in a relationship. Like I said, it's wrong.

If you guys out there are crushing on a girl...

1) Don't be rude or mean to others. Makes you the bad person.

2) Always be nice but still be manly. So she doesn't have to play the role of the guy in the relationship.

3) Get to know her

4) Know her enough to be able to make your move the right way.

5) If all else fails she isn't the right girl for you. There are billions and billions of other girls out there who don't have anyone. And one of them is perfect for you.


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  • Just a single question, how much are you willing to do for the guy that you think you deserve such treatment? You are not an angel and you are not doing him a favor by saying 'yes'. A relationship is to be built on equality, if you expect him to treat you like a princes,, do all the work and all you want to do is sit and act like you did him a huge favor then you'll be single post-30. Trust me.


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  • I agree and I would want to be treated the same by a girlfriend. A relationship is a two way street after all.

  • . I refuse.

  • Why the need for 2)? As much as modern women these days are sick of being the house wife in the kitchen who has no say whatsoever. I'm very tired of the role of the guy in the relationship.

    I need moral and emotional support too and I'm not rich enough to pay for every single thing you do nor willing to be your personal money bag anyway. Also, risking rejection by being forced to take all initiatives and always making the first move is unfair.
    Girls should ask guys out more, especially know that equality is so demanded these days.

    Also at least let me TALK with another girl, what kind of yandere would forbid a single platonic conversion? Those 2 rules should definitely be revoked.


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