How men can start taking control of their life!

Men these days, I’m sorry to say are being inhibited by all these different groups claiming that masculinity is toxic. I am a firm believer in not trying to fix or alter something that has worked for generations. The fact of the matter is, men and women ARE in fact different. People view this in a negative sense when in fact it is not negative at all. In life men are supposed to be providers, protectors. Women are supposed to be more nurturing. This is human/animal nature. Men have to start taking back their masculinity and the following points are a guide line on how to do so.

1- WORK OUT: men have to start working out and improving their strength and look. Men who work out not only look more dominate but also have a higher level of testosterone and feel good about themselves.

2- STOP PUTTING WOMEN ON A PEDESTAL: the fact that social media has made it that women have much more oppertunity to be hit on by men, as made it so that men put aside their morals and ethics in order to have a woman because it is so competitive out there. Stop doing this. Women are humans just like men are. Stop overlooking bad behavior because you feel that you will not be able to compete. Be comfortable being single, let opportunities for relationships come to you, and they will come when you know your worth.

3- STOP COMPARING: I see a lot of questions on this site regarding penis size and men feeling inadequate. Educate yourself on how to please a woman, and understand that you are unique just being you, there is no need to compare yourself to someone else because they can never be you and you can never be them. Learn to be comfortable with who you are and what you have and make it work for you.

4- STOP ASSUMING: Stop assuming that you can’t get the girl, stop assuming that people will judge you for stepping in the gym, stop assuming that you will fail. You never know until you try and you will take a lot of L’s in the journey but when you succeed you will be extra proud of yourself.

5- DEVELOP YOUR CAREER: Men, get a job, and I’m not talking about some shitty minimum wage job. Find a career that gives you fulfillment. Find a career, invest in yourself, do something that will be able to give you financial freedom and give you the necessities to enjoy your motherfucking life. Don’t get held back by lack of funds.

CONCLUSION: I know some people will take offense to this post or find something wrong with it, but at the end of the day, these things will improve your life and set you up for success. As said in the 48 laws of power, be a king in your own right, move like a king to be viewed as one.

How men can start taking control of their life!
How men can start taking control of their life!
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