She Wants A Man, Not A Boy. Three Signs He's A Real Man.

Being a man if far more than being a guy. A man has responsibilities, respect, renown. A man is kind, calculated, and courteous. If you want to have a healthy relationship with a guy, you have to know is he a boy? Or a man.

She Wants A Man, Not A Boy. Three Signs Hes A Real Man.

Here are three signs of true manhood.

1 Respect.

A Man carries himself with respect. He respects his family, his friends, his coworkers, he respects the woman he is with, but most importantly, he respects himself. He understands the difference between pride, and honor. And above all things will make sure you are treated like a woman, and not just another gal.

2 Morals.

A man never compromises his morality. He believes in justice and equality. He will defend his woman and loved ones. And will always hold himself accountable to the standards he holds others. A man will be the hero when it hurts, because it's the right thing to do, no other reason except that it's right. And when he sets his mind to do something good, he does it.

3 Peace.

A man takes time to learn how to have peace in any situation. Be calming and sturdy when the storm approaches. He isn't bothered by what others think, because he is at peace with who he is. And he will do his best to calm those around him. He brings security, and unity wherever he goes. He takes the time to learn peace inside.

That is three easy things for men to do and women to look for in men. You don't want a relationship with a boy, you want one with a man. (My take on real women is coming soon for you.)

She Wants A Man, Not A Boy. Three Signs He's A Real Man.
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