3 Signs A Guy Might Need A More Dominant Woman

3 Signs A Guy Might Need A More Dominant Woman

It's common that a man might like to think of himself as the dominant partner in the relationship. This is the one who instinctively takes the lead more often than the other in social interactions and day to day living.

However, some men today simply don't properly provide leadership in certain situations. There's not necessarily anything wrong with this. Some guys just aren't comfortable being the one in the driver's seat.These are the guys that would do better by being with a more dominant woman.

He doesn't want to pursue

If a guy would rather a woman ask him out and make the moves instead of him being the one to pursue, then he's likely a more laid back, passive type of guy, as some men are by nature.

In some cases, guys can be shy and have anxiety around asking a woman out or making the first moves, which is understandable because men generally run a greater risk of rejection than women do.

A passive guy is going to be more comfortable with an assertive, take charge type of woman who has no problem being the one to initiate flirting, making the first moves, or asking him out on a date.

He is indecisive

If a man is often hesitant, fickle, or indecisive then he's going to need a woman who will be the authoritative force in the relationship.

Two indecisive people in a couple are going to be ineffective and grow frustrated with one another very quickly.

For example, if a man asks you where you want to eat, he's not asking you to reply with, “ Oh I don't know. Where do you want to go?”

That's the last thing he want to hears because he wants you to be dominant and make the decision for the both of you.

He doesn't want to pay

Running hand in hand with favoring the woman to ask him out is also the preference of opting out of paying for the date.

Dominant men are going to willingly pay for the date as it is made evident that they are the financial leader and supplier in the relationship.

If a man has the money to pay for a date, but habitually doesn't want to, then he'll naturally be the more humble and subordinate partner, financially. He will need a woman who is going to be more comfortable being in the provider status.

Luckily, this shouldn't be too difficult considering the fact that there are more bread-winning women than ever, complimentary to more men choosing to be stay at home dads which has in fact almost doubled since 1989.

As stated before, there's nothing fundamentally wrong with either of these choices or lifestyles based on principle. It's all just personal preference of the individual and how well you complement your partner.

Some men might be intimidated at first by the idea of having a more dominant girlfriend or wife, but if they take the time to think rationally, they might realize that this is how they could be happier.

3 Signs A Guy Might Need A More Dominant Woman
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  • Good take
    I'm not attracted to these men
  • ankith10reddy
    Dominance generally means when one takes power over others and forces their decision on to others. The scenarios you mentioned shows more of confidence and leadership.

    Firstly, yes a some/lot of men don't want to purse asking a woman out because of risk of rejection. But also risk of offending, in the current generation where some women who find greeting to also be offensive, sure asking a woman out might possibly land him in prison.

    Secondly, yes some men don't want to make decision in some matters , like the choice of restaurant. But that doesn't necessarily make him indecisive, he sure might be having an opinion or choice in other matters.

    Finally, i pretty sure these days people share their expenses on dates. But yeah some don't and expect other person to pay for them. If you think about it, do you want a guy who pays for a stranger to just get to know her (that for me sounds way to desperate). Or he pays for people who he is actually in a relationship with.

    I don't think its dominance if one is working to earn money for family while the other stays at home. If more of like partnership, where they divide and conquer the jobs.

    No offense what so ever but I don't think it's good for men/women to stay at home even after the kids reaches a certain age, because that inflicts a lot of responsibility and risk if the "breadwinner" loses job. I think it's better of both earn together, while still spending time with children.
  • Jamie05rhs
    I disagree, and I will tell you why:

    1. More like we don't want to harass and we don't want to stalk. Unlike some other people, I actually understand the concept of No Means No. If you want to be coerced, then sorry; I'm not your guy.

    2. One can be indecisive and still lead. We just take longer to come to a decision. But we make better decisions because we think things through more thoroughly. And we're democratic; we take our woman's wishes into consideration as opposed to just dictating everything and shoving it down her throat.

    "ineffective and grow frustrated". No; they can make a good team because they respect each other and understand the art of compromise.

    And no, I don't want her to "make the decision.". It's a genuine question asking her for her opinion.

    3. Payment is not about control. And if it is, then I want no part of it. I'm a leader, not a control freak.

    Furthermore, I don't know how this is so hard for some people to understand: just because I don't want to pay for everything for the woman (because she's an adult, not a child) that doesn't mean that I want her to pay for me. I'm a man; I can pay for myself, thank you very much.
  • crazy8000

    Much missing and to much generalized presumption.

    Have you heard of to only pass an equal that has own drive that goes for what they are after and takes initiative.
    Or for that matter that dominant isn't the same as dominating.
    Very few of those men wants her to pay for him or for her since both gives signals of user mentality.
  • westwordbound
    Some “dominant” guys are smart not to over pursue early. They act mysterious because they know girls like that. But once they get their foot in the door they go for it.

    I once dated a girl who tried to be dominant. I didn’t like it. In the beginning it was nice because she was so direct there was zero guesswork. But as time went on I felt emasculated. I cut it off. I could never stay in a relationship like that.
  • 1.5/3

    not believing or buying into this dominance/submission thingy. It's not for me.

    based on this logic, European (and maybe also American) women are dominant. They're not. And neither are we i suppose.
  • bamesjond0069
    1. If he is a wimp.
    2. If he is a pussy.
    3. If he is a cuck.
    • 🙄🙄🙄

    • I thought you would comment seeing as I just described your dream man. 😂

    • Geez. Why are you so miserable?

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  • billyboy37
    Dam.. you should get an award for the way you wrote this masturbate i mean piece
  • englisc
    Shy and indecisive guys will prefer a dominant woman, sure. The rest though I'd say is false.

    Dominant and submissive behaviour has nothing to do with who pursues who. It's really about how they pursue. You're going on a date with this person who is pursuing you.

    You: so where are you taking me?
    Dominant: let's go to X place
    Submissive: where would you like to go?

    That could be either a man or a woman. Whoever is the more confident, assertive and the more decisive is the more dominant one.

    As for money, just because a man or woman have more money than the other doesn't make them dominant. Again this depends on the two people involved.
  • ConfusedOfTheWorld
    Bruh, if I ask back where the person wants to eat is because idc about it, I want the other one to feel good.
  • User_Friendly
    I def checked the first two. But not wanting to pay? Id say thats in a catagory of its own! Haha
  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    I'm kinda on the fence on this, I definitely am more laid back and passive in a sense. And sexually I can be submissive or dominant depending on mood. And I kinda like the thought of a girl taking interest in me and making moves. But I also like the feeling of protecting and providing for a girl I like. I tend to be more contemplative and aim to please, but that doesn't mean I can't have some fun playing the leading role. Girls I've dated were more attracted the more I led. Although if she was naturally more dominant and prefered her men more passive/ submissive, then who knows, maybe I could be seduced by that. My main fear would be becoming emasculated. Then again, I know guys who act dominant and macho but are totally under their gf's thumb and are pretty much "whipped". So maybe things are not always they seem. Personally I swing between wanting a sweet submissive girl who lets me lead... and a decisive seductive girl who takes the lead
  • termanator
    I agree with the indecisive one , the reason I don't pursue most women, is I know they're not the kind I'm looking for pretty soon after meeting
  • edwilliams580
    I'm sorry but the more dominant guy is not usually the one that does the pursuing or the chasing
  • prasanp
    This is shit. All people have some flaws and that does not make them submissive. I only know whether one is submissive or not if they want to feel protected, loved and when they seek attention and security of someone else constantly. Apart from that most submissive have their own scars, what they need is someone who can fill those scar and regain their confidence, they don't even need any dominant to be happy. About decision making, most time submissive are one controlling; they need someone who can make decision not the best one but who one can make better decision while taking their opinion.
  • The man is NEVER the EMOTIONALLY dominant person in the relationship. NEVER.
    Physically, sure - but we all know full well women dominate the emotional, it is how they are wired - and, on top of it, they have kept insisting on being EXPECTED to be emotionally dominant to the point of complete social dominance (as their definition of near-equality - for actual equality, they expect being able to destroy every fibre of a man's being at their slightest whim - and still cry foul to everyone about being the victim).
    The equivalent would be men publicly expecting a right to beat up a woman to a pulp if in any way dissatisfied with they way she treats them (and to be honest, that would than match those female expectations, and is probably where the whole thing is going if they can't apply brakes to their own excruciatingly demanding behaviour/expectations of privilege - it is mostly a woman's job to guard the niceness and care of the society, as is man's to guard it physically)
  • DJZest
    The wave of enlightenment continues to strengthen individuals, as seen in the strong replys to this masculinized women's Take.
    • Interesting. How do you mean?

    • DJZest

      I'm glad that you are interested in the affairs of your surroundings. It is a vitally important aspect of your psyche that helps successfully navigate the extraordinarily complex world we find ourselves in towards towards enlightenment.

      As to the deeper meaning of my statement - This will require you to take a stance diametrically opposed to feminism, women's general view and understanding of the world today, and popular culture, beliefs. I discern that you are incapable of separating your observational capabilities from your personal values and will thus abstain from expounding on my, admittedly, superficial and brief statement.

      However, in case you have some kind of interest in the truth, I will provide a hint: You may research "Gnosis".

  • I like a dominant women cause iam a indeceive man and I am shy plus I can’t tell if girls like me or just being friendly
  • NorthwestRider
    Dominant women are badass and sexy

    Getting married to one
  • jwsstein
    I would most definitely be willing to try this the only problem I see is that women are they ready
  • Maybe so on 1 and 2 but I've always been raised to pay
  • Good mytake
  • Pazdin
    Nice my take
  • esotericstory
    Whatever happened to equality?
  • I love dominant women!
    • How do you know what you want at the age of 14 😂

    • jwsstein

      That's funny shit

    • Well, it's normal. I always liked dominant women

  • anube
    He's a fucking pussy
  • Anonymous
    I have always found that women who are so fixated on dominant women and submissive men have very deep-seated insecurities.
    • How so?

    • GreatNews

      I disagree I think some women have those personalities and that's awesome!

    • GreatNews

      What I mean is it is good that people have a variety of personalities

  • Anonymous
    From my point of view:
    - He doesn't want to pursue: Definitely 100% true for me.
    - He is indecisive: Maybe 50% true for me, I can make most of decisions, but I would submit to a dominant woman's decision if I like her.
    - He doesn't want to pay: About 30% true for me, I actually like to pay for the woman I love... but I appreciate equality in paying, and I wouldn't mind if she wanted to pay, or even better, if she'd like to split the bill.
  • Anonymous
    Indecisive, more or less correct.
    The other two, nope, not correct. You’re projecting what you want in a guy instead of actually listening to them.
  • Anonymous
    It's confusing for me because I like to pay and take care of a woman.
    I'm fine making decisions, but I'm not overly dominant in the bedroom.
    I like to let her call the shots and I'm a giver.
    I want to please her.
    What does that make me?
  • Anonymous
    Still normally doesn't happen