3 Signs A Guy Might Need A More Dominant Woman

3 Signs A Guy Might Need A More Dominant Woman

It's common that a man might like to think of himself as the dominant partner in the relationship. This is the one who instinctively takes the lead more often than the other in social interactions and day to day living.

However, some men today simply don't properly provide leadership in certain situations. There's not necessarily anything wrong with this. Some guys just aren't comfortable being the one in the driver's seat.These are the guys that would do better by being with a more dominant woman.

He doesn't want to pursue

If a guy would rather a woman ask him out and make the moves instead of him being the one to pursue, then he's likely a more laid back, passive type of guy, as some men are by nature.

In some cases, guys can be shy and have anxiety around asking a woman out or making the first moves, which is understandable because men generally run a greater risk of rejection than women do.

A passive guy is going to be more comfortable with an assertive, take charge type of woman who has no problem being the one to initiate flirting, making the first moves, or asking him out on a date.

He is indecisive

If a man is often hesitant, fickle, or indecisive then he's going to need a woman who will be the authoritative force in the relationship.

Two indecisive people in a couple are going to be ineffective and grow frustrated with one another very quickly.

For example, if a man asks you where you want to eat, he's not asking you to reply with, “ Oh I don't know. Where do you want to go?”

That's the last thing he want to hears because he wants you to be dominant and make the decision for the both of you.

He doesn't want to pay

Running hand in hand with favoring the woman to ask him out is also the preference of opting out of paying for the date.

Dominant men are going to willingly pay for the date as it is made evident that they are the financial leader and supplier in the relationship.

If a man has the money to pay for a date, but habitually doesn't want to, then he'll naturally be the more humble and subordinate partner, financially. He will need a woman who is going to be more comfortable being in the provider status.

Luckily, this shouldn't be too difficult considering the fact that there are more bread-winning women than ever, complimentary to more men choosing to be stay at home dads which has in fact almost doubled since 1989.

As stated before, there's nothing fundamentally wrong with either of these choices or lifestyles based on principle. It's all just personal preference of the individual and how well you complement your partner.

Some men might be intimidated at first by the idea of having a more dominant girlfriend or wife, but if they take the time to think rationally, they might realize that this is how they could be happier.

3 Signs A Guy Might Need A More Dominant Woman
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