3 Signs A Guy Might Need A More Dominant Woman

3 Signs A Guy Might Need A More Dominant Woman

It's common that a man might like to think of himself as the dominant partner in the relationship. This is the one who instinctively takes the lead more often than the other in social interactions and day to day living.

However, some men today simply don't properly provide leadership in certain situations. There's not necessarily anything wrong with this. Some guys just aren't comfortable being the one in the driver's seat.These are the guys that would do better by being with a more dominant woman.

He doesn't want to pursue

If a guy would rather a woman ask him out and make the moves instead of him being the one to pursue, then he's likely a more laid back, passive type of guy, as some men are by nature.

In some cases, guys can be shy and have anxiety around asking a woman out or making the first moves, which is understandable because men generally run a greater risk of rejection than women do.

A passive guy is going to be more comfortable with an assertive, take charge type of woman who has no problem being the one to initiate flirting, making the first moves, or asking him out on a date.

He is indecisive

If a man is often hesitant, fickle, or indecisive then he's going to need a woman who will be the authoritative force in the relationship.

Two indecisive people in a couple are going to be ineffective and grow frustrated with one another very quickly.

For example, if a man asks you where you want to eat, he's not asking you to reply with, “ Oh I don't know. Where do you want to go?”

That's the last thing he want to hears because he wants you to be dominant and make the decision for the both of you.

He doesn't want to pay

Running hand in hand with favoring the woman to ask him out is also the preference of opting out of paying for the date.

Dominant men are going to willingly pay for the date as it is made evident that they are the financial leader and supplier in the relationship.

If a man has the money to pay for a date, but habitually doesn't want to, then he'll naturally be the more humble and subordinate partner, financially. He will need a woman who is going to be more comfortable being in the provider status.

Luckily, this shouldn't be too difficult considering the fact that there are more bread-winning women than ever, complimentary to more men choosing to be stay at home dads which has in fact almost doubled since 1989.

As stated before, there's nothing fundamentally wrong with either of these choices or lifestyles based on principle. It's all just personal preference of the individual and how well you complement your partner.

Some men might be intimidated at first by the idea of having a more dominant girlfriend or wife, but if they take the time to think rationally, they might realize that this is how they could be happier.

3 Signs A Guy Might Need A More Dominant Woman
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  • wynn-ing
    @Naydyonov Makes sense but the economic climate has changed since then and that affects things more than the other 50% finally joining the labour force. Part of the reason why women started to go out to work before and after it was more socially accepted was because of the rising struggle to manage JUST on the man's income.
    Social circumstances ironically have pushed women to go out to work.

    Additionally, women joining all kinds of jobs doesn't necessarily bring down the OVERALL wage growth. There are specific jobs that are have increased in demand because of the influx of female workers (hence raising the wages) and there are also specific jobs that have the opposite effect. Very few jobs have been negatively effected by rising conpetition from the opposite sex joining.

    More people are demanding strikes on pay-related issues than before women going out to work was a thing. There is more movement to increase minimum wage and salaries than before.

    Isn't it great for men to not have to carry the whole weight of making money and ends meet now that women also have to share it? Men can now not be as burdened as before with social and family financial pressures when their partners are also earning and can retain some for themselves instead of spending it all of family bills etc.

    The example you gave doesn't hold much water because her circumstances and job specifics could be different to yours and your time. I don't know what Starbucks looks for in employees (looks? Perceived behaviour?) but unless she got that job you didn't get, it is near impossible to make a reasonable comparsion. It is definitely much more complicated than gender.

    I don't know how some who does exactly what you do but happens to be female could make 3 times more, by just being female. In fact, she could be making less BECAUSE she's a woman in construction/landscaping. Sexist stereotypes of who's fit to do what still exist.

    I feel that it is more population and people influx growth than specifically women. Especially now that we are well into both sexes in the workforces, we're actually more worried about the declining population growth in many places and the workforce shrinking with less young people and more elderly.
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    • Naydyonov

      Starbucks: had to do with age — I was denied for my age, she was not.

      But my point isn't specifically about a man versus woman thing, it has more to do with the fact that men are no longer the bearers of financial resources. This means expected men to pay for strangers is unfair.

      About the 3× more: a guy can make more than a girl, she can make more than him. My examples are mostly more specifically related to students. The point being that girls get some low-skilled jobs that guys often can't. Like babysitting.

      The point is simply that it is completely reasonable to assume that nowadays a girl can be making more money that a boy. Why the boy should pay for every date is not clear to me.

      In my own experience: I was denied due to age. Any ordinary self employment was not viable or possible for me, like babysitting, which is not a job boys have access to. Though my classmates, boys and girls alike, got jobs with no experience and would be fired and go on to the next job, where they'd also be fired. As a result for quite a while many girls would have been making 2-10 times more than me depending on the month.
      I would have had literally no money left if I had to pay for every date I would have gone on — if that something I would be doing.

    • Naydyonov

      By the way, your comment: "You make good points and I agree but the last part doesn't make any sense."
      My response: fuck you.
      I'm joking! : )
      I found your acknowledgement nice. Equally, your argumentation is on point; criticizing the argument, not the arguer.

    • wynn-ing

      This clears everything up for me perfectly!
      I wholeheartedly agree that men should not be expected to pay for strangers or pay for every date.

      That is utter bullshit, exactly.

      Okay all this seems like my wrong interpretation of what you said when I actually agreed with you 😂 I apologise.

      Got it, the Starbucks job and the girl one was about the age. I thought it was because she was a girl and you were a guy :P my bad!

      However, I know people who are 16 and work at Starbucks these days! They were ageist (not a joke, this is a real thing) to you and where I am, you can sue them for it. There was this story of this guy around here who was denied a reasonable job at 16 despite the job legally permitting 16yrolds to work there (?) And he sued them 6 years later and won apparently. Good for him.

      Yeah, it's true that some girls can get the low-skilled jobs more easily than guys. Babysitting actually also has a sexist undertone to having more females in the field - males are assumed to be more predatorial and a possibly (often sexual) violent danger to kids, especially female children. I am really confused by this damn world at times.

      Ah okay yes. If the girls are earning more than you are and/or expect you to pay for every date, that's unreasonable!
      Good choice not doing that. If I go on a date and it comes to the payment point, I offer split or paying for what I ordered or even paying for the whole meal especially if I asked him out but never all on him EVERY time! Who would actually have the nerve 😂

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  • KaraAyna
    Good mytake
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Lliam
    Good MyTake, MzAsh.
    I had never thought about the issue, but it makes total sense that there are guys who are less aggressive and assertive or more subordinate. And it makes sense that there are women who are more assertive. They make a perfect combo. They compliment and reinforce each other.

    It's an insightful perspective that might help some guys to understand themselves and seek out the right type of women or vice versa.

    Neither personality type is superior or inferior, normal or abnormal. They just are what they are and should be acknowledged and celebrated. How sad for women who have more dominant personalities to have to fit themselves into the stereotypical role of the wide-eyed, helpless, submissive female if they want a mate. And how sad for less assertive men to go though life feeling uncomfortable in their roles as bread winners, decision makers and top dogs.

    You also picked the perfect photo to exemplify a dominant female archetype.
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    • Lliam

      It also goes without saying that nobody is 100% one way or the other. They may possess some of these characteristics to one degree or another. There is a wide spectrum. Acknowledging the normalcy of these traits should increase people's comfort with themselves.

    • MzAsh

      Great response, thank you.

  • Good myTake, I agree on all your points, but I don't think all the signs need to be present - one is sufficient enough.
    I think the only sign I show is the first - unwillingness to pursue - and this did result in the woman of the situation doing the pursuing.
    Maybe it can go along with indecisiveness - I do recognize that sometimes my lack of assertiveness and accomodating side is perceived as a weakness and properly taken advantage of. Perhaps I'm seeing it the wrong way, perhaps it is really a weakness I have to work on, I don't know.
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  • ElissaDido
    Good take
    I'm not attracted to these men
  • jgokgotit
    I mostly agree with each point in my case. I have a preference for her to pursue, but I will do it too. I think of it as whoever feels comfortable making the first move just goes for it. When it comes to decisions, I am mostly passive and would leave it to her. For example, how things run day to day I would love for her to decide. However, when a major decision is being made, I will make my voice heard. The more a decision matters to me, the more I'll be assertive and negotiate. As for paying for dates, I have a bit of a rule. I'll pay for the first two dates. The third date I would insist on going half, but would let her know ahead of time. This is a kind of test I've set up to see what her reaction is as well as her heart and integrity. From the 4th date on, it does not matter to me who pays. However, given my chosen career field, whatever woman I meet will probably make more than I do, especially in my first 5 years.
    This is an excellent mytake. It got me thinking about what kind of woman I hope to meet and what kind of relationship I hope to have. If I were to place it on a 50/50 type of scale, my ideal is 65/35 with 65 being how often she makes the decisions. If I succeed at being a police officer, that career will take so much of my mind and heart. The little bit of spare time I would have home I would want to spend having fun with my family. Also, I value intelligence and creativity in women, to the point where the ones I choose to date are usually smarter than me. Finally, I would be making so many life-altering decisions in my career so it would be nice to not have to make them at home.
    lol Sorry for the lengthy reply.
  • ankith10reddy
    Dominance generally means when one takes power over others and forces their decision on to others. The scenarios you mentioned shows more of confidence and leadership.

    Firstly, yes a some/lot of men don't want to purse asking a woman out because of risk of rejection. But also risk of offending, in the current generation where some women who find greeting to also be offensive, sure asking a woman out might possibly land him in prison.

    Secondly, yes some men don't want to make decision in some matters , like the choice of restaurant. But that doesn't necessarily make him indecisive, he sure might be having an opinion or choice in other matters.

    Finally, i pretty sure these days people share their expenses on dates. But yeah some don't and expect other person to pay for them. If you think about it, do you want a guy who pays for a stranger to just get to know her (that for me sounds way to desperate). Or he pays for people who he is actually in a relationship with.

    I don't think its dominance if one is working to earn money for family while the other stays at home. If more of like partnership, where they divide and conquer the jobs.

    No offense what so ever but I don't think it's good for men/women to stay at home even after the kids reaches a certain age, because that inflicts a lot of responsibility and risk if the "breadwinner" loses job. I think it's better of both earn together, while still spending time with children.
  • Jamie05rhs
    I disagree, and I will tell you why:

    1. More like we don't want to harass and we don't want to stalk. Unlike some other people, I actually understand the concept of No Means No. If you want to be coerced, then sorry; I'm not your guy.

    2. One can be indecisive and still lead. We just take longer to come to a decision. But we make better decisions because we think things through more thoroughly. And we're democratic; we take our woman's wishes into consideration as opposed to just dictating everything and shoving it down her throat.

    "ineffective and grow frustrated". No; they can make a good team because they respect each other and understand the art of compromise.

    And no, I don't want her to "make the decision.". It's a genuine question asking her for her opinion.

    3. Payment is not about control. And if it is, then I want no part of it. I'm a leader, not a control freak.

    Furthermore, I don't know how this is so hard for some people to understand: just because I don't want to pay for everything for the woman (because she's an adult, not a child) that doesn't mean that I want her to pay for me. I'm a man; I can pay for myself, thank you very much.
  • razelove
    I agree on the first two but not the last. Sometimes there's just an income disparity, or, in my case, I just can't part with money, I live cheap, and put a lot into savings. That being said I do enjoy a dominant woman from time to time, a partner to be dominant to, and a partner to be submissive to. Balance.
  • David_Kek
    There's no shortage of these guys in society; in my experience most of them are Bi men that have been abused by their mothers.
    Just a shame that very few if any "dominant" women actually care for these men. The only ones that do tend to be a-typical trans tomboys, which goes without saying are pretty rare.
  • ronaldo75
    "He doesn't want to pursue" - So if a guy won't chase, he's a coward who needs a dominant woman? No. Just. No. It's 2019 and women are big girls now, if a guy shows interest then either you want him or not - no has time for games anymore - especially in the age of #metoo.

    "He is indecisive" - Women who are dominant are normally less patient with their partners than dominant men are. A man who's indecisive shouldn't even be dating. He needs to be working on himself as indecisiveness 100% stems from insecurity.

    "He doesn't want to pay" - Stop cherry picking facts. Women are becoming larger bread-winners "STATISTICALLY" only when you calculate for homes with 2 married or unmarried romantic partners living in one household. However, that statistic is heavily skewed by the fact that men in relationships still spend over 70% more of their income on their partners and/or households than women. 70 fucking percent. That's because in most households where the women earns more the bills are split 50/50. That's NOT the case when the man is the larger earner, when men earn more women tend to spend up to 50% of their pay on THEMSELVES. That said, the average man in the USA has close to $2,000 in the bank more than the average women. So... yeah.
    • wynn-ing

      I don't agree with this MyTake either and I agree with all of this bar the last point - can you source those figures? They sound very class, background, salaries, with person-specific bills, lifestyle choices, values within the family/couple/person and very location specific than we can go here.

      Women ARE becoming larger breadwinners where I am and in terms of social impact and household earning distribution in general. Bills are paid by the breadwinner (man or woman) and the other partner can spend on more conventional items and services for the family. The breadwinner retains the leftover money from the bills but this may not necessarily be 50% of their earnings. This is not the case everywhere but is extremely common according to social impact and changes in society with these household income management types.

      I'm not invalidating your point, just curious about the legitimacy. It sounds very different to what I can deduce in my society.

  • 420cat
    I agree with the majority of what you said but as far as not wanting to pay, I don't agree. It might be true with some guys, I don't know. I have always been passive but I also believe that the guy should pay for the date. If the woman wants to pay periodically that's okay, I got used to that. Going dutch is out. I did that once, ( I had no choice ) and I felt like a heel. Some of us men are just naturally submissive.
  • BigJake
    The problem for these guys is that dominant women don't want them. Dominant women want men who are even more dominant than they are.
    • MzAsh

      I wouldn’t say that’s largely the truth. If it is, that’s foolish and a recipe for disaster.

    • BigJake

      There's a ton of evidence to back it up, too. Women have posted stuff all over the internet asking what alpha-type women are supposed to do in dating, because they don't see themselves with beta guys. In all fairness, though, I don't think any women want beta-type guys.

    • MzAsh

      A beta guy is exactly what they should go for. They’re good in a lot of ways too.

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  • crazy8000

    Much missing and to much generalized presumption.

    Have you heard of to only pass an equal that has own drive that goes for what they are after and takes initiative.
    Or for that matter that dominant isn't the same as dominating.
    Very few of those men wants her to pay for him or for her since both gives signals of user mentality.
  • Shamalien
    he needs a more submissive partner so he can realize his dominance. Women are not meant to be dominant, total inversion of the natural order
    • MzAsh

      Many women are just born dominant by nature.

    • Shamalien

      and many men are born more dominant ;) before the elites started the infamous 'war on testosterone' and sent all the high T men off to get slaughtered in droves, no woman would need want for a man to tame her. Now that men have been turned soft, you see this problem of some women not having dominant enough men, but fuck that it's unnatural.

    • MzAsh

      Nothing wrong with a man knowing how and when to be soft.

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  • cooldude64
    I've found a few dominant woman more attractive but they were not because of the points you raised. Rather i just found them more fun because they are feisty, and spark interest in sporadic thinking.
  • westwordbound
    Some “dominant” guys are smart not to over pursue early. They act mysterious because they know girls like that. But once they get their foot in the door they go for it.

    I once dated a girl who tried to be dominant. I didn’t like it. In the beginning it was nice because she was so direct there was zero guesswork. But as time went on I felt emasculated. I cut it off. I could never stay in a relationship like that.
  • 1.5/3

    not believing or buying into this dominance/submission thingy. It's not for me.

    based on this logic, European (and maybe also American) women are dominant. They're not. And neither are we i suppose.
  • Dominant women are badass and sexy

    Getting married to one
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    Next up. Million signs a girl might need a more dominant man.
  • ShadowofRegret
    I strongly prefer dominant women since I tend to be on the shy and passive side, and I just like women who like to take charge!
  • bamesjond0069
    1. If he is a wimp.
    2. If he is a pussy.
    3. If he is a cuck.
    • MzAsh


    • I thought you would comment seeing as I just described your dream man. 😂

    • MzAsh

      Geez. Why are you so miserable?

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  • Scotty2hotty67
    I've spent most my life fighting and jails and geney not weak ar all... as i gotta older my ego has diminished as my need to be in charge of things.. i still fix snd provide but im tired and it feels good to submit to my partner now
  • just_legit1998
    Wow, I didn't know stay at home dads actually existed back then. All I knew was back in the 1980's, men were the ones socially required to be dominant as feminism in that decade wasn't as rampant yet. I don't know I might be wrong.
    • And after that decade, feminism was pretty much taking over the world now.

  • UncleJessieRabbit
    Hmm I wonder. Why can't it be a mix-and-match too? Like a woman can still approach a man (however unlikely it is too catch on as much because of nature) but a man can still choose to be the payer for things if he chooses to.
  • billyboy37
    Dam.. you should get an award for the way you wrote this masturbate i mean piece
  • ConfusedOfTheWorld
    Bruh, if I ask back where the person wants to eat is because idc about it, I want the other one to feel good.
  • englisc
    Shy and indecisive guys will prefer a dominant woman, sure. The rest though I'd say is false.

    Dominant and submissive behaviour has nothing to do with who pursues who. It's really about how they pursue. You're going on a date with this person who is pursuing you.

    You: so where are you taking me?
    Dominant: let's go to X place
    Submissive: where would you like to go?

    That could be either a man or a woman. Whoever is the more confident, assertive and the more decisive is the more dominant one.

    As for money, just because a man or woman have more money than the other doesn't make them dominant. Again this depends on the two people involved.
  • 888theGreat
    I am passive in the since I want her to be happy , but I would't accept a job she wanted me to take, I wouldn't do certain things I felt wrong for her.
  • Silent_Bob
    If I actually FOUND a dominant woman, yeah, I'd be down.
  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    I'm kinda on the fence on this, I definitely am more laid back and passive in a sense. And sexually I can be submissive or dominant depending on mood. And I kinda like the thought of a girl taking interest in me and making moves. But I also like the feeling of protecting and providing for a girl I like. I tend to be more contemplative and aim to please, but that doesn't mean I can't have some fun playing the leading role. Girls I've dated were more attracted the more I led. Although if she was naturally more dominant and prefered her men more passive/ submissive, then who knows, maybe I could be seduced by that. My main fear would be becoming emasculated. Then again, I know guys who act dominant and macho but are totally under their gf's thumb and are pretty much "whipped". So maybe things are not always they seem. Personally I swing between wanting a sweet submissive girl who lets me lead... and a decisive seductive girl who takes the lead
    • Lliam

      Good reply, SomeGuyCalledTom. You understand nuance. Everything isn't black or white; all or nothing.

    • @Lliam Thanks, yes I agree there are very few definitives when it comes to human personality and sexuality. One person can possess several contradictory traits and they all co-exist. eg: guy goes to work and acts overly polite and reserved; then goes to the pub afterwards and is boisterous and charismatic; then goes home to his wife and gets all tender and sensitive. Problems start when we think of these traits in terms of "I am" rather than "I have". If the guy in above example says to himself "I act sensitive at home with my wife, therefore I AM a sensitive man.".. then that's a half truth at best. If he says "I HAVE a sensitive aspect of my personality", then there's no contradiction with a counter statement like "I HAVE a dominant, commanding side."

      So I recognise I HAVE a passive/ submissive side that wants to follow and please a woman. But I also recognise I HAVE a dominant/ leading side that wants to seduce and make decisions etc. It all fits together in the totality.

    • Lliam

      Good explanation.

  • User_Friendly
    I def checked the first two. But not wanting to pay? Id say thats in a catagory of its own! Haha
  • TotallyAverageMale
    I honestly do not believe that a relationship on the basis you've described will work long-term. If the woman has to do the chasing and the decision-making in the relationship as well as being a primary financial provider I don't see how she can respect the man long term. And men need to be respected in the same way that women need to be loved.

    If a man is always passive and indecisive then he needs to make a concerted effort to change some aspects of the way he approaches his relationship, rather than have a relationship that reinforces those attitudes and then breaks down.
  • DJZest
    The wave of enlightenment continues to strengthen individuals, as seen in the strong replys to this masculinized women's Take.
    • MzAsh

      Interesting. How do you mean?

    • DJZest

      I'm glad that you are interested in the affairs of your surroundings. It is a vitally important aspect of your psyche that helps successfully navigate the extraordinarily complex world we find ourselves in towards towards enlightenment.

      As to the deeper meaning of my statement - This will require you to take a stance diametrically opposed to feminism, women's general view and understanding of the world today, and popular culture, beliefs. I discern that you are incapable of separating your observational capabilities from your personal values and will thus abstain from expounding on my, admittedly, superficial and brief statement.

      However, in case you have some kind of interest in the truth, I will provide a hint: You may research "Gnosis".

  • termanator
    I agree with the indecisive one , the reason I don't pursue most women, is I know they're not the kind I'm looking for pretty soon after meeting
  • lsjr16
    I like a dominant women cause iam a indeceive man and I am shy plus I can’t tell if girls like me or just being friendly
  • edwilliams580
    I'm sorry but the more dominant guy is not usually the one that does the pursuing or the chasing
  • Chase7777
    A dominant men doesn't necessarily want to pay for a women. Why would he? Women make their own money no need to pay for them.
  • Naydyonov
    Okay, if I ask a girl out then paying the couple dollars is what I should do.
    But if she is clearly interested but never offers to go on a date, so I am the one doing so, then by straight logic I should pay: I am the one inviting. But I can't sponsor another person.

    If she doesn't understand why in the beginning I expect her to pay roughly 50% of the time or for her half of the meal then she can leave.

    It is because if I pay for all dates with multiple girls I will lose money that otherwise would have been saved for the future. When I pay for myself I pay for the food I eat. When I pay for a girl that I've seen once or twice, then I am essentially paying for a stranger. She is not mine. Until she feels like my person I can not be committed to spend my labour on her food.

    This is 2019, not 1950. Of course now it is less pretty, but if women diluted the job market and made wage growth lower, then they should also pay.
    • wynn-ing

      You make good points and I agree but the last part doesn't make any sense.
      How did women "dilute the job market" or "make wage growth lower"? Now that women are actively in the market just as men because they're human too, they are somehow negatively impacting the job market?

    • Naydyonov

      Well before employers had to pay the man enough money to support a family. When women entered the workforce en masse than no longer did one salary have to be enough to support 4-5 people.

      It's like with immigration:
      more lower skilled immigrants makes the wages for all low skilled workers lower, while more high skilled immigration lowers wages for all high skilled workers.

      More supply of workers in a specific field produces stagnating or diminishing wages.

      So while in the 50s there were social and financial reasons for a man to pay, nowadays both sexes are equal.
      Especially young people. Some girls get jobs that I couldn't get.
      example: Starbucks told me I was too young (16); my brother works in a location with a 16 y-o girl who would have had less availability than me and who had less work experience at the time.

      So were I to try to stick to normal jobs I would actually be poorer. So instead I either worked outside of the stereotypical teenager jobs: stores and fast food, and did work in landscaping, construction, and next becoming self-employed.
      So while I may have more money because I figured out a way to get a job when no one wanting to hire someone like me, another guy could have very little money. It's very possible the girl could be making, say, 3 times more.

    • David_Kek

      @wynn-ing It's basic economics; if you double the workforce without doubling the industry, you half wages.
      Why else do you think it's so hard to raise a family on a single income these days, while in the past it was easily done? Relatively speaking men's wages are lower than they were before, hence married women still have the same level of income coming into their home, only difference is now they also have to work.

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  • prasanp
    This is shit. All people have some flaws and that does not make them submissive. I only know whether one is submissive or not if they want to feel protected, loved and when they seek attention and security of someone else constantly. Apart from that most submissive have their own scars, what they need is someone who can fill those scar and regain their confidence, they don't even need any dominant to be happy. About decision making, most time submissive are one controlling; they need someone who can make decision not the best one but who one can make better decision while taking their opinion.
  • soleil2666
    The man is NEVER the EMOTIONALLY dominant person in the relationship. NEVER.
    Physically, sure - but we all know full well women dominate the emotional, it is how they are wired - and, on top of it, they have kept insisting on being EXPECTED to be emotionally dominant to the point of complete social dominance (as their definition of near-equality - for actual equality, they expect being able to destroy every fibre of a man's being at their slightest whim - and still cry foul to everyone about being the victim).
    The equivalent would be men publicly expecting a right to beat up a woman to a pulp if in any way dissatisfied with they way she treats them (and to be honest, that would than match those female expectations, and is probably where the whole thing is going if they can't apply brakes to their own excruciatingly demanding behaviour/expectations of privilege - it is mostly a woman's job to guard the niceness and care of the society, as is man's to guard it physically)
    • ronaldo75

      "but we all know full well women dominate the emotional, " - This is the reason women are getting so pissy in response to the modern man. We're not putting up with their emotional terrorism anymore and since men now communicate with each other we're learning all their tricks and bullshit.

    • soleil2666

      @ronaldo75 Yeah, the game is obvious - she wants to explore her wildest sexual fantasies because her 'gina tells her so - and then abusively demands she gets treated like a virgin - because, my god, she is a WOMAN.
      And you as a man are either too nice and romantic for her, or too strong and violent (except while she ovulates when strong and violent all of a sudden attracts her)
      This used to be called poor impulse control - and was reason a woman couldn't lead because emotional overreactions cloud her judgement - but now we will supposedly celebrate it as the way to go
      (until Pelosi's hate emotions based impeachment of Trump collapses and 'women' collectively notice nobody puts up with their bs any longer (honey, you want male attention - start behaving like a decent human being - we know full well you need sex more then men do, you're just pretending (the nature has arranged that aeons ago))

    • soleil2666

      @ronaldo75 The whole thing is about women fording the market into letting them choose because supposedly they are a scarcity and there are plenty of men they can just pick from. And they all understand that plot and keep quiet about it/use it for their own vanity.

  • jwsstein
    I would most definitely be willing to try this the only problem I see is that women are they ready
  • khairulazizie
    Man are lazy n he trust the woman would make good decision. men are like a little son
  • Slim57
    Maybe so on 1 and 2 but I've always been raised to pay
  • Nadim171
    I love dominant women!
    • How do you know what you want at the age of 14 😂

    • jwsstein

      That's funny shit

    • Nadim171

      Well, it's normal. I always liked dominant women

  • Pazdin
    Nice my take
  • ChefSwol
    3 excuses
  • esotericstory
    Whatever happened to equality?
  • ZeussLightningBolt
    Dominant in bed, submissive in life
  • SunnyCaliGirl
    Sounds like more of a weak man
  • anube
    He's a fucking pussy
  • scooogy
    4th reason he has a life of his own?
  • Femalesinquiremales
    This was the dumbest thing I've ever skimmed over
  • smichael77
    Love the profile pick😀ever heard of confest?