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What does it mean to only be interested in Long-Term Relationship?

You see this often on dating sites, single person only interested in long term relationships. But what does that really mean? On one hand it can be easily translated to mean that you are dating for commitment and a...
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Why people are so busy today, and what's it really mean in dating when they're too busy?

I know you have all been there before. You connect with someone, you go out on one of the most amazing first dates of your life. You have an amazing meal, you walk around the lake holding hands. You make out for 30...
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A Simple Guide To Gold Digging

Here is a simple guide to gold digging to clear up any confusion about why it's wrong and why its a one sided benefit. In a normal relationship, it looks like this: A. What the man receives from the woman: 1. Love...
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Bound to the results of selfishness?

It seems like almost any matter a police officer may find himself/herself/God help us, whoever-self, doing in the line of duty, in most regards, is violation of either or both natural and enforced law for common citizens...
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My thoughts on being lonely and perpetually single in my 30s.

I am about to turn 40 years old in a few short years, and I've never had a girlfriend, never held hands with a girl, never kissed a girl, never heard a girl say "I love you". But you know what? I've gotten used to being...
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How Accusations of Jealousy Mask Relationship Manipulation

In a relationship, open and honest communication is so important, as well as being able to trust each other. Some people though resort to manipulation tactics to control their partners. One such tactic involves leveraging...
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How to be the BEST HUSBAND and BEST WIFE.

This is a short MyTake prompted by a Short video on YouTube. How to Be the Best Husband Pamper her. Take her to dinner at her favorite restaurant. Bring her flowers ... and chocolates. Buy her jewelry. Tell her...
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There is No Excuse for Not Being There When You Need it the Most.

This is one of the topics that made me surprised in my current relationship. He is always there whenever I need him. I am also there for him. Before him, I used to think that it was okay if my partner refused to be there...
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If you are not aligned with your partner, leave. You're wasting your time.

A popular misconception about life is that love conquers all and that you can get through anything together. I'm here to tell you that is not true. At all. Can't decide where to live? One person wants kids but the other...
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Let People Walk Out of Your Life

There are a lot of people who believe that any and every situation can be worked out if you choose to stay/fight for a relationship be it with a partner or with family or friends, but this should not always be the case...
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These Are The Red Flags When You Lose Them Slowly And You Don't Even Realize

1. They are no more Interest to your text Or your feelings when You discuss anything They Avoid it 2. You become second Priority for them 3. They will talk to you When They want,When they are free Completly, when they...
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Remembering my Heartbreak. (Warning: Sad venting)

So me and a friend were chatting today and he gave me videos of songs, asking me who the best singer was. We share music often, no big deal. But the last song he shared was very sad, about having to say goodbye and not...
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Break-ups suck... even after it becomes routine

Yes, I feel like break-ups have become a routine thing for myself. And I'm talking about friendships too, not just relationships. I think what really makes it suck, is the grief that comes with knowing we invested so much...
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The Myth Of Biological Clock

THE MYTH OF BIOLOGICAL CLOCK Biological clocks are very much real. As much as I want to reset the human history of evolution, I can't. They are just not that important. Why? Because there's 8 friggin billion of...
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The transforming journey from being single to being in a relationship

“No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main” John Donne as much as some of us like to think that we can live as lone wolves, we can’t block or avoid interactions with...
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What makes you a sexist?

I have all this vast dating experiences as a hetro-sexual male. Essentially, all my experiences in the dating world have been with woman, and all personal knowledge has been gained from the male perspective with woman....
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He wants a woman! Three signs that she's a real woman.

If you want to know if you're the woman men want and girls want to be, then consider these three signs of womanhood. 1 Strength. A powerful woman isn't what modern society tells you. It's not being rude, or the "boss" in...
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Do you know what love actually is?

Love is said to be many things by many different people. Some say love is familiarity with a person, to the degree that you don't want to be apart. Some confuse love with lust. Some even think that love is their desire to...
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The 4 Pillars of Marriage & Long-term Relationships

In order of IMHO most important to least: KIDS-MONEY-SEX and IN-LAWS These four items will make or break your marriage or your long-term relationship. As each items interlinked to each other. Take for example KIDS - Do...
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When to say I love you.

Saying I love you too early in a relationship can scare away the person you're with. So follow this rule of thumb for I love you. The House Method. Building a relationship is like building a house. You start with a basic...
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