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Rejection is always better than regret

Most people use this phrase when talking about dating or approaching a girl or asking her out, which is perfectly valid. I personally applied this when asking out my crush. I got rejected but that was far better than...
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How important are looks in dating and marriage relationships. Obviously, looks matter. Otherwise, models and movie stars wouldn’t be exceptionally attractive. By early teens most learn the level of looks they can attract. 3s know they...
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How to spot a sexual predator: 8 signs you need to watch out for

Sexual crime and violence is on the rise and it is important to stay safe and stay vigilant. Sexual predators come in all shapes and sizes, you are never able to tell what they look like regardless of race, class, social...
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When Love Turns to Hate

Well I don’t actually hate anyone... Just the things that we’ve done... It turns from games to lame til its just no longer fun... They say love is a battlefield but whats a war thats never won? 🎶 And what wasn't won was...
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The Thirty Traits That Make The Ideal Partner For a Woman

Okay, we did the female one . Thanks to this one recent question on GAG from @Pinay_ako, among others, we can do the "what women want" list now, too. Some info is also taken from other, similar questions asked...
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Why people end up depressed and miserable - Bible talk

I realized today, that I’ve been a terribly bad friend, because I kept talking about myself and not asking others questions so they can talk about themselves. Relationships are about giving, appreciating, serving, loving...
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The Fifteen Traits That Make The Ideal Female Partner For a Guy

One Anonymous Female user on GAG posted this question (though I have my theories on who it is, 21 to 24 years old, Xper Level 4 to 7), and she hit the nail on the head with it. I added a few more to the list, making it...
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Lie After Women

It's taken me a long time to move past my broken genetics; specifically the terrible height, but also the other things. I wasted my whole twenties looking for love and fulfilling my life's goal of a partner and children....
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Trying to Let Go of the Past

I'm in the mood for writing. It won't be anything special, but I was just reminded of someone from long ago by a question that someone else asked, and once again I'm feeling very nostalgic. The past; how do we let go of...
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Why I Won't Date or Enter into a Committed Relationship

Here are at least two reasons why I won't ask her for a date or enter into a committed relationship. If you are curious or have an open mind, I invite you to read it. 1. Volatile & Unpredictable Nature of Dating A dating...
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I think a woman who talks about "real men" are sexist and really pathetic and make me loose interest in them even if I fit what they think it is

I honestly just think that especially if you don't have the trait you're talking about then shut your mouth. If you want a man to be brave but you're a coward yourself then you have no place to speak. Jesus says COWARDS...
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A word of caution to parents

Hi everyone, I haven't posted in a while, and while a lot has happened, the thing I want to share with you all the most is a word of caution when it comes to raising your kids and the way you treat them as they grow up....
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Surviving Heartbreaks: Tips To Heal A Broken Heart

Heartbreaks? What in the world is that? How could someone possibly “break” your heart? Well, it does happen to everyone at some point in our lives. This is not something that is exclusive to just romantic relationships....
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Blocked By Someone You’ve Never Spoken To? Here May Be 5 Reasons Why

Hey, what is up GaG? It’s your boy MoF here, just wanted to put together a funny Take inspired by some folks who were talking to me about how this puzzles them and kinda asked if I could write about it. So I said, hey,...
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Multicultural love. Were you a romantic child? Did your first sustained crush shape your future choices?

I find that my school life as a child was funny and a little crazy but great. I remember writing love letters at the age of like 5 or 6 to a little Muslim boy with a bowl hair cut "I like you" 😂 I would let my...
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The one thing men want in women - it’s not beauty

The one thing guys want in woman is not beauty or wealth or charm or youth but loyalty and trust and emotional loyalty to him. A woman that does not cheat is more attractive than a supermodel with an Ivy League brain....
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The 3 Reasons Why You Should Never Ghost Someone

I've written about ghosting before on GaG, and in my book, these are the three reasons why you should never do this. The biggest and most important, and the third will be a big one that I don’t think most people out...
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What’s Important in a Partner?

Trust. Number one in my opinion is trust. Thst needs coupled with attraction. I mean I have to be attracted to her (and many times her physical appearance had LITTLE to do with that) and she must be attracted to me. I...
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Some reasons why victims have a hard time leaving their abuser, or reasons why some people seek abusive partners...

* Buckle up, this is going to be fairly long and full of information. * Hi, I'm sure you've seen me around or read my opinions I have posted on some questions, I have talked briefly about my past experiences. That is one...
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Your Relationship Isn't Supposed To Be 50/50 . . . Really!

Have you complained to whoever will listen that your relationship seems to be one-sided and you usually give more than you take? There are probably 3 billion people on this planet in relationships and probably all 3...
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