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Why Women Are Single: How to Keep the Man of Your Dreams

Ladies, if you are not married by age 35 years old it is YOUR fault. If you are having babies outside of the stability of marriage it is (most likely) YOUR fault. You and your dying eggs will die alone with your...
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The Truths about cheating that nobody likes to hear

This Take is inspired by some talking - and discussions - I've had with a friend and ex-manager of mine. Since we have developed a close friendships over the years, we have supported each other through personal problems...
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How to reach your goals in life and be happy!

Welcome to this new myTake. Here we'll be seeing some practical tips to reach your goals and make your own path to happiness! It can sound overwhelming and a bit scary, but it really isn't once you have taken hold of the...
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HER: ". . . but you're a great guy and we can stay friends." HIM: "Bite me!"

One of the long-standing debates on this site concerns whether you should try to maintain a friendship with an ex after a breakup. The PC approved answer, if you are into regurgitating answers, is "of course you should....
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In love with my female best friend

So I met her over a year ago when we started living together as flat mates, we lived together for six months both studying abroad. Then we went home. Now we're still in contact and quite close. When we lived together I...
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A Thank You to the men in my life

This Take picks up from the other myTake I wrote, the one thanking the women in my life. A Thank You to the women in my life Since I think it's due to also share my special thank yous to the most important men in my life,...
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Don't yell at your girlfriend in front of others (meeting my boyfriend's brother)

Background Due to my parents' bad reaction to telling them I have a boyfriend, I decided to go home early (I no longer live with them). I hadn't slept or eaten properly (6h of sleep and 3 meals over 2.5 days) and it took...
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Why we should be genuinely interested in the people around us

As I have said the other myTake - Why Kindness is the biggest strenght you can have - listening and being kind to others are skills that can noticeably improve our relationships, both personal and professional. The key...
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Why The Number of Sexual Partners Matters

Disclaimer: I want to be clear that everyone is free to make choices in their lives. I'm not gonna tell anyone what to do, I'm just sharing my perspective on a subject I'm very passionate about. And since I'm a...
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Don't Wait Till It's "TOO LATE"... There's so many things one can say about life: Life is precious, life is hard, life is stressful, life is unfair, life is what you make it. But one thing that's a constant is life...
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How telling my parents about my 6mo boyfriend went (they hate him for religious reasons)

An update I know I haven't posted in a while, so here's what happened: I met my boyfriend's parents - they really liked me and I couldn't be more thrilled to get such a positive response. His dad offered to gift us an...
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My take on relationships you must avoid being in

A relationship is not a soul tie or a bondage of egos or a possessive ownership of yourself by others or of others, it is a shared sentiment of dualistic companionship and combined individuals who chose out of their own...
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Why Kindness is the biggest strenght you can have

Some days ago I was re-reading some old writings and listening to some videos from a Youtuber I particularly admire, and taking inspiration from his teachings of pacifism and non violence I blew some dust off an old...
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10 things I needed to say before counting sheeps

In the literal sense. 1. If you still have your parents alive, and if at least one of them gave you a reason to live, give a reason to be a child, any would be proud of. 2. Casual sex is like cigarete. It's adictive,...
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The Saga is over. One year and One Day... The most Shortest - Longest Relationship from hell

So I have been posting about the disaster relationship ended yesterday. One year and One Day. So the "perfect" relationship in my eyes ended. Not the way it began. On shaky foundation albeit. So we write the date. We...
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A Thank You to the women in my life

This is both a ''thank you'' and an apology myTake, and it's something I think it was truly overdue. Some months ago, when things were turning out the worst for me, I wrote this Short letter to the women in my life ....
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Looks Are More Important Than Personality

Okay, the title is a little facetious, but hear me out because this is a hot take, or a psychotic rant... I'm not sure, but you aren't the same person you were 10 years ago, and you definitely aren't the same person 10...
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Listening to others, the best skill you can have

Listening? The sense of hearing, alongside the senses of sight, smell, touch and taste, it's one of the five senses of our body. Those senses let us interact with the outside world and let the world interact with us. In...
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Kiss Your Love Passionately, RIGHT NOW!

For anyone who has ever loved and lost, you know the measure of what you would do to express all of the feelings of hurt, joy, regret, longing, love in a matter of seconds. It requires no words. Such bottled up feelings...
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Couples Need to Reward Each Other for GOOD BEHAVIOR Rather than Punish for Bad Behavior

The biggest lesson I learned in my most recent relationship was focusing more on positives than negatives. In the end we lost sight of that. I hope to build that with someone new. Specify to your partner WHY you are...
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