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I'm a Christian with a bachelors degree from the University of Toronto, saving myself for marriage, only dated one person my entire life, and my enemies are pretending to be me with fake posts.

I don't have any other accounts and only ask 5 questions a day or less. If you see 80 questions that look like they were written by me in 24 hours they are fake posts by my enemies on this site.

I’m currently being stalked by a morbidly obese, mentally insane, 300-500 pound, jobless liar with a brain injury. I’m a normal person and I obey all laws. Anything you read about me kidnapping and raping 30 year old men, sleeping with 200 guys, buying cars for other girl's boyfriends, or owning $10,000 + $10,000 Chanel bags is a lie.

I've been friends with a Jewish Panda for a very long time. I have somebody I’m dating, a male. Don’t make up lies about my gender cause you’re running out of ideas.

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