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Girls, why do you not answer guys pretty much straight away? What are some reasons to postpone answering?

Some reasons I did not respond to guys right away - I was cooking - I was working on my book - I was washing dishes - I was making smoothies with garden vegetables - I was in a zoom... Flirting

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How to get out of a friend zone?

Honesty and Consideration and Compassion make a woman interested in a man Relationships

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Is it possible to get a girls number if you can't talk for long when you first see?

If you invite them to a social gathering in a public place or a church event then yes it’s possible. Dating

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Would you meet someone* at 6am?

For a morning walk - yes. I believe it’s good to wake up early for a work out. Dating

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My boyfriend got his first new car what’s something I should give him for his car?

I would not give him a car gift - maybe a gift card to Tim Hortons or Walmart. Dating

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If you got drunk in Las Vegas and woke up married to a stranger, would you get an annulment or stay married and see if it works out?

If depends who it is, cause I might be willing to have even an arranged marriage too but I would leave if any abuse comes from it. Marriage & Weddings

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How do you find out/ask if a girl is single?

You could ask her if she has a special someone in her life and what she looks for in a guy - that will give her an idea your interested. Dating

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What's the one thing you wanted for Christmas but never got?

I wanted my best friend to talk to me again cause I used to go to parties at her house every holiday season. I loved her like a sister and one day she ghosted me. But now, I don’t even want to... Holidays

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What is your favorite holiday song and who sings your favorite version of it?

I like the beach boys singing “the real, the real, Santa.” Holidays

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How hard is it for an average looking guy to get a girlfriend?

If your charming, it’s easy, tell jokes and write poems and buy her flowers. Dating

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What is a civil marriage and is this what you call a secret marriage?

She might want alimony if she chooses not to live with you. Marriage & Weddings

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Strategies for building a solid foundation to a LTR?

Mine is to get closer to God so I don’t become too emotionally dependent on a guy cause a needy and desperate woman is unattractive to men and I also avoid people with disrespectful tendencies... Dating

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Have you ever delt with someone who's stuck up and full of them selfs?

Everyone has, people like that are as common as water. Relationships

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Why do so many Christians ignore the fact that when celebrating Christmas they are celebrating a holiday founded in pagan beliefs?

I believe Christmas is meant for us to enjoy and celebrate, it’s not a religious ritual that God will judge us for. God doesn’t save or damn you based on your rituals. God only cares that you... Religion & Spirituality

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What would you like to happen to your body after you die?

I would want to be cremated and put in an urn. Religion & Spirituality

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Is there anyone that you'd like to kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas?

A guy I’m crushing on or a nephew, nieces, or young child I think. Flirting

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What are your dealbreakers when it comes to dating?

Lying, stinginess, slander, rebelliousness, hatred, verbal humiliation, disrespect, inconsiderate behaviour, a refusal to apologize when wrong, racism, outdated political views such as endorsement... Dating

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How to ask for money from your man?

He can send you a digital payment using an online app so it doesn’t matter how far away he is, so long is he is able and willing to pay. One time so borrowed money from a guy in an emergency and... Dating

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