The discipline of the Lord

The discipline of the Lord

The bible says that just as a father disciplines His children, so the Lord your God, disciplines you.

A lot of people think that the less fortunate failed at life, they don’t have the beautiful body, the big house, the sushi dinners, or the rich friends.

But sometimes, being denied your wishes, makes you a better person. When I was a teenager, I was always denied the rest and peace of mind I wanted, and I was an unbelievably patient and humble person.

Once my life got easier, and my challenges in life fewer, I began to shorten my level of tolerance with others. I began to be more selective about which speakers I listened to online and judged them by higher intellectual and procedural standards, I became less accepting of unstable and socially fragmented characters, and I realized, it’s because I had not been placed in situations of humility and service to others for a long while.

Sometimes, not getting what you want, makes you a better person and that is why God makes you fight and struggle, before He answers your prayer, He wants you to remember the character that made you worthy of His blessing.

The discipline of the Lord
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