The Four Laws of Biblical Preaching

The Four Laws of Biblical Preaching

When you testify about God, your testimony must be about the love and wisdom of God and not about your own pain and trauma.

When you teach about God, your teaching must be about God’s kindness, friendship, caution and discipline and not about God’s anger and wrath or your desire for judgment and punishment through God.

Do not practice judicial absolutism, religious absolutism or legal absolutism because you are not an absolute and perfect being.

Neither should you practice material essentialism, physical essentialism, or social essentialism, because your ego is not essential to your survival.

The Four Laws of Biblical Preaching
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  • emperor90
    Intresting but materialism is important dont u want to live in a house
    Is this still revelant?
    • When I use the word essentialism, what I mean is acting like the material reality is the only reality

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  • PositiveNote
    Whoa. Four "Laws." I think the first law of preaching is not to exaggerate, isn't it?
  • sean1234
    All that matters is what the Bible says, and the Bible alone. The number of sinners outside of the "NEW Jerusalem" were like the sands of the sea. Why? Because they were offended of the truth who is Jesus, the word of God, they wanted the truth to be what felt good for them. In the bible, it says they all will burn. Like it or not.

    Not about God's anger or wrath? It's all connected! Satan broke all 10 commandments and was thrown out of heaven because of God's wrath from not following God's word. The old testament and the new testament only make sense when both are understood and believed to be the word of God. The teaching of God's wrath is taught to let you know what will happen when you don't follow his word. Jesus loves all, but hates their sin and is saddened by people's lack of want to see the truth for he knows that those who don't want to see the truth won't make it to heaven and will in fact burn.
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  • Adam_INTJ
    I see a lot of opinion without any bible in this post.

    Jesus himself endured pain and death for us. It was a horrible, gruesome death that goes beyond words. Why would you think that we should act like there's no Judgement or suffering in the Christian experience?

    The most impactful testimonies that I hear are ones where a broken person endures suffering from sin, and where God saves them from this brokenness and gives them hope.

    God doesn't take perfect people. Hiding the pain and brokenness that we Christians have endured feeds into the stereotype of the unrelatable, perfect, happy-go-lucky christian who will never understand what your worldly experience has brought you.

    Furthermore, look to the book of Acts. It details the sufferings that the apostles endured for the gospel.

    The principles that you've described cut against the Bible in many ways.
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