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What to avoid if you don't want to attract evil people - Bible talk

Three Things that attract evil are 1 - Suspicion 2 - Self Hatred 3 - Selfishness SUSPICION - The bible says that evil comes to those who search for it - A pastor at a bible study I used to go to is very very suspicious of...
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How I understand the rebuke of a John the Baptist in Matthew

In the bible, John the Baptist rebukes the Pharisees and Sadducees by referring to them as a brood of vipers The Pharisees are a symbol for religious egos The Sadducees are a symbol for religious and non religious vanity...
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I'm glad I was born ugly, dumb, slow, abandoned by my parents, so that I will search for true love.

The kindergarten teacher suggested I don't advance to the next grade in kindergarten because I was developing slower than the other kids. In school, the kids called me "big retard“ and no one played with me. I would walk...
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My take on the nature of salvation and the nature of God

This is an old painting of a man touching God and His angels The love God has for us is different from a Care Bears or Tele tubby cartoon. It is a love built on blood and sweat and tears and days or nights of anxiety and...
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How Does Religion Affect Relationships?

Any relationship is built on trust and love, but religion provides an undeniable bond between two people. Interestingly, most people consider religion to be of significant importance, ensuring their partner has similar...
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How to know if a relationship is God’s will

1 - You teach each other respect Your respect for yourself and for God and for them and for your family and for society and for religion and for all humans is enhanced through your relationship with them and their respect...
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How I understand the 10 Commandments

1st Rule = You serve Gods principles and Gods children and not your own ego or appetite 2nd Rule = You serve Gods virtue and Gods compassion and not your favourable beauty or power 3rd Rule = You serve God’s forgiveness...
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The Ten Guiding Principles to a Prosperous Life - Bible Style

1 - Serve God’s glory and not your own ego 2 - Serve harmony and not vanity 3 - Serve compassion and not reputation 4 - Serve health and not possessions 5 - Serve patience and not freedom 6 - Serve goodness and not power...
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Why I don't think children should be taught religion at school

A lot of reality is as yet unexplained. However, there is no reason to fill gaps in the understanding of our universe with nonsensical and baseless non-explanations such as "its because god did it". Even worse to say;...
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Christianity & Me

I don't want to associate with religion, but I don't have a choice So, my parents raised me in Christianity, and I'm still living with them. They're a little strict, in my opinion. They're always talking about how...
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The Enemy of Ego // A Brief Religious Analysis

Yesterday I was trying to crush garlic in the garlic presser but due to some bizarre genetic mutation, the cloves were 4-7 times their regular size because they didn’t separate into their distinct compartments like...
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The Woman at the well and Jesus // My unique interpretation

This is an image of the sanitarian woman who was met by Jesus at the well while going about her daily chores I can relate to this story because the well is a symbol for hope and personal investment and Jesus said faith in...
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Why Contemporary Christian Pastors Have it Backward

One thing my pastor prayed during bible study is that we would during the study hear the truth and not what we want to hear I find this prayer to be offensive Why would a true God follower not want to hear the truth but...
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10 Christian lessons I learned from my earlier years as a failed author

I’ve had 10 different types of experiments with writing before deciding on my current method of literary communication and book development. Here I will discuss what I learned from 10 failings of mine: 1. The Inspiration...
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God is the ultimate celebration and not the ultimate tragedy

I included this delightful image of a lamp to reflect what Jesus said about not letting the light in you be darkness Let me give two hypothetical stories here Claire is a Christian. She expresses her faith by giving...
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My view on the bible

If you believe good is more powerful than evil you will be bound and controlled by good If you believe evil is more powerful than good you will be bound and controlled by what is evil And if you, while being evil try to...
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Grace is bigger than rules - A Christian post

I believe that you can fail Gods standard and still be a beautiful and lovable person and that God gave every new born baby inner beauty that grows or diminishes with time - this is because a parent forgives their two...
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The Language of God - A God of all cultures post

In Christianity Jesus talks about the pharisees who decorate the tombs of the righteous and then say they are not like their fathers who killed them - so they testify against themselves that they are the sons of those who...
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My revised and updated view of 666 in the bible

To me the mark of the beast is the sinners judgment against sin It is the evil doers hatred for evil To worship the image of the beast is to worship the zeal of sinners who hate sin To set up an image for the beast is to...
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10 Tips to help with keeping the Ten Commandments

The first rule: Trust the spiritual universe and not the material or social or sexual or physical universe to provide you with all your needs and take care of your emotions and protect your interests and give you mean The...
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