Why people are so busy today, and what's it really mean in dating when they're too busy?

Why people are so busy today, and whats it really mean in dating when theyre too busy?

I know you have all been there before. You connect with someone, you go out on one of the most amazing first dates of your life. You have an amazing meal, you walk around the lake holding hands. You make out for 30 minutes and it's incredibly fun and invigorating.

She/He says they are busy with work stuff... so it might be a few weeks before they can really spend time together soon.

The days go by and they are always to busy to text or call. You set times for a phone date, but something always comes up. Texts go unanswered...

What does it mean?

In today's would it means you are not that important to them. Nobody on this planet is so busy they can't take 30 seconds to this;

"I am sorry I am so busy, but I miss you. We'll talk soon."

There is no excuse or amount of busy in a person's life to prevent them from being courteous to a person they sincerely are interested in. So honestly it only means two things.

1. You're not all that important to them. This could be because they met someone else, all their "buzy" is self imposed due to their own anxieties and loneliness. Yup, people intentionally stay busy, or create self imposed busy things to do all the time. Why? Out fear of themselves... being left alone with nothing to do leaves too much time alone with themselves. Anexity creeps in and turns depressive.

You would think dating someone would fill that empty spot in theirs lives. WRONG! Dating makes them feel even more vulnerable than the average person. Why, because they are undatable and they know it. If they invest their time in you, then they become incredibly vulnerable to the possibility it might not work out. Then what? Now they are not busy enough to escape themselves by burying themselves in mediocre tasks.

They find themselves alone again with themselves and it's even worse, then it was before.

2. The second reason, is the most important reason of all. Bottom line.. you just aren't and you probably never would be that important to them. They have wrapped themselves up in busy, because it's the wall they built to hide behind.

Why, because they are too busy of course. They don't even see it.

Don't take it personally. Trust me it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. They were never really open to possibilities of dating you. They weren't lying to you, they were lying to themselves.

Why people are so busy today, and what's it really mean in dating when they're too busy?
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