He wants a woman! Three signs that she's a real woman.

He wants a woman! Three signs that shes a real woman.

If you want to know if you're the woman men want and girls want to be, then consider these three signs of womanhood.

1 Strength.

A powerful woman isn't what modern society tells you. It's not being rude, or the "boss" in every situation, it's not being able to do everything on your own. A true strong and powerful woman is confident in who she is, and is kind to those around her. She can take charge of any situation, yet knows when not to. She can accomplish things on her own, yet knows when to ask for help. Strength in her morality attracts a man, a real man.

2 Loyalty

To always be loyal to her standards, morality, loved ones, and man. She will not stay with a man lesser than her, because she is loyal to her standards, yet when she finds a man who meets them, she doesn't let him down. A real woman will never walk away from the man she loves, but will not love anything less than a real man. And when she loves him she holds on, and has his back, just as he has hers. A partnership of equals that can never be broken is what she brings

3 Direction

The woman men want are solid in themselves. A real woman knows who she is and the things she wants to accomplish. She knows the man she wants, and will tell him how she feels the second she feels it. She is direct with her intentions and respects the man enough to be honest with him. She has her direction in life and she follows it. She lives in the now, but knows the future she wants. And men love a woman with a clear direction of who they are.

That's three signs that she isn't just another girl, but a woman.

He wants a woman! Three signs that she's a real woman.
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