I secretly put my tongue inside my coworkers coffee because I have a crush on him. How much of a bad thing was that of me to do?

I put my tongue inside of it while making it in private and then gave it to him. He said “thank you” and then drank it. I honestly crush...
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My girlfriend says she doesn't feel she fits in my life. How can I make her feel like she fits in fine?

My girlfriend feels she doesn't fit in my life. How do I help her feel she does

My height is 1.57m and if I had a partner, I would like him to be taller! I think inverse of this is true with men. What do you think?

I don't find myself short at all. My posture is good and upright, so it makes me feel like my height is good. Although I am not...

Would you date an innocent looking girl?

I do have a very innocent look. Seriously, I also realized that strangers are more likely to talk to me than others (asking about the...
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Is male attention worthless?

"Male attention is worthless, remember that. You can get on tinder and have more matches in 20 minutes than most guys get in a year....
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Do you consider Iranian girls as attractive?

and would you date someone who looks Iranian?
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Any of you spend most of your time alone?

I feel like my life is very sad and lonely to a lot of people. And they’re certainly right, it used to hurt more but I’ve become more...
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Which one would you date if given the choice?

Assuming that they both have a great personality lol. But which one is prettier in your opinion? Like if a genie told you he will give...
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