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Why can’t women be direct and honest instead of flaking and ghosting?

If a woman no longer interested in you whether romantically or sexually she could just text him saying something like “This is where I draw the line, you must continue your life without me, good luck with everything” even though it may hurt the guy but at least it’s more dignifying and respectful than getting flaked and deliberately making the conversations unbalanced.

For anyone who know what flaking means here some examples:

-Take way longer than normal to reply

-Reply less frequently

-Cutting down their replies

-Lack or less emojis

-Cold replies

-Reject compliments or any positive affirmation

If you’re currently being flaked on like me or been flaked on recently I could the magic you once made her want to crawl through broken glass for you no longer works and she doesn’t respect you and she probably walk past you if you was fighting for your life. If you’re thinking of addressing her flaky behaviour don’t bother because she will pretend to act all clueless as a manipulation tactic.

I think a lot of women who flake on men tend have poor levels of self-awareness in terms getting flaked on to be dehumanising, disrespectful and some levels of emotional abuse. Men who address women who flake or ghost are shut down and told to stop being insecure, needy and obsessive by the matriarchal liberal elite and girl power brigade. It’s obvious that women flake are no longer into you but why can’t they just tell truth instead of wasting their time and energy even still talking to you?

Why can’t women be direct and honest instead of flaking and ghosting?
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