Signs You're Not Ready For A Relationship!


L O V E.

I love romance. I love feeling loved and loving someone. I just love the feeling of being in love. Walking hand in hand, forehead kisses, warm embrace, sweet nothings, handwritten love letters, heart emojis, undying devotion, etc. Just the idea of being in love and looking into someone else’s eyes and telling them I LOVE YOU will make the strongest man on earth melt. Who doesn’t want this Love thing? That warm fuzzy butterflies in your stomach feeling? You see these cheesy couples online or in real life and makes you want to get into a relationship right now wishing you’d have that kind of lovey feeling too.

Signs You're Not Ready For A Relationship!

But are you ready to be in a relationship? Or you just want the feeling of a boyfriend wrapping his arms around you calling you baby?

Here are signs you’re so not ready to be in a relationship yet:

Signs You're Not Ready For A Relationship!

1. You’re still not over your last ex

You still wear his hoodie, his presence lingers in your house and everything reminds you of him. It’s like you have a shrine of your ex. You’re still in love with someone who already left you or who’s already with someone else. Hooking up with someone right now is so tempting to try to erase the image of his handsome face but it will only hurt you or the other person.

2. You like your independence

You like to go wherever, whenever you want without worrying about someone else doing whatever the hell you want.

3. You want someone who’s with someone else

If your focus is on someone else’s beau, you will never be ready to give another girl a chance if your heart is set on a girl who already has a man.

Signs You're Not Ready For A Relationship!

4. You got too much going on

Your life is about to blow up in smoke. Dragging someone else into your already chaotic life isn’t a very good idea. It will only end in tragedy.

5. You have other priorities

It could be your family, your kids, your work, etc and having a love life isn’t one of them.

6. You’re broke/in a financial rut

You don’t want to be borrowing money from your partner or be financially dependent on them or worse, drown them with you in debt.

Signs You're Not Ready For A Relationship!

7. You’re too needy

You’re an adult, not a newborn. You don’t need someone else to cater to your every need. Your girlfriend is not your mother or babysitter or maid.

Signs You're Not Ready For A Relationship!

8. You want multiple sexual partners

Unless you’re in an open relationship, you just can’t stay faithful to one person. You just can’t keep the snake in your pants!

Signs You're Not Ready For A Relationship!

9. You like your space/solitude/me time

You cannot imagine sharing most of your time with someone else, doing things with them for them. You like the whole bed/closet all to yourself. You enjoy your own company and taking that me time from you seems farfetched.

Signs You're Not Ready For A Relationship!

10. You don’t compromise

You are not willing to sacrifice your time, yourself for someone else. It’s all about you.

Signs You're Not Ready For A Relationship!

11. You get overly jealous

You hate sharing your so with their family or friends. If you can’t let your so make friends or visit family, then don’t have one.

Signs You're Not Ready For A Relationship!

12. You have controlling issues

Your partner is not your bitch. If you want to treat them like your slave or servant, worse a prisoner, then stay single.

Signs You're Not Ready For A Relationship!

13. You are abusive

If you can’t control your violent tendencies, your partner is not your punching bag.

14. You’re bored af

Don’t drag an innocent loving person into your boring ass life to be your entertainment. Get a clown for that.

Signs You're Not Ready For A Relationship!

15. You just can’t stay single

You’re in love with the idea of just having a person to be at your beck and call and to be there for you when you feeling horny or lonely or want to be cuddled. You just don’t like the idea of being alone.

Signs You're Not Ready For A Relationship!

There are many more signs that you’re not ready to be in a relationship but if you can’t love a person truly with your heart, then don’t waste their time or yours. Don’t force a relationship to happen. It’s simple, STAY SINGLE.

Signs You're Not Ready For A Relationship!
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  • ALewis30
    I make a lot of money, I have job and a career, but I have some serious mental issues that I need to fix first before I can finally have a girlfriend.
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  • Jamie05rhs
    Well, I know I'm not ready for a relationship, because I'm broke right now. But I make a lot of money and I am slowly working my way out of debt.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Davis04
    Damn, number 1 hit me in my feels!! I knew I was never ready for a relationship... number 1 just confirmed it for me! I need to heal properly then🤔
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  • LuvAsh
    Def 6😂😂😂😂
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    • milantb1

      Yes otherwise how will he pay for dinner and sex

    • LuvAsh

      What? I'm saying that I'm def broke. And forget going out to dinner I'd rather just make some food. And i wouldn't have sex with anyone unless he's my husband and if he is my husband he wouldn't have to pay. And plus that sounds so desperate like ew😂😂

    • milantb1

      Husband? No one will marry you if you dont give out

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  • lumos
    I think I almost despise number 15 the most, if we ignore all the really serious ones about abuse and cheating. There's just something so selfish about wanting to be with just about anyone, as long as you don't have to feel lonely, and as long as you feel you have someone you can dump all your problems on.
  • Logorithim
    I disagree with 3, 6 and 14 being dealbreakers.
  • PrudentGuy
    It's a nice read but I think it's simply too philosophical.

    Although most of the points appears correct on the outset, like "having too much going on", "broke", "being bitchy", etc... these are factors that may change from case to case and may be different from person to person.

    For example, being bitchy. Yes, we all HAD moments where we are bitchy or asshole. But with that special someone, we suddenly become angels. This is the effect of love.

    Likewise "having too much going on", well TBH, which of us (non retiree) have 10hr free time a day? I dare say not many. But again, if we meet that ONE, suddenly we can clamp all we do and make that special few hours a day and the entire weekend just to be with that person.

    I can practically write another take just to show the other side of the coin, something most of us who had dated experienced. (Including dating a new person before we forgot the last. G@Gers called that person a "Rebound".)

    So while there are truths in the points given, exceptions are possible in most of the points and those exceptions are not rare or insignificant. True lovers had shown it possible and thereafter followed by great relationships. Hence I think we need to read this article with a pinch of salt. (Sorry Editor, I hope my criticism does not offend you. I just write what I experienced and think is true.)
  • Evenell
    I completely agree with 4,5,6,7,9,11, 12, because that's what I feel pertains to me. I'd like to add another. Being interested in someone and not knowing why, but you know you enjoy being with them. Wanting something that you can never have. Even being so forward as to tell them that you want something more, but they don't see you as anything more. That's their decision and you simply can't do anything to change that. They may be too nice and for whatever be friends with you. Even kiss you, once or several times, with them initiating it. However, sometimes they may just be feeling some kind of way. Don't overthink it. If you're toxic, you should leave them be. Go on with your life and it's best if you let them go. Especially if you truly care about them. The others apply as well. To the OP, thank you for your thoughts. I'm currently in the military with a lot on my mind and have been thinking about this for a while. I've wanted to maintain a platonic relationship with someone, but knowing that someone else has the knowledge, and possibly the experience, helps me to put a part of my life in perspective. It's better to let her go and find what makes her happy.
  • ObscuredBeyond
    I don't move on easily. Every new relationship feels like another attempt to break free from a groundhog loop.

    And yeah, I seem to stumble right into girls who have too much else happening. It's worse when they can't admit it, and blame everyone else. Worse yet when they take advantage of my Samaritan tendencies.

    I'm fine with her having family and friends, so long as she doesn't shut me out. Stashing is abuse.

    Money is also a constant struggle. No sooner do I earn a little, then this insurance bill or that goes up for reasons beyond my control. Then the car breaks down. Then I get bronchitis or something. And the savings are gone.

    But here's the big one: I have had some rare experiences that have led to a stronger than usual faith, and a desire to live by high moral standards. There are some things where I will hold myself to a higher standard than others. But there are some truths that are not negotiable by objective. absolute reality. And I will not pretend otherwise, nor let anyone force me to.

    This of course leads to extremists hellbent on personal rebellion against plain reality deciding that I am somehow a mortal threat, solely because I will not give what they do some personal stamp of approval, even if I physically do nothing to interfere with their lives. Yet, they will accuse me anyway, and make a beeline to physically interfere with mine, like total hypocrites. LGBTQPIZO are the worst, most irrational, and most hysterical and shrill banshees of offenders, based on my personal experience. Pro-abortion radicals come in a close second.

    Point is, will she respect me answering to a higher calling, or trash me and slander me like the rest, simply for my nonconformity to a world that is perishing?

    If the mob comes at me with their metaphorical torches and pitchforks, and she imagines some of these goons that are just using her for self-affirmation to prop up their personal insecurity are somehow her "friends," will she defend me from their verbal or physical violence, or throw me to the wolves to save herself?

    Will she stand for what is right, or forsake me for what is popular? Is she Stephen, or Judas?

    On this, I cannot and will not compromise, no matter how much of a gadfly it makes me. Questioning what is popular is also why they murdered Socrates, after all.

    If they tell me that I will die alone with no friends unless I affirm their depraved thoughts and deeds, will she tell them they've gone too far, and risk their long knives being turned on her, or like their comment and leave me to fend for myself? Because a real friend - let alone lover - doesn't claim to be "free" by embracing such immorality, and then betray that she is not free to defend me from the abuse of others. Yes, I speak of this from personal experience.

    But regarding time sacrifices? I'm willing to make quite a few. But I do need to know she is just as willing to make sacrifices. I can't trust someone who is all take and no give, especially if she demands sex, and claims it's a reward. That's not love, it's prostitution.

    As for being needy: I need proof she is sincere. I need encouragement. I need to see commitment from her. And then I give it all back tenfold. Unless screwed by circumstance, I make it a goal not to need her for much else.

    My enemies cannot fathom my circumstances, and speculate evil and cynical causes. But it's simple: depressed, attached, broke, and very high morals. And survived many tragedies.

    They're like: "Cad sales, man! Get a grip! You're not Spider-Man!"

    No, but my life sure feels that crazy sometimes. And my love life especially.
  • anupamagrawal
    The take is excellent and included many categories. But I really fall in love with the last lines.

    It is what I too believe, if you can't love a person truly, don't entrap him/her by saying you love him/her. If you are not ready to be in a relation or don't have the mindset for that - be single and do others same favour.
  • ryryryan
    This was good.
    Don't force relationships is really wise advice. I think a big issue in this world related to your idea is when people do force a relationship because they want sex, or dont wanna be lonely, or need financial support, etc... when those are exploitative symptoms of a personal inadequacy... when ideally a person should want a relationship for love and be offering support and advantages to them... lots of people will straight up lie about multiple partners and have secreted relationships but i do believe they live an anxious life having to work to keep the deception going. I ashamedly have done this before. because im married, sharing that info i feared would scare away any woman, even if i told them its an open marriage. i thought better to pretend im single or just not mention it cuz otherwise i have no chance. I even told a girl i wanted to be her boyfriend, thinking about actually living a lie for the potential sex , but she rejected me..

    Looking back i was super foolish to be so fake.

    Now im getting more love with women than ever and i dont lie about anything. A lot of girls also dont want a relationship and because im married i think they are more open to being friends, no pressures, and open to being intimate physically
  • almondcake
    The biggest sign that your not ready for a relationship is when you look in the mirror and see you are human. Ok maybe that is joke but not really. I dont think any of us are ready for a relationship that means your planning one. We can't plan for this. We take one day at a time and get to know each other. The good and the bad. If we love the good amd can except the bad without wanting to change them. Then yes then we are ready for a relationship
  • cunnilinguist
    I too love my independence but that doesn't cancel out the urge to share a life in love. We all have other priorities. I do not see how wanting multiple sexual partners means someone is not ready for a relationship. I know many people that ARE in polyamorous relationships.

    The author of this article made the mistake of defining ALL relationships as monogamous by definition. True love does not limit and restrict. If I have a partner and we are in an exclusive relationship and she wants to be with multiple men or even just someone else, if I TRULY love her I will give her the freedom to be herself, whatever that means for however long it wants to manifest in whatever way. I feel it's important that she know that I am with her when she needs me but I do not hold her prisoner and consider her my property.

    How can anyone claim they love someone when it comes with the addendum "as long as..."? I love you as long as you do as I expect you to do and you don't do what I don't want you to do. No thanks. This is what ruins most relationships. Usually if they feel you love them no matter what they won't even want anyone else. But no one want an owner and a tyrant.
  • ItsTheNephilim
    Nice take. From the above list seems like my reasons are #2, #4, #5, #9 and #10. But I think the most important one in my case which isn't in the list is having trust issues and fear of letting myself go.
  • Someguynamedbob
    #7 is my ex hands down, I was her personal servant/babysitter, I would drive her around the city, pay for her food, calm her down in every one of her 20 different crisis’s every fucking day fuck I don’t miss that shit,
    The only one that applies to me is the idapendance one, I hate not being able to do what I want to do when I want to do it and women are usually very controlling
  • princessfromjupiter
    Wow this really did make me feel better about being eternally single

    I also think that 95% of people should not be dating according to this list though when that’s probably right but definitely not true 😅
  • GraveDoll
    I love my me time
    I love my space
    I love my clean home
    I love not hearing anyone bitch
    I love my solitude.
    I love not having strings

    I am dedicated to my freedom as of right now.
  • Evil_Chuck
    If more people were willing to be honest with themselves, we wouldn't need magazine-style articles like this to point out that many of us are better off single until we get our house in order. But I hear that you can't decide when you fall in love or whom you fall in love with, which makes it kind of impossible to plan around.
  • Matts18
    All of this is true. Some people just need to be in a relationship no matter what. I have few friends that just move from relationship to relationship and not really meaningful.
  • SanicYouth
    Single life for life for me. #2 and #9 apply to me. I like to be alone and I like to be my own person. As for #8, I got my fantasies in my head that I like to indulge in. For #'s 4 and 5, let's just say I gotta get my shit together and learn how to manage life on my own. For #6, I ain't broke, I got plenty of money saved up, but I still live with my parents.
  • torken
    As someone about to start a small business, I hate this list.

    Why on earth would you wait for life to be stable to add another person to it? My life will NEVER be stable, and that is by choice.

    Not everyone wants a boring existence.
  • sean1234
    Many of those problems remind me of a girl from HS. All those problems and I still cared. Maybe me moving away made her better for it. I try to see the positives of everything, lol.
  • FriedPickles1218
    Well I think I agree. Except for 14 though.

    Most people don't exactly have exciting lives. That's fine though. And everyone deals with boredom every now and then. Compatibility is most important.
  • BadAnswers
    Good my take , the overjealousy , that gif , is actually what is real , the text is true but the gif is pretty much me with RANDOM guys , cuz i know guys
  • taco_truck
    Okay the overly jealous example is more of being controlling and less jealous in my opinion.

    Everyone needs their me time from time to time. Because me time can be having a girls night with her friends or having couple beers with some of your bro’s or just going to the park or beach by yourself and reading a book or painting/drawing your surroundings.
  • Kayla45
    I'm definitely not ready to be a waifu yet... Signs You're Not Ready For A Relationship!
  • zozo7880
    It seems according to this list I'm not ready, but yolo i'll do it anyway.
  • Samhanks
    Firsrly you should be convinced that you are ready, after that ther is nothing stopping you whatever situation, atmosphere or condition you are in, Have confidence and believe in yourself and take the plunge.
  • Likes2drive
    According to this I’m mostly ready for one but I do like my alone time every so often and as long as they can get ready in time to go somewhere with me then then that’s a good travel partner
  • MindYourEyes
    In too busy working everyday and still not over someone XD so I’m staying single!
    Great take.
  • ariadneR
    None of the above.
    I def agree. I hate hearing girls complaining that they're not happy when they have a new boyfriend every week.
    • Mailo

      That's basically every girl between (16~30) who are deeply influenced by social media.. No wonder spinsterhood rates are increasing to alarming levels

  • AriesMale
    I’ve fallen time after time to girls that were taken. They were the most beautiful, and talented people that I knew.
    • HereIbe

      Probably why they were taken. As I've heard some women say: All the good men are married or gay.

  • Poormanscomedian
    If those are the case , then no one should be in a relationship
  • John_Doesnt
    I'm ready for a relationship when I'm drunk and bored.
  • LuWe22
    I disagree with 2 and 9. You can still have me time, your independance and space in a relationship. A partner will understand that and you can make compromises
    • sean893

      I have this same feeling, LuWe22!
      I also disagree with 2 and 9!

      Even 2 hours of me time is just as good enough for me, as a guy in every alternate days!
      For the indepedent part, both the boy and girl can also do independent things seperately and still be happy with each other!

    • LuWe22

      So true.

  • selfesteemguy
    Strictly speaking, I have lots of reasons why I am not having a relationship. 1) I like my solitude. I used to live with a solitude. No matter how much it hurts sometimes.
    2) My priorities are something else. I am focused on my family and my education mainly.
    3) I like my independence. The freedom of doing whatever I want isn't changeable with something else. I go to the gym, I play chess, I play my guitar, I spend time with my cat, etc.
    4) I don't think that I am a man of relationship. Romance has never been something that I am good at and it never will be.
    5) I don't want to risk my feelings (see number 4).
    6) I never could understand women. Think I will never.
    7) I have nothing to offer any girl. They simply would turn me down.
  • This is a another great mytake! Very impressive! Very on point and very sensical, thank you!
  • scooot170980
    Your one of the lucky ones that know love in the best part of it, which means you will always get to your emotional happy place much easier than others I'm giving you the big thumbs up 👍👍👍👍😘😘😘
  • bloom6654
    i probably will most likely never be ready for one XD
  • Lance1965
    Number 5 is a big one. Some people want a realtionship but don't want to give up some or all of the pleasures they had while being single.
  • willzjohn87
    Great myTake! Lack of maturity , that’s the dealbreaker for me!
  • Jifrogg
    I disagree with independence and me time being on this list. Being constantly around your partner isn’t a good thing, in fact it’s pretty healthy to have time apart.
  • Clarity01
    9 is a huge one for me, especially since I hate texting. So much effort
  • Xoirwinkan
    Yeah, a bunch of thots are def not ready for any relationship more than finding a dick to play with.
  • StellarDrift
    Possible sign: you think relationships are a waste of time.
  • Massageman
    Good points: #10, 11, 12 and 13 are really based on the same "it's all me" tenet. Thank you.
  • RedThread
    I doubt if I'll ever be ready which is fine. I'm happy enough being single as a Pringle
  • I agree with 14 of the 15 but not #6. Just because people are broke doesn't mean they can't be serious about getting into a relationship.
  • DiegoO
    I really like the MyTake. It's spot on. xD, I am better off alone for now.
  • Smegskull
    Some of those are less of a "ready for a relationship" and more of a "relationship material" type thing but all in all a fair assessment.
    Essentially says feminists are inherently not ready for relationships though so watch out for the Twitter mob.
  • NovissimumVirorum
    Life hates me so why bother trying to have relationships or friendships
  • clampfan101
    I misread “too needy” as “too nerdy”. rofl I would’ve taken major offensive from that. XD
  • monkeynutts
    Yeah im obsessed with Lego. I don't have time for girls, got more stuff to build.
  • lovedejj_xo
    I’ll always like my independence... guess I’ll be single forever.