Signs She is Losing Interest in You


You meet this amazing woman. You hit it off. She’s the girl of your dreams. Someone you can take home to mom. But you notice she’s been off the radar lately and you are not sure if she’s just busy or she’s slowly losing interest in you.

Here are some signs a woman is slowly losing interest in you…

Signs She is Losing Interest in You

1. She rarely initiates conversation/contact

You used to wake up to a Good morning Handsome insert heart eyes emoji. Now you wake up to a full battery charged zero notifications Iphone. You have to send her one to remind her that you are still alive.

2. She is always busy

Every time you try to meet up or go on a date or do something together, she always has an excuse not to meet you or be with you. She used to always make time for you, now you’re just a burden or a distraction.

3. She doesn’t care to check on you

Gone are the days, she use to call you/send you a quick hey I miss you text during the day. Again, your phone is dry like how she treats you.

Signs She is Losing Interest in You

4. She’s cold as ice

When you do see her or visit her, her treatment is cold unlike her warm welcome when she was still into you. She’d sit as far away from you. Her body is facing away from you. Minimal to zero eye contact.

5. She gets irritated/annoyed by you

Whenever you’re around her, her mood changes from good to bad… Acts bored around you.

Signs She is Losing Interest in You

6. She doesn’t care about her appearance around you

There is no reason to impress you because she no longer wants to be with you. She used to dress sexy or get dolled up every time you get together. Now she looks like she just rolled out of bed with no F in the world.

7. She doesn’t update you with her life

You used to be her go to person for every major event or the minute inconvenience of her life. Now you’re always the last to know or you just don’t know anything about her anymore.

Signs She is Losing Interest in You

8. She doesn’t initiate sex/want sexy time

Instead of turning her on, you turn her off. She pulls away every time you initiate a kiss or just touching her.

9. She is talking to some other guy

When the conversation with you is getting less and short, her conversation is getting longer and deeper with another guy.

10. She ghosts you

She just disappears out of the blue without a warning.

Signs She is Losing Interest in You

11. She has a Tinder profile

Yikes. She’s obviously not looking for a friend…

12. She is always going on a night out with her single girl friends

13. She tells you

Signs She is Losing Interest in You

14. She takes forever to reply to you

She used to take a milli second to reply to you even before you finish your text. Now, she replies a lifetime later in one or two words; sometimes only a letter.

15. She stops talking to you

She stops replying to your texts, all your calls going to voicemail. She always has her phone with her and you know she’s ignoring you.

16. She blocks you

She unfriended/unfollowed you on social media. She changed numbers without telling you.

Signs She is Losing Interest in You

17. She talks to you about another guy


18. She friend zones you

Starts calling you bro, bruh, buddy, best friend or fam or some shit you don’t like to called that classify as friend/famzoned.

Signs She is Losing Interest in You

19. She lies to you

She will make up bullshit excuse or sob story to break up or stop talking so you can leave her alone.

20. You’re here reading this

If you’re wondering if the girl you like is losing interest and you’re here reading this and checking off most of the signs, then she definitely is losing interest with you.

Signs She is Losing Interest in You

If you are losing interest with someone, be brave enough to break it to them but be gentle though. Breaking a heart takes time to mend so take it easy. Don’t lead people on. Let them know from the get go before things get serious that you aren’t ready for a serious relationship.

Signs She is Losing Interest in You

When a woman is quiet or showing signs she is slipping away from you, ask yourself why. If you are not making her happy, let her go or make it work. If not, let another woman show you the love and happiness you deserve.

Thanks for the time reading.

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Signs She is Losing Interest in You
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