Does "I'll let you know" mean for sure that she's blowing you off?

I know of most of the time it's the case, she's telling you gently that she isn't interested - even though most people would prefer the girl to be a bit more direct.

But take my situation:

Met a girl Friday night and we got along quite well. I'm more used to the slow approach but on this occasion I was in a confident mood and escalated quite rapidly.

At one point I wrapped my arm around her waist and kissed the side of her head a couple of times, and guess what? She wrapped her arm around mine too !

I proceeded to ask her whether we could go on a date sometime and asked her to put her number in my phone. She said yes and gave me her number - her real one.

I sent her a text saying "Hey it's John from Friday night, how's the recovery going :) ?" and this is how the rest of the conversation went:

Her: "Hey, ohh it's been alright haha how about you?"

Me: "Was asleep till 5pm yesterday, felt like my brain was in my stomach hehe :) I got half a day on Wednesday, want to grab a coffee together, say 7?"

Her: "Were you haha! I had to work 11 till 7 yesterday! I'm in work till 9 on Wednesday."

Me: "Hardcore haha you working part time? Does Friday sound better, would really like to get to know you better!"

Her: "I am ye :) Friday might be alright, but I won't know for sure till Wednesday, I get a weekly Rota that runs Friday to Friday, but I don't get given it till Wednesdays."

Me: "Where are you working? I really want to get a part time job as a lifeguard, I've got the licence and all. I see, well let me know whether you can make it will you, don't worry I don't bite :)"

Her: "I work at the cinema :) Ohh that sounds cool. Ye I'll let you know :)"

Me: "Thanks, have a nice night :)"

Her: "You too :)"

Smooth euh? haha.

So, does it sound like she's blowing me off? Or am I seriously over-analysing?

Of course I'll wait till Wednesday/Thursday, but I just want to know whether I have a chance with her - she's just my type, sweet, cute and shy :)

Be bluntly honest I don't mind, I'm not really good with girls to be honest.

Does "I'll let you know" mean for sure that she's blowing you off?
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