Getting a ttyl and have a good day text from your ex. Does this mean they are open to communicating again?

I've just contacted my ex last night. It's been 2 weeks since we've broken up and we have ceased all contact. I called him because my car was making the same noise his used to when we were dating. It got really loud all of a sudden and I had to pull over. It was around midnight. He didn't answer so I left him a quick voice mail saying that I only have a question and that the reason I'm calling isn't even relevant to us. Thankfully I was able to make it home okay but I didn't get a response from Estivel until 4am. He texted me saying that he just heard my voicemail because he was just getting home and that he hopes I got home okay. ttyl. Does the fact that he ended with ttyl indicate that he was looking to end the conversation there or that he was open to communicating again? I'm just curious. I texted that I managed to get home okay. I added that we should meet up within the next to weeks just to talk. I made sure to let him know that I'm happy single and that is not the reason I want to meet up. I just don't feel okay about how things ended between us and that I just want to make peace. He texted okay I'll let you know when a good day is. Have a good day. I'm wondering the same thing. Did he add the have a good day because he wanted to ende the conversation there?


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  • Yes, we wish the other person "good day" when the conversation ends.


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  • I think he's really just being friendly. It's not really possible to see from his texts that he is open to more. But he is receptive which is a good sign but don't overcomplicate things and read so much into it. I think he's just trying to be kind.


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