When he says "we'll stay in touch" does he really mean it?

Guys I need you to shoot straight with me here. Sure, I'm overanalyzing but I'd like to hear from you what you think this means because my time is precious and I don't want to waste it on someone who really could care less. And I'm not always the best at gauging that. So here goes…

I met this guy a while back, he would contact me often and for a while I was constantly keeping up my boundaries as he tested my limits from the getgo. However, he'd quickly realize that he was annoying me and change his tune and be more respectful (i. e. stopped asking for provocative pictures and instead asked for a nice one of my face). We went out once and had made plans that I had to break for a second date and now he will text me on the weekends to tell me he's going to be out in my area, but not make official plans.

So I asked him if he wanted to hang out and we made plans again which fell through the day of after he suggested I show up at 2 am (nice try). I recently put myself out there just to say hi and he responded right away and after some polite back and fourth he invited himself over to my place that day. I kindly let him know I was not available as I had other plans, but I invited him out for the next weekend. As usual he said he wanted to hang out but did not make solid plans. I ended up having to cancel again due to an emergency so I let him know that I wouldn't be able to hang out and that I could come see him some other time. To which he responded "okay we'll keep in touch."

So I still can't tell if he's just afraid of rejection, is not interested, if he's just a total douche? Or all of the above? Seems like he's just trying to get me to chase him, but I really don't want to read in anymore than I already am. So given the information I just need to hear a guys opinion on the following:
Is he trying to play it cool for fear of rejection or not really interested?
Is he just a douche?
Should I contact him again? Does he want to "keep in touch?"
When he says "we'll stay in touch" does he really mean it?
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