Why does this guy keep staring at me?

What does it mean when a guy stares at you for like10-20secs sometimes longer.

Also I know he's staring at me because when he stares there is no one else sat around me.

Also it's a not a stalker type stare more like gazing at me. He doesn't really smile when he stares but just has this certain look when he stares at me, hard to explain but he only seems to do this look around me.

If when he's busy doing something or talking to someone else he still makes a point of turning around and looking my way.


Also he seems quite confident around other girls who are friends/other people but just different around me.

We're both late teens.

He works at my local cafe, we speak about general stuff like fav tv show etc when he serves me but that's about

Also I only know he's staring at me because I'll look up from my drink and he'll be staring then I'll look back down look up 10-15secs later and he'll still be staring.

I do like him just not sure if he likes me.

Also I'm not very confident

Should I stare back when he stares if so how long should I stare for and should I smile or do a stare like the one he does.

Also what else can I do to let him know I like him without saying it.

Also on two different ocassions he made a comment saying I was polite person I was bit shocked/didn't know how to respond to just said thanks


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  • If he works at the coffee shop, it would be inappropriate for him to hit on a customer.

    What you could do is, when you are talking about something, you should tell him to call you sometimes about that. He'll say he doesn't have your number, which you can then offer.

    He definitely likes you from what you wrote. I wouldn't wait for him to break the ice, it's not going to happen unless you make it happen.


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  • If he's staring at you for that long, he's checking you out. He think's your attractive.


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  • trust yourself...seems like both of you are attracted to each other but the guy has not yet found a way to break the ice..give him some time