Do you feel happy when you express love?

I sometimes hold off expressing love that I feel and that feels bad, because I feel a lot of it,

Today I told my paternal grandma that I love her and I felt like the weight came off my shoulders, she was emotionally abusive to my mother and I held lots of grudges against her as a child.

But she loved me always and I felt like I never showed her love out anger she treated my mother for.

I often had to protect my mother and It was extremely stressful for a little girl, to be in the warrior mode of protection.

She is very sweet to me and I love her a lot deep down and I have forgiven her long ago.

So, I told her today. “I love you and while I might not alway express it, you hold a very special place in my heart, I am proud of how strong you are, you have often made me feel fearless in childhood and thank yo for everything I am today. I miss you and you are very important to me. “

It felt happy to say it.

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She made me feel fearless because she was a strong woman, had a bad temper but she was these type of woman no one would like to mess with and as a child, when I was scared, she always taught me how strong in truth I was and that nothing could ever beat me.

Also, I never feared anything, because I had her. Also, my family dynamics, while stressful made me a stronger pain, it exercised my mental muscles, I was out to the world in a good enough mental shape to never be bullied or hurt.
Do you feel happy when you express love?
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