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My room mate is trying to get rid of me

After returning from my parents after what happened (read this: How telling my parents about my 6mo boyfriend went (they hate him for religious reasons) ), I met my boyfriend's brother (read this: Don't yell at your...
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I've decided to move back to my hometown!

Where did I go? 25 months ago I moved to Bremgarten which is a small town half an hour from the big city I grew up in. It was a spontaneous decision because I found a beautiful house that I could never afford to live in...
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Why Losing Friends And Growing A Part Is Something Positive

Nothing Is Built To Last Forever I start with a heading that literally quotes a line from the song "21 Guns" by Green Day because it's one of the lines that have always stuck with me. Even if it's not necessarily very...
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I can't say "I love you" (how childhood can mess you up)

I wasn't raised in a home where you could just share your feelings. I wasn't born into a family where being affectionate towards each other was a natural thing. We didn't hug ever, we didn't even express that we cared...
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How I managed to recover from emotional abuse.

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share how I overcame heartbreak and mistreatment. Lately, I haven't been using GaG because I took time off the internet. I focused on myself that time and reassess what I'm going through....
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My personality has given a rather positive turn of events

I can't give all the details about what is going on, but of my friends told me if they ever have children I could be the step uncle and she was so excited about it and I was so happy! I couldn't believe...
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Don't Be a Sucker

Con artists will cheat, lie, steal & kill for money given the opportunity. Regardless of how harmless they seem they all have this potential. They're dangerous. If you're a sucker then you're in danger. 1. Are you soft?...
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Single Mothers Need To Be Put In Check When Raising Their Son(s)

Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of great single parents out there. They somehow make it work, but the same can't be said for every single parent. Especially in the case of #singlemothers raising their son(s). The...
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Why I feel like my age is holding me back from wishing I can have kid like memories again

People say: "Age is only a number" "You're as old as you feel and care for yourself" which i highly believe because caring for your body and appearance takes a toll and plays a factor in how old you can look despite what...
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Self love: Start the New Year with you.

Well 2020 is about to be over and damn it was a hard year. I won't try to begbe positive and give you false hope by saying it will definitely be better next year. It depends on you to make the next a good one for...
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Ending a toxic friendship! Damn that felt good.

I just ended the worst friendship I've had yet! It feels so good! He tried to mold me into the kind of woman he wanted, but I'm to strong minded and independent for that shit. I had to walk on egg shells and gave him...
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Adaptation Strategy in a New City. How to Make Friends

Whether you’ve moved to a new city on your own or got dragged along by your parents, it can be tough to adapt to the new circumstances. You’re mostly cut off from your old group of friends and you need to find some new...
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A letter to an imaginary friend

"Hey buddy, I know you are sad and depressed because things are not looking good right now and trust me I am not going to tell you try to happy and brave cause I know it's easier said than done. Instead I want to tell you...
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Losing my heart and soul💔

How do you put into words the pain I feel right now from a wound that is so fresh and so deep. How can anyone heal from this kind of hurt? My heart my soul is gone. Never to smile with me again. Never can I hold her...
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Stop driving yourself crazy if you're not loved back genuinely !

It often looks like they're "just there" for the sake of it. They're half ass there or simply invisible most of the times! It can be friendship, relationship, a crush leading you on or a major issue with family. Your...
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Why I don't wanna have Thanksgiving this year

I like food, it isn't about that. 1. We are hosting it this year, which means : 2. My drama queen aunt is bringing her violent chihuahua. Great. Pierre literally already bit my grandma and drew blood. 3. I have to peel...
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I can't imagine just how hateful and bigoted my stepdad is

My stepfather (47M) is either a narcissist or a liar. I've seen signs in him since I was as young as ten shortly after my mother was first dating him. When he talks, he says he doesn't brag but does brag about his fake...
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People need to understand their worth and stop self loathing, self harm and considering ending it all because you are perfect just the way you are

I have had too many people around me descend into depression, some I could help, some I could not, some were more severe than others.. I know that saying it is simpler than the action of getting through such a feeling,...
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GAGers, send your friend (s) a text!

I am a first-year college student right now, and quarantine is beating me up. I have a small friend group of about 4 people. I am feeling really lonely right now and I am always the one to reach to my friends. I did an...
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It is totally normal to be childless by choice!

People often label childless people as 'selfish, immature and irresponsible'. Just like having kids is a choice, forcing others is more selfish especially when the couple is not ready to have a kid. 1. Your expenses, your...
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