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Ways my life is changing for better

You probably heard the phrase: "life is what you make from it". I somewhat agree with that phrase. Sometimes there's to much going on, to the point of heavily influencing a sure mental and physical breakdown. I believe...
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I yelled at a kid and here's why

Saturday I yelled at a kid because he kept chasing this girl after she told him to stop. She ran to me and said ''save me'' so I told the boy to stop. He said ''my parents told me I don't have to listen to you all the...
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Venting about my dad

I completely cut my dad off for the rest of my life. He probably has Aspergers but he never cared enough to even go talk to someone even when people tried to help him. He destroyed our family and still hasn't changed at...
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Why do animals have to die? At most this is probably going to be the saddest thing I ever post. One of the kids I babysit asked me why her dog had to die. At this question I was absolutely heart broken...
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Public Service Letter to Guys In the Friendzone

Dear Guys, Are you an exceptionally hot to terribly ugly male who has a human female girl/woman in your life that you want to date/hook up with/marry and become the love of your lives and yet, you constantly find that...
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[ My Definition of Family ]

The Definition Of Family Family looks out for you. Friends may look out for you... for a time.. and partner up, or give you an ounce of support. But anyone who's family, will look out for you, until you’re okay. 'Til...
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An important note to all those who want to be parents. Or even those who have just become parents. From a 22-year-old guy.

If you want to give some good or valuable information, just try to convey it to your kids as politely, and even more strategically as possible. See, for any information to be successfully conveyed, understood and applied...
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I don’t connect with new people very well. I don’t think that will ever change, and that’s OK

I’ll start with some background on myself. My parents got divorced when I was very young. I lived with my mom from ages 4-13 and only saw my dad on weekends. I was an only child until age 10. When I was in school, I was a...
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Talk Listen Ratios: A Concept

I decided to write this post after losing a friend. I didn't feel much resentment when we stopped talking. I actually feel rather free now. I believe that his talk-listen ratio is to blame. Let me explain: Talk listen...
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How to quit a friendship that doesn't serve you anymore efficiently

I recently realized that my two best friends were no longer serving my needs or expectations in our friendship and decided I was done with them for good. Here's how you quit a friendship, the efficient way. 1. Evaluate...
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Why you shouldn't have kids (if you don't want any)

This question was inspired by @Brittanyroseee and h she made a question on the whole subject so I wanted to add my opinions on some of the reasons why some women are childless. This wouldn't be like my other Mytakes...
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November 3rd, 2022: Ten Full Years Now Since She Passed Away

You know, I died twice in my life already. The first time was when I was 18, and I learned I would never actually physically grow up. I never got my long awaited growth spurt. I never moved an inch beyond the midget,...
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Six Important Rules I Live By

Here are 6 important rules I live by. If you are interested in the rules I live by, I encourage you to read my post. 1. Don't Associate with People Who Get My Name Wrong I strongly despise people who get my name wrong...
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Why I don't have a great relationship with my mother

I'm sure all mothers want their daughters to be close to them. But I am not. Let me start by explaining my mom. She isn't very lazy but she's lazy, she tends to be controlling and very opinionated which drives my dad...
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Children need to work

You've heard the saying ''God helps those who help themselves.'' And while it is not at all biblical it is true. When you are sick you must aid nature in your recovery. As a child your parents can only encourage you to...
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Dislike of children is reasonable

Controversial opinion, or not? A disclaimer: Children have equal moral worth to adults, I wish children nothing but love, respect, and it is never ever justified to harm a child. Just in case you think I am suggesting...
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Why do some women become single mothers?

Of Beggars and Liars [Part I]: Why do some women become single mothers? I'm not going to attempt to make a fully fledged series out of different topics but I am planning to add four parts on different topics (It'll...
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Can You Resonate With This?

All life, at all times, only ever existing in the moment; relief from the distresses of less kindhearted approaches to life, and the nurturing of the desire in each of us to come to grow wholesomely and enduringly, are...
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Social Skills for roommates to ensure everyone contributes to the emotional labor

Assuming everything else is going well with your roommates, such as everyone taking turns cleaning and taking out the trash, here is a starting list on how to ensure that everyone chips in to the emotional labor. Feel...
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I can't take this anymore!!!

There is this boy who bullies my little brother and on Saturday he decided he would follow my brother around. I promptly stopped him and said. ''take your chair and stay with your sister and leave my brother alone.'' He...
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