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Don't make my mistakes

Don't do something that feels wrong. Even if you have a TRACE of doubt or unease about something that will affect others, seriously take that doubt into consideration. When people you love are involved in a decision you...
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3 Reasons Stepdads Are Awesome And Deserve Respect

A question from an anonymous man the other day warmed my heart. Here's the link: How do I go about dating a 30 year old widow with kids? A strong, responsible young guy in his 20s who wants to step up to be the qualified...
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My dad makes me feel worthless!

Aside from criticizing my weight (I'm 5'7 and 118 lbs) he also has an issue with everything I say, do or eat. Even reading the wrong novel sets him off. I have problems with food ( my family doesn't know) I have...
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Different types of toxic people.

In our daily routine, we encounter different kinds of toxic people. No matter how hard you try to handle them nicely, They will put your mood down and sometimes burst it. you find no other option but to avoid them,but you...
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I was raised with love

Hey there, as you read in the title, I was raised with so much love. I value everything my parents did for me and the way they raised me. I had their support when following a dream, I had a very happy childhood, they gave...
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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all of you fathers and grandfathers out there. I hope you guys have a great day celebrating. I spent some time with my grandparents, socially distanced lmao, celebrating my granddad today 🥰 So to...
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Is my former favourite potential roommate right for doing this? [+Update on my housing/moving away situation]

I went to Germany this weekend to check out different housing options. The first place The first one I looked at was listed as 285€/month, very cheap, but only 2 rooms for us (me and my potential roommate), a "very basic"...
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How to Deal With Overly Protective Parents

I think some of us have been there. If you have the feeling that you have overly protective parents, this MyTake is for you. Not only will I mention a few things to remember about such parenting, but I will provide you...
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Life in my area is basically the same as always and super chill

So I live in a small area and I only go out for two reasons One: Walking the dog Two: Getting food and drinks from local shop for myself by walking The dog one I only ever do at around 8:45PM and use the same road I know...
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A day to honor or Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents. But why is a special day made for them when we treat them like royalty all the time

So today is Mother's Day. What is special about todays Mother's Day, its a socially distance Mothers Day. So when did Mothers Day get started Mother's...
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Moms of physical and spiritual power!

I will discuss how moms are physically and spiritually powerful and list the traits I value in them. I will discuss why it is vital to have a good mother. Mother's Day 2020 is tomorrow and I will keep it short and sweet...
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Just because you’re an introvert doesn’t mean you get to handle situations with immaturity.

Dear Introverts, NOBODY, and I mean nobody besides other introverts, could read your mind. just because you’re an introvert doesn’t mean you use THAT as your “rationale” (more like excuse) to give the silent treatment and...
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My Mother in Law is driving me nuts. How can I keep the peace until she moves out?

Okay so I used to be okay with my mother in law until I had a baby. All through the pregnancy my husband and I kept having to deal with her pushy behavior. It started off small with wanting to see him be born. Then...
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LOVE, Don't you dare bite the dust!.

Why is life a Battle... To protect the things & people we love and keep fighting for it & them... Even though it hurts like hell!... We just wake up every morning and keep going, with Trickle of hope that we have left in...
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To my "best friend"

You called me your "best friend" but where are you? After all the times I was there for you, made time for you, sacrificed for you, you disappear. You were struggling mentally, physically, financially. I tried everything...
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A NewBorn Baby's hairline represents how they will look in old age.

It's funny, but being freshly born and being old and dying are basically the same things. Our lives are cyclical. With a low point in the beginning, a peak in the middle and an equally low point at the end. And I...
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Peter's (The Bachelor's) mother is the perfect example of how abusive and controlling mothers can ruin a man's life.

The finale just ended tonight. Long story short, the bachelor proposed to a woman he didn't love because he's a mamma's boy who lives at home with an abusive, narcissistic and controlling mother who told him too, and told...
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23 Years Old, Lonely, No Friends For Almost 5 Years... What Do I Do? Is It Escapable? My Life Story In Brevity.

In short, I was never really the guy with a whole bunch of friends and a slew of people texting me on my phone constantly as I went through school life. In elementary, I would say I usually had a reasonable number of...
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What’s Tiger Moms and How to Identify One

If you’re from Asia, you must be familiar with this. If not, be patient with me and I run you through it. Tiger moms are what we like to call a hot tempered, perfection seeking, and in some ways, toxic mom. Living my...
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How can I deal with almost never being invited?

I thought I had finally found some friends. The history There are mainly four girls in my class that I really like and who I invite all the time. Ever since the first holidays in this academic year (October) they haven't...
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