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How Traumatizing Was It For You Growing Up In a Household With That One or Both Parents?

Describing this further, did any one of your parents or stepparents yelled at you constantly or made you feel scared, growing up in the household? I have - a stepdad, a "man" my mom married because he apparently gives...
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Why I most likely will not bear children

This is a mytake about my personal reasons on why I don't think I'll ever have children unless I meet specific criterias first. Income So this is a big one, I want to be able to buy a house when I have children, maybe not...
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Guide to being the center of attention or getting the most attention of your friends, people and family

- Being the loudest person in the room always - Tease yourself at times(Use a pause line for like 4 seconds for jokes) - Tell present stories with a variety of voices(feminine and stuff lol) - When you speak and...
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Why guys you should respect the woman.

Remember how beautiful, soft and sculpted her body was at the beginning of your marriage. She is still the same beautiful woman with the same feeling that you have always loved. The difference is that he gave life to your...
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Missing My BFF Mom

My mom was my best friend and my only confidante. She passed away just a few months ago. I was very close to her and I spoke with her on a daily basis. She would share with me her advice, her guidance, her support, her...
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Why are these kids to young teens not disciplined enough?

I personally think that kids born around 2007-2020 are just downright bad and difficult to maintain. Speaking from experience, I have a sister born in 2008, a brother born in 2010 and another sister born in 2018. My...
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Thoughts on Family Day

Where I live in Canada it is Family Day. It's a National Holiday in certain provinces and areas of Canada 🇨🇦. Family Day is a public Holiday in five provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and New...
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Why some people shouldn’t be parents

I’ve seen it, you’ve seen it , we’ve all experienced it. The child at the store screaming his lungs out because he can’t have a toy or the little girl throwing herself on the floor because she was given five crayons...
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My childhood spoiled me

I was at a funeral service with my mom today and it was really nice and I saw all the people I grew up with in the same house with again. That was the best part. We're gonna do something together again at some point :). I...
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Why don't I have friends?

It's not because I am shy. Why should I have friends? What makes me so special? People will always flock to the person who can fulfill their need. It can be a charity worker giving people money. Or singer with a beautiful...
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I love you mom! ❤

This post is about my rant, vent, helplessness that I'm going through as I pen this down with tears rolling on my couch. I lost my mom when I was 12 years old under unfortunate circumstances. My feeling of missing her...
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Why roughhousing is good for children

1. It rewires their brains making them smarter: The unpredictable nature of roughhousing helps kids adapt to unpredictable situations. It rewires their brain by increasing the connections between the neurons and cerebral...
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My grandfather was the one who basically raised me.

So my mom passed away shortly after my little brother was born. I was 5. My dad buried himself in his work and my grandfather moved in with us. He basically raised me. I love him for it. I have no animosity towards my...
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The Criminal Cop

I opened up my laptop and found myself staring at my childhood friend's mug shot. He looked like he had been through hell with his face drawn tightly and deep bags under his eyes. My mind just didn't want to believe this...
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12 Festive Christmas Activities To Make Your Day Even Merrier

Christmas lies in the last month of the year, offering winter activities for some whereas summer days for some. So it becomes challenging to understand the dynamics of different locations. But activities remain the same....
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Not quite former but recovering Christian here (warning: R-rated language here)

At least there are some open-minded people on my Jordanian side (and I can even tolerate some of the religious conservatives on that side). But the ones on my Armenian side are so fucking uptight and aggressive like the...
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Why are we jealous of the guys we're friends with?

Every girl has a special friend who is the best. He is trusted with any secret, with him you can practice kissing and much, much more. I have a friend like that, too. And I am constantly jealous of girls. I decided to...
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I think it’s ridiculous to have more than two children per family!

I think children need a lot of one-on-one time and support/affection. People with three or more children always have something lacking, or a lot lacking in their parenting. I think it’s selfish to have that many. Usually...
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My take on why I think I am lonely and maybe a lot of you are too

If you want you can google "loneliness pandemic" and a bunch of articles will pop up. If you google "statistics of loneliness" a bunch of more articles will pop up. I was listening to a podcast called "all my friends are...
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Short opinion: Why in my view, it's legitimate that many men have feelings or want their female friend as more than that. Girls, please understand us.

It's well known that men are the pursuers most of the time. We already don't have much of options like women, so every woman that you have great connection with, and looks good, it's an instinct to ask yourself questions...
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