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I don't know if I can handle being pregnant, is there any comforting words you can offer?

I'm 9 weeks and 3 days. One month before conception I said I wasn't ready despite our conversation initially where I said due to age if it happens. But that didn't mean not use protection we did. So it seems on his...
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Not a problem, every family is different
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What happens to ex stepparents after divorce?

Do they typically disown and throw away the stepchildren? It reminds me of the parents who disown their children for being gay. Sounds too immoral, and perverted, for a civilized society for children to be thrown away.
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Hey everyone , what would be your favorite moments with your family during summer vacation?

Okay just wondering , but what would be your favorite moments with your family ( whether at the beach or at the mall , or in a hotel or motel. also would you happen to have any unusual moments with family - & what I mean...
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What would you do if this happened to you?

So today was my birthday and my younger brother basically ignored me for the whole day. Never say good morning or even hi this morning. Not even a happy birthday. He did this last year too. He remembers everybody else...
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Is it introvert or social anxiety?

Hello everyone. have always found myself alone since childhood, not talking to anyone. I enjoyed watching TV and being alone. In school, I often sat alone with no one around me, ate alone, and walked alone (not always...
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Boyfriend always involves friends?

I met my boyfriend 1.5 years ago. Our first date, his sister's house. Second date, his cousin's house. As time has gone on everything we do involves either his friends or his family. It's always a group situation. We hav...
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Do you prefer to be a child or an adult?

A child who's taken care of by the parents and live by their household rules or an adult who can do whatever they want and live by their own rules?
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Do I need my husband's permission to lend my own money to my friends?

I gave some money to my male friends and my husband is angry that I did not consult with him first. I only gave away my money not his money. Plus my friends will pay it back.
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Qualities to check for marriage?

What things will u prefer in a marriage name some things or quality to search in a partner
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What do people gain from making fun of autistic people or people with developmental disabilities?

I have been made fun of my whole life because in some situations my behaviors aren’t considered the norm but nowadays I wonder what do they pull from these situations what do they get from bullying individuals like this.
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How do you handle leaving your pets?

I'm going off to training soon and I won't be back for a long time and my cat I've had since I was 8 is getting old so I'm trying to cope with the fact I might not see her again and that I feel guilty for leaving her...
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Why don’t I like these girly things?

I’ve got an eye for lovely things, but I’m not interested in useless, girly things, like pretty hair clips, frilly dresses, jewellery and makeup, tea sets and miniature musical carousels. I shop for these things for my...
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