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4 Things Stutterers Wish You Knew

Chances are, you've run into a stutterer at least once in your lifetime. Maybe it was the person who rang you up at Walmart. Maybe it was the one kid who sat in the back and refused to present in your 5th grade class....
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7 Tips to Working with Kids with Autism

I don't expect many people to find themselves interacting with kids with autism for extended periods of time. However, if you do, following the seven tips below should make volunteering or working with the more severe...
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Is it ok for teachers to Scream and compare Us to other classes?

It was a normal Day, I've just finished English and Was heading to Geography, I Knew I had a Strict Teacher So I should be Nice. The teacher Was Really Nice But Had Big Problems With anger issues. Anyways I sat down and a...
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You can't expect this country to birth great leaders when the school system isn't

As George Carlin once said, "Garbage in, garbage out". We force children to go to school every day to learn subjects that they won't directly apply to their lives (mainly in Highschool) which isn't to say that all of...
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Goals And The Work Behind It

In our life, goals are one of the most important factors that make us look forward to life. Let it be work goals, relationship goals, personal all plays a huge part. The bigger the ambition, the more effort we...
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The real reason why female workaholics are a pain in the neck to everyone

I recently read this book on helping women succeed better in male-dominated workplaces. I was surprised to read that there are a lot more traits besides being a workaholic and being aggressive that constitute the way men...
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The Fake Feminist

Rant : I failed the university exams. Funny. And I've passed all the subjects. It's just that during regular exams, I gave all the written papers, except the last exam which was practical. Few weeks later, I appeared...
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My decision in going back to college in my 30s

"Life always offers you a second chance, it's called tomorrow" - Stephen King When I graduated High School in 2009, I enrolled at East Tennessee State University to major in Elementary Education, which in hindsight was...
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My experience working in a restaurant as a kitchen staff member

College students usually find jobs in retails as they complete their studies as the these jobs tend to be not as physically strenuous and are easy to get the hang of. However another area where college students tend to...
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Commanding Thy self

Just blogging something I learnt today. Conscientiousness is four things hard work decision making perfectionism planning Hard work, Im good at that, I dont have a job. But I can work hard as heck. 12 hours in the gym...
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Why Good Job Opportunity Isn't Worth Moving Away From My Family & Friends

Here are 4 important reasons why I am willing to refuse a good job opportunity. If you are open-minded, I invite you to read my take. 1. I Value Close Bond with My Brothers & Friends Having a close bond with my brothers &...
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K to 12 Education

If we as a society are going to tax to finance K-12 education, the checks she go the parents or guardian of each and every school child. If a parent chooses to send a child to a public school, the check would pay the...
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Working Remotely & Internationally

Sometimes very tiny misunderstandings can set you up for failure. This is a Mytake accounting 3 aspects of my experiences working remote internationally, and methods to ensure accuracy or simply to help you prepare. TIME...
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Does your Educational Degree define you? From a rising star Farmer!

I live in a rural area. People are scarce and we are a growing community. Just these past years a lot of babbies were born but people's mind are still prejudiced about residents going back home and working as a farmer....
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Why I Value Low-Stress Lifestyle Over Rising up the Ranks at Work

I decided to create this post after one user said I lack ambition when I prefer having a low-stress lifestyle over rising up the ranks at work. Here are 4 reasons why I value having a low-stress lifestyle. 1. I Only Want...
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Some questions in modern Physics that hold my interest

*I'm NOT a physicist I'm just a lay person who's interested in some things from the outside.* 1. Dark Energy Expansion: Local groups of galaxies are moving away from each other at a faster and faster pace. Eventually...
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Why some women should stay home!

I am writing this myTake because I need to get all my thoughts out before I explode. It all started over the course of last year. I have been working at my current job now for almost 3 years and I love it. The...
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Discussion: Encouraging women to work in jobs they don't want to do of their own accord.

I think this is a very controversial topic but some of the arguments that are brought forth just don't make sense to me. I watched this video and this guy makes good content...
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Higher education is just putting hindrance to achieve realistic dreams.

Doing bachelors is totally understood. Even doing masters unless you want to super specialize, have a passion for research or wanna become a college professor, is understandable. But, What is the trend to keep pushing...
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Day in the life of a D2 college Athlete. Women's basketball program

Let's talk about the life of a student Athlete. What's it like, what's required of you, and what does it take to maintain your scholarship. So I grew up in a itty bitty little town called Picayune. Yup not much happens in...
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