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Never marry the enemy!

I clipped the quoted comments from a different message board, but I think it defines what most men want in a wife, but modern women are largely uninterested or incapable of providing. "A man is looking for a partner, a...
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Where Do Your Values Lie?

Look at the man in the photo. Tall. Handsome. Well-dressed. Confident. ...Right? Most women, when asked who they would want to marry, would probably describe someone like that. That man is Ray Kroc, the person who...
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Breaking news from Thailand! Also, I have 2 questions?

Ilhan Eliyazici (40), who works as an IT specialist in Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, fell in love with Thai Aphinya Thammang (28) whom he met online. The couple, who met online for 2 years, later decided to get...
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Marriage has never ended in divorce

I dont believe modern marriage is a good idea. But do what you want, It's not my life I'm talking about. I've never even been married. But I still haven't ever met two people who were truly married anyway. in the western...
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I think I ruined my marriage

I am the sole provider for my husband, toddler, and I. I work 60hr weeks, i donate plasma twice weekly, and now recently i have taken on an online sugar daddy. I have never had financial stability until now. When both my...
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In Defense Of Marriage

This site provides a venue for frequent discussions about the merits of marriage. Most of those who write are young to middle-aged men, and it appears that most have been married but are now divorced. They preach that...
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Worst... Wedding... Proposal... Ever

Somewhere on my bucket list, I'd always wanted to be part of a wedding proposal. I think that moment is so special between two people and to be part of that, I thought, would be just as special. I love, love, what can I...
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Why I think Justin might have rejected Selena - Bible Talk

1. Maybe he wanted something natural and not cosmetically constructed: When your making millions and everybody is trying to win your approval and tell you what you want to hear, the one who resists your will and tells you...
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My "Ridiculous Life Timeline" is Actually Going To Work Out How I Planned

I began developing my life timeline in high school. I've only realized in this past year that I may be a bit of a perfectionist, but anyways, that results in feeling the need to have a solid, laid out plan for the future....
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Should Marriage Licenses be Renewable?

What if you had the option to renew your marriage license every five years? Before you get all "He hates marriage! Chants” Just know this: I loved being married, and I highly recommend it. That being said, the way things...
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Postmodernists should not get married!

My argument is this. If you are overly concerned with gender roles, if you believe in flipping gender roles, or don't believe in gender at all the what are you doing fooling around with the ancient institution of marriage...
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Rant: Women who "wait for marriage"

Okay, so I have been on social media and as usual its bombarded with some of the most ridiculous posts you can imagine. I don't pay much attention to those as they could be made up by attention seekers. And its not like...
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Let Lovers Live! ... but don’t kid yourself in the meantime... marriage equality and why I don’t believe in it wholeheartedly.

Just to clarify, I cannot stand religious extremists or any other preachy extremists types that do nothing but spew hate into the world. This is far from that. However I do have strong opinions and this is simply another...
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Why I Don't Believe in Marriage or Long-Term Relationship

Here are 5 reasons why I don't believe in marriage or long-term relationship. If you are curious, open-minded, or interested, I invite you to read myTake. 1. I Could Lose Money if Long-Term Relationship or Marriage Fail...
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Relationships.. Plans.. and Weddings

Today, like many people, are getting married today. As for me, today was one of the days the ex wanted to get married (10/10/2020 - if you see the numbers, but I think they wanted to do it in February 13, 2021). I had...
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Ten of my Favorite Wedding Movies

I am mainly just going to list them but a couple of things of importance, Juila Roberts shows up two times :) Steve Martin makes an appearance, there is a John Hughes movie, and number 2 and 8 are some of my favorite...
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One reason rich people have bad marriages

One reason I don’t usually chase guys is because I notice once the high status guy becomes interested in me I lose 90-99% of my interest in him A guy online taught me something. He said a marriage based purely on physical...
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"Wedding Vows" Have people forgotten what they mean?

Wedding Vows are not just supposed to be words spoken during a ceremony.... They are supposed to be a promise a man and woman are making to one another to keep to one another throughout their life together as man and...
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What any Woman Who's Interested in Dating Me Should Know

Here are five important things any woman should know before deciding to ask me on a date. 1. Engagement & or Wedding Ring is Worthless to Me I believe engagement or wedding ring is worthless because I don't see the point...
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❤ The Role of a Good Wife Towards Her Husband in an Eternal Marriage ❤

1. Respect your husband When you respect your husband you reverence him, notice him, regard him, honor him, prefer him, and esteem him. It means valuing his opinion, admiring his wisdom and character, appreciating his...
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