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Marriage: Is it Really in Favor of Men?

Marriage is often viewed as an institution that primarily benefits men, but is this really the case? In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the legal and societal norms surrounding marriage and how they can be...
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What are the benefits of marriage for men these days?

I have seen this debate on GAG for more than 5 years. So I thought I would provide some insight on this subject. YES....marriage can provide a number of benefits for men. It's true that young men associate marriage with...
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Guys never spend a lot of money on a wedding.

Guys, if you are going to get married (BAD IDEAS) Make sure it's you she's in love with and not the party of the wedding. If she not willing to help the two of you save money to start your life together, then she not in...
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Is humanity really only comprised of two beings, both being broadly distributed among many individual organisms?

Does it seem to be that there are two natures at work in humanity as a whole, and that both are resident in any given individual? Can such a thing be? One nature being the aspect of a person which is seemingly...
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10 years of bliss

“I don’t need no man telling me what to do”. - Woman ”I don’t want a woman taking my stuff in a divorce.” -Man I see this, and other variants posted here constantly. If I had been on a site like this when I met my now...
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The two things that make somebody worth marrying

There are two traits that make somebody marriage material. They are: 1. Compatibility 2. Selfless Concern and Commitment If somebody has that, you should marry them and if you have that, and they are interested in...
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Should men also get promise rings or engagement rings? Or should we just do away with engagement rings all together?

I've seen so many posts by women complaining about their engagement ring: "He "only" paid (enter amount here).... "The stone isn't big enough".. And, whatever other complaints they have🙄 It really got me to thinking why...
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The Things that Make or Break a Relationship & Marriage

MONEY - how it's spent, saved, budgeted, invested. What role does it play in power dynamics including who does what chores? Interior decorations? Food? Etc. KIDS - do you want kids? How many? How far along into the...
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For Black men, marrying a White woman never ends well.

DISCLAIMER: This post is not meant to offend anyone, but is purely an admixture of my opinion, observations and statistical data. This isn't meant to be some "woke" take in case you're looking for one, but a more...
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Should guys help their wives around the house if they both work

This should be interesting reading. Girls can show this to their husbands. Go for it girls! A friend came to my house for coffee, we sat down and talked about life. After a while I interrupted the conversation and said to...
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What marrying a Registered Nurse (RN) taught me about being in love.

This myTake is inspired by all the doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers who have and still are working towards bettering patient outcome during the Covid-19 pandemic. Also inspired by new myTake from @DizzyDesii To...
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What Cosmopolitan and Beauty magazines get wrong about dating

In one of Steve Harvey’s books, he says, if a guy compliments you at the gym on your fitness routine, you should say “thanks I like to keep healthy,” and not “thanks, I like to look good .” He says when you oversell your...
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Never marry the enemy!

I clipped the quoted comments from a different message board, but I think it defines what most men want in a wife, but modern women are largely uninterested or incapable of providing. "A man is looking for a partner, a...
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Where Do Your Values Lie?

Look at the man in the photo. Tall. Handsome. Well-dressed. Confident. ...Right? Most women, when asked who they would want to marry, would probably describe someone like that. That man is Ray Kroc, the person who...
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Breaking news from Thailand! Also, I have 2 questions?

Ilhan Eliyazici (40), who works as an IT specialist in Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, fell in love with Thai Aphinya Thammang (28) whom he met online. The couple, who met online for 2 years, later decided to get...
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Marriage has never ended in divorce

I dont believe modern marriage is a good idea. But do what you want, It's not my life I'm talking about. I've never even been married. But I still haven't ever met two people who were truly married anyway. in the western...
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I think I ruined my marriage

I am the sole provider for my husband, toddler, and I. I work 60hr weeks, i donate plasma twice weekly, and now recently i have taken on an online sugar daddy. I have never had financial stability until now. When both my...
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In Defense Of Marriage

This site provides a venue for frequent discussions about the merits of marriage. Most of those who write are young to middle-aged men, and it appears that most have been married but are now divorced. They preach that...
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Worst... Wedding... Proposal... Ever

Somewhere on my bucket list, I'd always wanted to be part of a wedding proposal. I think that moment is so special between two people and to be part of that, I thought, would be just as special. I love, love, what can I...
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Why I think Justin might have rejected Selena - Bible Talk

1. Maybe he wanted something natural and not cosmetically constructed: When your making millions and everybody is trying to win your approval and tell you what you want to hear, the one who resists your will and tells you...
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