What Cosmopolitan and Beauty magazines get wrong about dating

What Cosmopolitan and Beauty magazines get wrong about dating

In one of Steve Harvey’s books, he says, if a guy compliments you at the gym on your fitness routine, you should say “thanks I like to keep healthy,” and not “thanks, I like to look good .” He says when you oversell your romantic availability, you let guys know, your not a prize catch, because others could catch you too.

My cousin’s husband spent almost 2 years chasing my cousin when they first started dating and my dad says a man’s biggest fear in a marriage is that the woman is unstable, my cousins husband has high executive positions and would often spend 2 years or more on business trips, and was out of the country far more than he was in the country, but he knew his wife would be loyal because convincing her to go on a date with him was like climbing Mount Everest and he knew other men would have the same challenge.

And if you watched the bachelor years ago, it was the woman who refused to share herself too openly that got the marriage proposal, it’s better to downplay your appeal, and not to oversell it. Cosmopolitan will say to sell yourself, but often it’s smarter to hide yourself.

What Cosmopolitan and Beauty magazines get wrong about dating
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  • exitseven
    there are so many different kinds of people. Everyone is different and everyone has different views of marriage and some people act very forward and some more reserved. There is no magic formula to finding somebody to marry just a lot of hard work and trial and error with a big emphasis on error.
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  • crazy8000
    Most of them have with a lot of what they publish.

    What they publish is to attract customers with other words sell as muchas possible, to make money, to make as big profit as possible. not to publish accurate knowledge and facts.
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  • Alyssa11
    I’ve also got that book. Steve Harvey is a wise man. He may not have had a perfect personal life in his past but his wisdom is very useful and I totally recommend it to any young girl out here. His books and his shows are very eye opening. He says it how it is.
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  • pink_and_inlove
    Girl I like this my take
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  • Andres77
    Good luck