Where Do Your Values Lie?

Where Do Your Values Lie?
Husband Material?

Look at the man in the photo. Tall. Handsome. Well-dressed. Confident. ...Right? Most women, when asked who they would want to marry, would probably describe someone like that.

That man is Ray Kroc, the person who supposedly "founded" McDonald's. (Even though he didn't.) I recently watched the movie "The Founder," which is a biographical film about him, which came out in 2016.

The movie tells you the story behind the McDonald's that you see today (which was actually founded by the brothers Dick and Mac McDonald.) Through a series of business maneuvers, Kroc ended up becoming the owner of the international McDonald's restaurant corporation. In doing so, he made a TON of money. He became a billionaire.

But Ray Kroc wasn't always successful. In the beginning, when he was just starting out, he tried a number of business ventures, and struggled with each one and never really got his feet off the ground. And even in the early days of his dealings with McDonald's, he didn't really make any money. It was a hard life. He put in a lot of effort, with little return.

But through it all, his wife stood by him.

But this is where the story takes a turn for the worse. Throughout the first 2/3 of the movie, I was really enjoying it. It had me on the edge of my seat, and I was really rooting for Ray to win. But then he did something really despicable, and from that point on, I was ashamed that I had ever liked him.

Right after making the most important business deal of his life, and right as he reached the plateau and was beginning to see the fruits of his efforts finally come in,

....he divorced his wife.

He left her for another woman. (And I think that woman was married as well. So it makes it even worse, because he destroyed two families.).

I could never look at him the same way after that. I was just thoroughly disgusted; and the rest of the movie was not fun to watch.

Here was a man who made business his number one quest in life. (Which is fine, because that is what our capitalist society tells us to do. 🙄 ). But he lost sight of what was actually important. Which was his family. His wife. The person he pledged his life to. He tossed her aside like yesterday's trash, because she wasn't useful to him anymore.

Is that REALLY the type of man you want to marry? I would challenge you to seriously think about that.

Be careful what you wish for.

(P.S. And here's the kicker:. The woman that he married after divorcing his wife? He divorced her, too!!)

(P.P.S. In the greatest irony of all ironies, this film was produced by The Weinstein Company.)

Where Do Your Values Lie?
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