Never marry the enemy!

I clipped the quoted comments from a different message board, but I think it defines what most men want in a wife, but modern women are largely uninterested or incapable of providing.

"A man is looking for a partner, a team mate, a helper, a companion, not a grown child dependent".

"My wife cooked, cleaned, gardened, sewed, crocheted, helps vacation plan, made reservation, took care of the household budget, did the taxes, and was my BFF for life. See the movie Up. I had that relation with my wife. We did make it to to the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, Grand Cayman, Yellowstone, etc. We saved for retirement. We paid for our kids school to give them the head start. We kept our vows in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer. I was unemployed twice during the Obama Administration. She had cancer twice and did not survive the 2nd round. Ladies and Men, Be prepared for marriage with it's responsibility and absolutely do not marry the enemy. A nuclear family has it's many advantages. Married to the enemy will destroy the family from within".

I have been bantering back and forth about how "relationships require hard work" with several women on GAG. I submit that a relationship should not be "hard work" and no man should tolerate a "difficult" relationship (speaking as a man who endured a brutally difficult and ultimately unsuccessful relationship for 20 years). Learn from my failings and mistakes.

Reading the above quote from the man who lost his wife to cancer, ladies, can you honestly say you can even begin to compare to this woman? If yes, I would love to hear your story as you are the kind of woman who will eventually help humanity out of the morality gulch we are currently suffering.

It is my belief that women set the tone for society overall. Men at our core want to please women, attract women, do for women, protect women, help women, and genuinely make women happy. Women have learned to leverage the core nature of men against men, which is given rise to excessive "Simping", which has been accelerated by social media, Go Girl culture, YOLO, etc. Women are more liberated, free, and equal than ever, but..... women are more depressed (1/2 of women admit to depression issues, with 30+ percent of women being on antidepressants for more than one year), than at any time in history.

The "misery index" indicates that women are less happy than at any time in recorded history. But how can this be when women are more educated, wealthier, more powerful ( financially, politically, socially, and through independence) than at any time in history. Why hasn't the penultimate freedom let to happier women? I have some ideas but I will let you digest this and come to you own conclusions.

So for those women who seek relationships but have the toxic habits common to "YOLO, Go Girl", etc., perhaps this will shed some light into why men reject you for anything but sex. Ladies, when you hop from man to man, engage in extreme attention seeking behaviour (social media obsession, ultra-sexualized behaviour and dress, tattoos, piercings) and engage in self-destructive behaviour (multiple sexual partners, drugs, alcohol, hard partying), when you have children by different men ("Baby Daddy Season"); you have become what the above quote author refers to as "the enemy". What does being the "enemy" mean? I believe it means a woman who rejects any kind of stability for herself, her children, and lastly a partner. The Enemy is hedonistic in the way a small child is, but with the body of an adult, is not capable of empathy, has no real depth of personality, compassion, or core moral compass. The "Enemy" seeks the trappings of a relationship and marriage, but absolutely rejects the necessary realities a relationship requires. The Enemy does not take responsibility for her actions but rather rationalizes them as "a phase I went through", or simply makes no apologies at all and believes her mere presence should be enough to satiate any concerns a man might have about a relationship with her.

Where will all of this end? Marriage rates are at almost 100 year lows with no sign of improving. We could talk about the court system, etc, but that is for a different "My Take". Every over-sexed video/photo you post, every tattoo you get, every piercing you add, every additional sexual partner, every hard night of partying; just pushes you FURTHER, and Further, and further..... away from forming a genuine bond with a good man who could build something special with you.

Are you the "Enemy"?
Are you the "Enemy"?

So I ask you ladies, are you the "Enemy"?

Never marry the enemy!
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