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Lightbulb's Guide to a Renewed Social Contract and Better Human Relations for All

Time has come for a renewed social contract and changes are required on all sides. This contract spans isn't just one race/culture, but it is identified and championed by the group most impacted
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Lots of people love to judge, and they all suck.

Soon after my dad died, we became homeless. At school, I was put in the free lunch line, called out to speak to the counselor. I became "that kid." We moved around a lot, living in cars, parks, on the ground, motels,...
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George & George

I know I'm going to get a ton of backlash for this but I don't care I'm still going to post this anyways. The recent events of George Floyd was a setup to deter the public from going after & attacking the government, the...
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Protests in London

All of you must have heard that protests have taken place in London over George Floyd’s murder. First of all, this has taken place in America. Why are British people protesting? Secondly, how come there was no outrage...
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Is black-out a trend? How to stop racism 101!

Yesterday there was a blackout everywhere on the gram. It was a unison of people saying the same thing without say a word: black life matter. Some black people are hopeful things are going to change... Do I believe that?...
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No Floyd's killer is not a racist. It is laughable to suggest that these riots are justified.

The Riots Are Without Reason Let's start with this, the riots, and even the peaceful protests, are stupid and unjustified. This is due to the fact that there isn't a reason for them in the first place. Supporters of the...
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What if feminism is actually right? What if it’s the saviour of humanity?

So I can’t sleep and my brain is active and here I am. This is strictly my opinion of course. With all the controversy around feminism I thought I’d share myTake. For me - feminism promotes honesty amongst women. Women...
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Who was Epstein, And was he Involved with Intelligence operations with the CIA and DynCorp? Here's the Truth!

Jeffery Epstein Jeffery Epstein worked for seven CIA front companies in the 1980, and 1990s including Southern Air Transport (SAT) which was a cargo airline best known as a front company for the Central Intelligence...
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George Floyd vs. Ahmaud Arbery, why don't both their black lives matter?

This is George Floyd: Everyone knows by now that he died while in police custody, it was said to be at the hands of a cop who was kneeling on him to keep him down but the autopsy has since been released and it seems to...
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Dear Rioters--something you didn't realize.

Yes. You have successfully made quite a few cities even more of a hellhole. The long term effects of driving away tourism and business will be even more interesting down the road as businesses asses the risk of having...
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Thoughts on George Floyd's Death and How America Heals

I speak to you tonight with a heavy heart as sirens, tanks, and shouting echoes outside my window. I listen to Liberals and Conservatives. In a time of such division there is so much that unites us. Almost every American...
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The Black and White Room.

So as apart of that workshop I participated in I introduced my second concept. The Black and White room. It is the room where they are only two colors. Just like we pretend that race relations are only two colors in...
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Dear anyone of color!

Dear anyone of color (please read): I am a white girl who is privileged. I never knew what that word really meant until these past few days because people that I trust, that I have built my social circle around have gave...
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Black Lives Matter

It appears to me that not a lot of people are understanding the BLM movement. People are misunderstanding it as Black Lives are superior and then getting defensive with All Lives Matter. Take a minute to read this, it’s...
AmourHoney m
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Pro-Life, Pro-Choice and the Pandemic

Many, if not most Americans identify strongly as either Pro-Life or Pro-Choice. Almost all of them equate these labels with their stand on abortion. But the labels can and should apply to other stands as well. To my...
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“Black Lives Matter” from a white guy...

Now I’m white, male, 34 and I live in America. I have to admit and realize that I grew up with white privilege even despite having an abusive and neglectful parent.. I was attacked as a kid for not being black in black...
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What happened when I went looting Saturday

I live in a poverty stricken city in NY state, probably one of the most poorest cities in america. According to statistics top ten. I didn't even know people in my city were rioting! I only saw the riots in Minneapolis....
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Aren't men objectified for money like women are objectified for their bodies?

I like to listen to feminism PSA's sometimes. I think it is good to try to understand things from women's perspectives.There is a lot of talk on how men objectify women for there bodies. The presenters can get pretty...
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Everything you should know about what really is happening in the George Floyd Riots!

Here are the reports of damage or looting In Minneapolis and two other cities in Minnesota during George Floyd riots: – Williams Uptown Pub & Peanut Bar: Property damage. – Iron Door Pub: Fire damage – Speedway LynLake:...
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3 Major Blunders Made by Chinese Communist Regime During the Coronavirus Crisis

Here are 3 costly blunders made by Chinese government that allowed the coronavirus to spread across the world. 1. Chinese Communist Regime Didn't Warn the Public for 6 Days From the AP news article "China didn't warn...
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