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What Makes A Person Sexist Unfortunately, GaG algorithm knows I'm a feminist and likes to put it on everyday timeline — some guy being sexist and totally not seeing it. It's the gender envy, first of all. No gender has it...
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The Dilemma That Women Face: Dating in the 2020s

So, anyone that has followed me for any amount of time knows that I like doing myTakes on topics relating to relationships, marriage, and dating. This is my next one that I have written in the series. I hope you enjoy....
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Do you question authority?

Our parents are our biggest influence-teachers and guides.. Our teachers also are our teachers-our mentors sometimes a trusted friend. The people that help us build our beliefs and foundation to ultimately become who we...
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Men are men for a reason, women humble yourself and know your place.

This might ruffle feathers and cause quite a controversy, I might even be hated after this and that's ok. Everyone is entitled to thier opinion, and being I have no filet on my mouth, y'all get to hear mine.. Embrace...
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Best Advice: Learn to Read

Not just learning how, which most of us luckily are taught. But learning to LIKE reading. Exhibit A: The people of Germany could have saved themselves a lot of misery if they simply read their new fuhrer’s book. And...
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Why I am not a fan of Franklin Roosevelt

I did a top 10 presidents list (one that I will update some time in the future), and there was probably something very interesting about the list that some people noticed: the consistently ranked high FDR was not on the...
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Political Smackdown Redux!!!

HUGE MAIN EVENT!!! DISNEYWORLD STREET FIGHT!!! RON DESANTIS VS WALT DISNEY (BACK FROM THE CRYOGENICALLY FROZEN!!!) Walt will have the DWO (Disney World Order): Donald, Mickey, and Goofy in his corner!! No rules just...
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Welcome to 21st Century Where Privacy and Absolute Freedom of Speech Don't Exist

Some people are clearly under the illusion that they have privacy or freedom of speech in the 21st century. That ship has sailed long ago. Many of the same people that bark the loudest about the ways in which they think...
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A North Carolina lawmaker wants to invite Disney to move Disney World to North Carolina.

A Guilford County, NC lawmaker wants to invite Disney to come to North Carolina. Governor Ron Desantis of Florida wants to end the special tax status granted to Disney ever since the 1960s. While North Carolina is a...
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If Pro Choice People Are Feeling Unheard Right Now, Here’s 10 Changes To The Argument To Be Understood In A Time When Abortion Is Under Attack

1. Stop calling it a women’s issue. Everyone with two eyes and a brain knows that there’s plenty of women that don’t support it. It just makes you seem out of touch. Just like some men support it and some don’t, some...
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The Charges in New York Against Donald Trump

Ex-president Donald Trump was arraigned yesterday (T 04 APR 2023) in Manhattan in the "Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of New York". (In the State of New York, Manhattan is "New York County" and,...
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Why a lot of men reject feminism and follow grifters online.

I feel like there is quite a divide when it comes to this topic so I want to explain where all the anger and bitterness comes from. I'm autistic and I didn't know that when I was in high school but I knew there was...
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The real problem with America, and why we as voters are to blame, instead of the Politicians

We have a lot of problems. I don't need to spell them out. We all know them. We get on here day in and day out complaining about them, and how the opposite party caused them. Well here is the most brutal truth I can say...
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Misconceptions about Guns in America: Part 1 of 2

So this is taking a lot longer than I expected. Trying to get this as correct as possible is quite tricky. As I promised before: This is going to be fact-based. No personal opinions from me, and no speculations. I'm going...
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Women in Power: How Robert Greene's Books Can Help Women Achieve Their Goals

Robert Greene's books are often regarded as essential reads for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of power dynamics in personal and professional relationships. Yet, despite their popularity, it seems that many...
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America Rant: It's not just the "politicians"

Contrary to popular belief, the so-called "United" States of America is not the freest country in the world. Not even moderately free!!! But here's the thing though, it's not just politicians that try to give this country...
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What is the Green Cult really up to?

The Green Cult, aka Climate Changers/Warmists want to severely reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, calling carbon a "pollutant", while it is an element necessary to all life on earth. No organism can survive...
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Time for my rant. The sexism based towards girls from age 5.

So, growing up as a girl in the early 2010s, as soon as I started school I noticed something, the girls' dress code was WAY more strict than the boys. So, you see my issue. What makes it worse is that schools are...
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Ain’t No Anthem At Burning Man

Mindhunter is a good show (and book) about profiling people. Some do it based on political beliefs, called typology. Research shows more core conservatives own more houses. Libs live in cities (duh right?). But way more...
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Will Vigilante Justice Supplant Corrupt Criminal Justice?

The US Constitution is our pact of civilized behavior. From it we've derived a system of institutionalized justice, which we call our criminal justice system. It's intended to include checks and balances to protect...
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