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My Perspective on Why Covid-19 Closely Mirrors the 5 Stages of Grief

According to the K├╝bler-Ross model outlining the stages of grief, there are 5 distinctive psychological phases humans use to cope with a loss. They are as follows: 1. denial 2. anger 3. bargaining 4. depression 5....
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The one who pulls the trigger of the gun is truly at fault. Whatever they feel at that moment, says clearly why the did it.

Soo uuuuh my mind pulled something out of the files of "you know what?" And it came up with this thing about police shooting someone. It pulled out the memory of the golden boys or whatever but kid was sad he lost his bro...
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What We Learned form Day 6 of the January 6th Hearing

One of the closest aides to the White House testified under oath on Tuesday what she saw and heard directly from the people involved in a surprise hearing by the January 6th Committee on the Attack of the U.S. Capital...
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A National Abortion Ban is Coming

Republican lawmakers said this is what will happen when Republicans win back control: Phase 1: - Outlawing contraception in Republican states - Outlawing contreception by mail in Republican states - Outlawing crossing...
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The U. S. Constitution's Second Amendment: My Interpretation of What It Means

The language that was used to frame it is rather imprecise, which is unfortunate, because it has caused a great deal of confusion over the years, for that very reason. It's been said there is more than one way to...
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Warning! This is Educational; Why Do Some Men Crossdress Even If They Aren't Gay or Questioning Their Gender?

Thousands of men worldwide are, at this very moment, putting on their pantyhose, dresses, makeup, and high heels, trying to look as pretty and as feminine as they can. The sight of a grown man wearing a dress, in many...
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Why do folks at GaG think the abortion debate is simply about choice vs life?

It never fails. So many folks here argue over political catchphrases than actual facts. The debate is framed by the media because American media is lazy. The actual legal argument against Roe was made on the basis of...
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Abortion is still legal, calm down

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe V Wade and Planned Parenthood V Casey, abortion is still legal in all states, with what circumstances abortions can take place varying from state to state but all states allowing...
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Roe v. Wade overturned: What you can do to help and how to access abortion care if you're in an abortion-hostile state.

Donate to the national network of abortion funds at Find a rally or protest: this ruling is deeply traumatizing for many of us, being around people who feel the same anger is helpful in not...
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Technological advancement and political/sociological corruption are correlating to create a dystopian society

I was an early-90s baby and I only remember the first 10-15 years of my life being my experience without the internet and especially smartphones in society. By the time I was senior in high school, the internet,...
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Stories are more real than matter! Here's why...

When I was young, I once read the quote "Fantasy doesn't teach us that Dragon's exist; they teach us that Dragon's can be beaten." I thought it very interesting at the time, and it came up again in the light of me...
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Child labor and minimum wage laws.

Child labor laws have little to do with protecting children and were implemented to protect unions from lower wage workers. Outside of acting and modeling, nothing a thirteen year old is allowed to do will pay enough to...
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What's Involved in Donating Your Body to Science: What You May and May Not Know

FOREWORD: To prevent confusion, this MyTake pertains only to WHOLE BODY donations, not organ donations. It only applies to those living in the United States, although in practice much applies to other countries as well....
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It's pride month! But pride month for kids? Word of teaching little kids about LGBT and gender reassigntment surgery?'s pride month. And I'm in said group of LGBTQ+. However, I'll support the people in it to an extent. I'll support you if you're gay, ace, trans, non-binary, Whatever. As long it's not as crazy as you sayin'...
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RE: "Americans - and Americans ONLY - why do you own a gun?" Here's why.

A response to this aggressive feminist and/or troll who asked the question " Americans - and Americans ONLY - why do you own a gun? " They erased my comment because it was popular and because it countered all their...
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Johnny Depp's Lawsuit Win Does Not Invalidate Women Who've Been Abused

If you’re like me and was happy to hear Johnny Depp win his lawsuit against the narcissist and pathological lying Amber von Turd - excuse me, I meant Amber Un-heard-of. Sorry, my computer is acting crazy. Anyway, if...
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Why "Weapons of War" is a Nonsense Political Term.

"We need to ban ar-15 weapons of war on our streets"--Some ignorant politician who thinks it's catchy....
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Should Politics Be Kept Out of Sports?

Socio-political activism has been a part of sports most notably in the 1960s and beyond. Athletes have used their visibility and popularity to advocate for anti-war movements, environmentalism, gay rights, human rights,...
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The Case against "Free College"

The Case against Free College written by Matt Bruenig addresses the subject matter through an emotional lens rather than a logical lens. As an Economist, it baffles me to see people take such a strong normative stance on...
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Simple Reality--The Left doesn't want Safe Schools.

Many of you have been hearing all about the need to make schools safe from mass shootings, and how we need sweeping legislation to ban this firearm or that firearm or raise the age to buy one, etc. And you've been...
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