Works in: Restaurant

To Neuschwabenland it is 🇦🇶🛸

☑️part Japanese, part Mexican
☑️nice person.
☑️works out with captains of crush
☑️US citizen by birth
☑️Listens to classical, folk music and marches.
☑️favorite song is Lili Marleen
☑️Dresses stylish, I especially like wearing button up shirts, slim tapered pants(corduroy, denim twill etc) coats and military breeches.
☑️politically independent but respects right libertarianism, the constitution party and the independent party
☑️I believe that intolerance/discrimination(racism, heightism, misandry etc) is morally wrong.
☑️I believe that a nation’s government should only exist to protect the people’s rights and liberties.
☑️supports strong personal defense rights(stand your ground, castle doctrine etc).

Fck the FBI, Fck the IRS, Fck the DOJ, Fck the ATF and most importantly Fck debt collectors!

From: United States

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