If I were to create my own political party


I would call my political party any of the following names

  • Alt Libertarianism
  • constitutional reformism
  • New American order
  • Constitutional conservatism
  • America first party
  • Tomoeism
  • party of compromises

The party animal would be the Lynx representing:

  • a person minding his or her own business
  • the ability to act in self defense.
  • Powerful despite being small(lynxes can hunt larger prey than themselves)
  • Intelligence

The party symbol would be the Japanese Tomoe in a white circle with two shotguns on both sides surrounded by bluish purple with each representing:

  • branch: Unalienable Rights
  • branch: Unalienable liberties
  • branch: Advancement of Technology
  • 2 shotguns: Defense against anarchy and totalitarianism
  • Bluish Purple: traditionalism and preservation of culture
  • White: purity and refinement
A Mossberg 500 or should I say one big “mozzarella stick”
A Mossberg 500 or should I say one big “mozzarella stick”

The party outfit during rallies would consist of the following:

  • M43 feldmütze or Finnish m65 field cap
  • woodland camo jackets with the leadership wearing black double breasted coats
  • Black jodhpurs or cargo joggers
  • Tall boots/Jack boots
My M43 feldmütze
My M43 feldmütze

Some things the party would support:

  • Strengthening of the US constitution especially the 1st, 2nd, 8th and 9th amendments
  • Abolishing extradition for cyber crimes since innocent people can fall victim to wrongful extraditions.
  • Creating laws to prevent colleges from being used as political platforms
  • Abolishing death penalty
  • funding research into technologies that have been put on pause by skeptics
  • No more left turn or right turn yields on streets as they are too dangerous
  • Promoting true human rights
  • Decreasing the power of the federal courts, reform federal authorities to actually work for the people instead of against the people and be more competent in their pursuit of actual criminals
  • Reform psych wards by giving patients more rights and liberties. While putting a tighter leash on shrinks and orderlies
  • Reform prisons to be more like Norway’s prisons
  • Stronger self defense rights so citizens can freely defend themselves against criminals without worrying about legal issues.
  • Making reasonable compromises with other parties

political compass alignment: Right

Anthem? The party may or may not have an anthem but in its rallies the following songs would be played

  • “battle hymn of the republic”
  • “Stars and stripes forever”
  • “Die Gedanken Sind frei”(Thoughts are free)
If I were to create my own political party
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  • crossdressingrihno
    If I created my own political faction I would just call it the royal imperialist faction

    The RIF party animal would be a brown recluse symbolizing that it's it's a bad idea to step apon imperial grounds without permission

    The party symbol would be 3 crowns with 6 arches all lined in a row
    The symbolism is that the royal family can bring hell upon traitors

    The party outfit would be bleck Dress pants, dress shirt, vest and shoes along with a red and gold tie
    During rallies the party would have a metal sheild with a plexiglass window on it however that would be accompanied by a non lethal version of the billy club
    We would use phalanx fromations and tactics and we would have some one commanding each formation as well as a organizer who gives orders from an undisclosed location with some form of clear vantage point
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  • normalice
    None of this explains how you will get campaign funding. That's pretty much all of politics. If you can't explain to those politicians who are putting your stuff into law how they have job security via a high chance of re election, no one is going to do it just to be unemployed and disgraced 2 years later.
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    • Most American politicians lack loyalty to their parties, many of them don’t actually believe in their party’s values. They are just interested in staying in office. Many of them can easily be persuaded to support a cause.

      In many case, third party candidates join either the democrat or republican parties in order to get elected but in reality they are still loyal to their third party.

    • normalice

      If that were even a little bit true then there would be no need to speak of a third party because there would already be hundreds of them running the governments.

    • Because the system is designed to only allow 2 parties to have a say. That doesn’t stop libertarians from running as republicans to become mayors of cities.

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  • 7barbieringz
    Why the 8th amendment? It's just a unexpected choice
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    • Even with the 8th amendment prisoners and detainees occasionally find themselves subject to cruel punishments. Hence the 8th amendment needing to be strengthened.

  • meatyoutthemew
    Not the boss
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  • elduderinosupreme
    Make sure that you include modern military and future advancements to be included in weapons ownership.
    Just for goofs, perhaps start a political party called the Communist-Libertarian.
    • There is nothing communist about this. I’m fact it’s anti communist.

    • *in fact

  • EffaMan
    Nice information
  • _Troian_
    I'd do it National-Socialist.

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