Gamers, are you excited for Bethesda’s new game “starfield”?

I kind of am excited and I’m feeling similar levels of hype as to when Fallout 4 was announced back in 2015. However I’ve got all kinds of stress going on at the moment which somewhat limits my hype, mostly related to college and work.

Anyways I think the game has potential despite the combat system looking nearly identical to Fallout 4(Not that it’s a bad thing). I still think Starfield will become another popular franchise along with Fallout and Elder scrolls. However my only concern is how much handcrafted content there actually is to explore, hopefully there is enough hand crafted content that isn’t dwarfed by the procedural generation. After all the game is going to have over a thousand explorable planets. Everything else seems pretty good from the character creation, skill system, outpost creation, spaceship customization, weapon customization, visuals, physics and storyline.

Regardless this game will at least keep us entertained while we wait for Elder scrolls 6, Fallout 5 and the new untitled Indiana Jones game.
Kind of
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Gamers, are you excited for Bethesda’s new game “starfield”?
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