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1 mo

Do you like the British uniforms of ww2 ?

Nope, even the Ruskies had better uniforms than them. It is very embarassing for a communist country to have better uniforms than a Monarchist country. Overall the top 3 best uniforms of that era... Society & Politics

1 mo

How would you react if some guy from the future came back to tell you that you were personally responsible for the deaths of billions of people?

Laugh and say ”Oh they must have all been scumbag debt collectors and corrupt tyrannical law enforcement.” Entertainment & Arts

1 mo

Are your HOLIDAY DECORATIONS still up?

The sad thing is that my family and I were not in the mood to decorate this year. There was a lot of stuff that was preoccupying our minds. For me I went through a really bad OCD phase that had me... Holidays

1 mo

What do you think are the most valuable skills that women can learn from men and/or that men can learn from women?

Humans in general need to learn one simple rule that seems to be so hard to follow for many people for some reason. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Society & Politics

1 mo

Would you consider yourself a paranoid person?

Probably but only because society made me that way. Seeing how America is most likely Babylon the great from the book of revelations, I am very wary of both our government and law enforcement.... Society & Politics

1 mo

Would you consider yourself a Conservative? Liberal? Moderate? Or perhaps having other thoughts on the matter?

Independent with some Libertarian leanings I haven't come up with a name for my political ideology but I consider both the Democrat and Republican parties to be too authoritarian and both parties... Society & Politics

1 mo

Let's have an exit poll on GAG: Who are you gonna vote this year?

Other/Libertarian Both the Democrats and Republican parties need to be abolished since they both support authoritarian practices. Society & Politics

1 mo

Is ideology of your partner important?

Yes she should have similar views to my own. She doesn't need to have all of the exact same views but as long as most of them are similar, then we could be compatible. By the way I would totally... Society & Politics

1 mo

Is there a film which unlocks your aliveness?

Aliveness as in making you feel many emotions because the movie is just so good? I have to say Lord of the rings trilogy, everything about it awakens something in me, something that makes me feel... Entertainment & Arts

1 mo

What movie genres do you enjoy?

Sci-fi, action, thriller, fantasy I specifically like movies that have epic final battles Lord of the Rings trilogy Megiddo the omega code 2 Maze runner 3 Entertainment & Arts

2 mo

Is the world unfair?

Yes but that doesn't mean you have to play fair. There was a time when I would always play fair because I felt it was the right thing to do but once I realized that the world isn't willing to play... Society & Politics

2 mo

Do you think that sometimes restricting democracy is necessary in order to protect democracy?

Considering how there are people who actually agree shows just deluded society has become. Anybody who is willing to infringe on the rights and liberties of the people is an enemy of the state. Society & Politics

2 mo

How many here think they could win in a black bear fight (only physical no weapons)😂?

Black bears aren't as aggressive as brown bears and aren't as big. Mountain lions can defeat black bears although those encounters are rare. The difference is that mountain lions have claws and a... Society & Politics

6 mo

If you could use one of these common video game cheats in real life which would you use?

I'd choose God mode, I'd feel more secure going about my day. I'd be able to use it once which means that I'd be invincible until I die of natural causes at 100 years old. I'm actually afraid of... Entertainment & Arts

10 mo

Who is the most unfunniest comedian in your opinion?

I don't find John Oliver or Stephen Colbert to be humorous. They come across as being passive aggressive. Entertainment & Arts

10 mo

What did you think of John Wick Chapter 4?

Great movie but stupid ending if they are just taking a break from making more John Wick movies with Keanu Reeves. John Wick 2 and 3 are still better though. The John Wick franchise is what almost... Entertainment & Arts

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