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Have you been working through this whole pandemic?

Yes and it’s pretty stressful but at least I’m learning new things at my job. Society & Politics

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What's the one thing you wanted for Christmas but never got?

When I was little back in 2006, I was a big Mortal Kombat fan. My dad used to buy me every single Mortal game that came out. And I also collected Mortal Kombat action figures. The one action... Holidays

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Do you serve your Jury summons, or do you try to find any way you can to get out?

I haven’t had to serve on a case yet thankfully as last time the case was resolved before a jury was selected so they sent us all home. But recently I did postpone my Jury date because I have... Society & Politics

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Are you armed? Do you support the right to bear arms?

I support the common folks’ right to bear arms I support the good citizen’s right to act in self/personal defense against any criminal that seeks to cause harm, damage property or plunder property... Society & Politics

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What are your biggest issues with feminism?

They are hypocrites. Everything they complain about are things they practice themselves. Society & Politics

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If you became ruler of your own country, what would be the first law you would introduce?

In order of importance Ban extradition Ban death penalty/reform prisons to be like Norway’s prisons Strengthen citizen’s right to self defense Ban psych wards in favor of more humane forms of... Society & Politics

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Why do liberals call AR-15s assault rifles?

They are the same crowd who refer to tactical pens as “assault pens”. They are ignorant when it comes to discussing weaponry. They like to put the word “assault” behind any weapon they think... Society & Politics

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What are you're thoughts on Adolf Hitler?

He had the potential to be the greatest leader in German history but he squandered it by turning into a tyrant and jingoist. Society & Politics

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Is replacing men in movies with women causing males to commit violence?

No but it’s starting to make people realize just how desperate feminists are. When feminists replace a male action hero with a female action hero, they are riding the coattails of a male.... Society & Politics

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What do you think about "No Lives Matter"?

Sounds like a bunch of misanthropic smart asses. Society & Politics

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What's your opinion of Fidel Castro?

He was a commie piece of shit that ruined what could have been a great country. It’s disgusting how the left wingers here in the US glorify him even when the Cuban people protest against the... Society & Politics

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Who Was America's Best President?

John F Kennedy Even though he was a Democrat, he was the good type of Democrat. Society & Politics

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Do you think it's fair to bash a entire gender over someone else's wrong doings?

It’s not just gender, it’s also Race and ethnicity religion political ideology nationality Pretty much if someone of a certain group does something bad, people are quick to blame the whole group... Society & Politics

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Why is the left obsessed about finding "privilege" everywhere?

Because they are a bunch of commies who like to scapegoat anyone they don’t like or doesn’t agree with them. Society & Politics

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Do You Get The Impression That The Democratic Party is "Anti-White?"?

The Commiecratic party is anti-American regardless of race. They attack the 1st amendment when it doesn’t benefit them They attack the second amendment They support extradition They scapegoat... Society & Politics

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Why do people have such high expectations from Russia in a war with NATO / the West / USA?

A lot of people think Russia is as powerful as it is depicted in movies and video games but in reality Russia has been greatly weakened since the end of the Cold War. They are still a force to be... Society & Politics

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What are some examples of red pill vs blue pill thinking?

Red pill: Realizing that the mainstream media promotes division amongst the common folk Blue pill: Trusting everything the mainstream media says without question Society & Politics

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Do you think video games in the 2010s had a lack of content?

I think it’s their reliance on DLC that made them seem to be lacking content. Only games like Skyrim, Saints Row the third, Fallout New Vegas, WWE games and Fallout 4 were rich in content... Entertainment & Arts

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What TV shows do you wish were never cancelled?

Man in the high castle: The season 4 ending was very confusing, there is so much more they could have done with the series. We only got to see two different worlds from the story’s multiverse. One... Entertainment & Arts

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