I feel jealous of athletes' tax rates


my job in hi tec, not my personal salary, but common salary $65,000 per year.

I feel jealous of athletes tax rates

based on tax bracket i pay 9600 each year for federal besides state and city tax. so can keep $55,000 for expenses.

in contrast to wealthy athletes, huge contracts for example the running back 9m!
his tax bracket is 37% seems more tax...

even 5% of 9m. would pay (450,000) far more than me but... can afford bigger tax so 37% around a third.

so a third of 9 is 3, around 3.3 million tax... lots? but leaving... athletes can keep 5.7m. 100 times more than... a hi tec salary!

we see despite paying 3m he keeps much more... by the absurdly outrageous 100 times more than me... a hi tec!

not compared a window washer!

people who earn that much can afford to give half to tax! they would still have 4m! 70 times more than mine!

i AM jealous and justified too.

similarly athletes who earn 1 million, can keep 630,000 much more. ten times more than my hi tec. the million is for skill pro, but tax needs to be appropriate too!

we need to protest that athletes keep that much after taxes! they can afford tax... INSTEAD of their luxury mansions and too many cars to even use!

I feel jealous of athletes' tax rates
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