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Why to people hate Donald Trump

Sure. There are a lot of of people don’t like Donald Trump.

Yep, his personality and his moral character put off many people. Many people dislike him so much that, even though they can't name anything they object to about his policies, they wouldn't vote for him if he were running against Osama Bin Laden. They simply find him so obnoxious that they cannot be bothered to examine his policies. Their dislike is pre-decided.

I find it hard to fathom why millions of people go so far in their dislike of Donald Trump as to actually HATING him. They see him as the essence of pure evil; as though he poisoned their pet cats or stole chocolates from their little children. But he hasn’t done anything remotely like this.

If you ask those afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome what he has done to merit their seething hatred, they will answer not with things Trump has done, but rather with things he is going to do if he is re-elected.

*He is going to do away with American democracy.
*He is going to throw his political critics in jail.
*He is going to make himself a dictator.
*In effect, he is guilty of heinous crimes that he hasn’t committed.

Many Trump-haters seem to actually believe these things, although many or most in The Fake News Media only pretend to believe it to advance their narratives.

It is easy to see that the genuine haters don’t hate him because of the bad things they fear that he will do. Rather, it is that they fear he will do these things because they hate him first and foremost. Trump causes Haters to have a hard time sleeping at night because of their fear of the monster who hides under the bed. The monster doesn’t cause their fears. Their fears cause the monster.

Why to people hate Donald Trump

The Trump monster is the really scary being created by Trump-hatred. They have convinced themselves that Trump is the essence of Ol' Adolph and that his fans are something like Nazi Sturmabteilung (Brown shirts. Fighting to defeat Trump is a last-ditch battle to save America and Western civilization.

Once Trump Haters are convinced that Trump is like Adolph it is easy to assign characteristics to him:

1. Trump is a racist — for Hitler was a racist.

2. Trump hates Jews because Adolph hated Jews.

3. Trump plans to abolish democracy because that's what Adolph did.

4. Trump plans to establish a police state because that’s what Hitler did.

So far, Trump-haters have not yet accused him of being in a great fan of Richard Wagner’s classical symphonies and that if he is elected, Trump will make The Ride of the Valkyries our new National Anthem.

What follows, once you decide that Trump is like Adolph, is that any means, no matter how unlawful are justified to stop him; such as mislabeling a riot an “insurrection”, blaming it on Trump. Or maybe a Congressional kangaroo court (AKA the January 6 committee) to “investigate” the “insurrection.” Or maybe bringing civil and criminal actions against him rigging them in Democrat jurisdictions made up overwhelmingly of anti-Trump voters and with biased juries. Or you can fine him hundreds of millions for allegedly committing “fraud” that harmed nobody. Or you can keep him tied up in a variety of courts to impede his ability to campaign for office. Hate hath no limits.

What will they come up next? I may have an idea.
I think they will work feverishly to get to Trump ex-wife Marla Maples; whether through bribes, blackmail or physical threats. Write that down.

These are what Trump Hatred looks like but I still can't understand it. What has driven these people mad? Maybe its something in the water.

Why to people hate Donald Trump
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