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How do you tell someone you're no longer interested without hurting them?

For 3/4 years i had a friends with benefits with a international footballer. When he was in the uk we would hook up in his hotel and go and do things together. So it's was actually a friendship.
When he would be back abroad we would just text every now and then.
He had a really bad injury and is no longer able to play we talked a bit through that but he went into a really bad depression.
He applied for his visa and has now come to the UK.
He text me out the blue 2 months into my new relationship. Saying that he was here and wanted to meet up.
I met up with him as a friend and made it clear that I was dating someone new. He insisted that it wouldn't last and that he would wait for me as he was now ready for marriage and settling down with me.

I've been with this new guy for 9 months now. He's met my family, I've met his... But now this friend is texting again.
I told him that this was the real deal and he has also discussed marriage.

For about a week straight he's been texting me, pleading. In the beginning I was responding and just trying to calm him down but now it's irritating. This week has been particularly difficult for my boyfriend and I as I've not seen him since his birthday due to a family member passing away.
An issue we've had is that his life is full of drama within his family which consequently means although I'm trying to support him I'm left feeling lonely. He tries to keep me updated on things but it's happening so often that I'm kinda getting fed up.

This happening has really put me in a down mood. I'm not a cheater so meeting him is not an option. I've made it clear that I'm trying to give this as best a shot I can, it's annoying because he just knows what to say to make me feel guilty.
How do you tell someone you're no longer interested without hurting them?
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