Likes me as a ‘friend’ but giving more attention that usual. Help?

Recently got rejected by a guy and we decided to stay as friends. It’s weird though because it appears we have gotten closer - they initiate more, down to hang, makes me decide things for them. Never fails to talk to me once a day even though I heard that they had feelings for someone else. Again weird. We’ve shared utensils and such but at the same time, they hesitate to get close to me. But also teases me, playfully hits me etc. However, they have made it clear that the things they do doesn’t mean anything (Even when I fully know that myself). And they have told a few people that I have confessed to them/love them. Which to me, I’m not bothered by much because it’s not embarrassing if you make it embarrassing - is what I live by. Fast forward to yesterday, they made a weird statement “You know you don’t want us to stop talking” - sounds like a power trip or could it mean something else? I understand that rejection = to not pursue the relationship further. I know my self-worth and know that I should not tolerate any sort of disrespect. But if we are friends, why does it not feel like one and something more? What does he want from me exactly. How he is acting now is how I acted prior the confession, which he was dense about - thought I acted like that with everyone. Now I’m the one taking a step back and he is doing the work.

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They pick up my calls on the first try DESPITE saying they prefer to talk in person and also doesn’t text…
Likes me as a ‘friend’ but giving more attention that usual. Help?
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