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I think my boss with a boyfriend might like me or I could be completely wrong?

i think my boss might like me but everytime i think that with a girl i'm misinterpreting the signs so i'm here to ask if there's anything. here are the "signs" i thought might signal interest:

-she once came up to me and said she like because of my sassiness and she looked like she had this like it took her some courage to say it.

sometimes she asks personal questions, like where i;m from, any siblings etc.-one time she complimented my staff shirt and said it looked good on me even though it's no different than the t shirt version i wear.
-she always tells me how funny i am.

-she calls me pookie/poogie/bestie but i don't really remember what i did to earn this. i am a funny guy and she is my current boss and i cracked jokes a lot with her and my previous boss, they were close friends, but i don't know if that would make me someones' 'bestie.'

i was in the break room with a couple colleagues and she came in and was standing behind me and later came up from behind to squeeze my bicep/upper arm. then she also rested her hand on my chair, getting pretty close.
-a lot of the times she is alone in the conference room or the managers break room and calls me over to hang out with her

-she asked me to commute with her a few days ago because she was scared of a mean looking customer. another time a group of aggresive guys came over and she called me over not really saying antying but i got the hint that she wanted to feel safe. another guy colleage was closer to her so i feel like she could've called him but instead she called me over.

-she left for vacation a few days ago, and when she came to say bye we hugged for a long time, it was a bear hug. after, she said that could've ended or been a little different if you hadn't been so rude to me.


I think my boss with a boyfriend might like me or I could be completely wrong?
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