To All My Oversized Girls <3

To All My Oversized Girls <3

To all my oversized girlies,

Have you ever felt that you were too large to be pretty? The society we live in usually portrays the equation thin=attractive. And then there are men, boys who call themselves men because they like it plus size. Which leads us to second hand cringe because not finding a good boyfriend is the least of your concerns when you yourself are unhappy with your mirror reflection. Good job tho, boys.

But here's what to do :

1. Wear makeup
I dunno how many people have noticed this but black girls and fat girls on TV shows and movies usually aren't wearing any, while the skinny girl, the it girl or the main character usually has the clean beauty aesthetic, which is basically make-up that's so light and clever that it makes you think that's her bare face, when in fact it's not.

2. Don't shop with friends or family
I know women love to shop. Shopping is like one amazing excursion. Nothing wrong with that. It's just deeply upsetting when your friends fit into regulars or demand extra small outfits while you stuff yourself in something that ugly and comfortable. Of course, there a few shops that are more inclusive than others but most of the time, the dresses are for normal, average people... Which you're not, if you have curves on the wrong places. Note my sarcasm.

Best to shop by yourself. Personally, my mom shops for me because her fashion sense is just superior and she loves me so there's less room for judgement.

I noticed how styling is more important for non skinny girls as I walked through college campus where I witnessed that if you have your own distinct style, if you let go of unrealistic body expectations, you look confident and gorgeous.

Getting better friends can help too, in case your friend "jokingly" likes to call you jumbo, "jokingly" purposes you as dare, "jokingly" makes an innocent comment about your figure, and "jokingly" tells you you don't fit anywhere. Replace the @ssholes, they're dead weight.

3. Don't measure yourself

Just stop it. It doesn't help. As women, we're taught to look at ourselves in different parts. Its a quote from Tumblr that changed my life.

Don't take head shots because you feel the rest of you is ugly. Its not. It's different, different doesn't have to be ugly.

4. If the "miracle weight loss" company approaches you, show them the middle finger

Pretty self explanatory.

4. Follow Sierra Ann, and the likes

Most importantly, don't follow just the muscular and skinny and white people online. I get it, Lalisa has a hot figure, Jimin has small waist, Taylor Swift looks like a doll with a dash of Femme Fatale... But there also regular people. Regular people interested in fashion. Regular people that own their size with joy and pride, styles that do not involve Chanel, Versace and Rolex... Regular things.

Media and fiction has brainwashed us into thinking we need to be either slime or have an hourglass, if not, bam! Ugly. Which is so not true! So unfair!

Even fat characters — they're either bullied as main girl or are the sassy sidekicks. We need to change that.

5. Revamp your style and post pictures


Any fatphobic comment will be removed and blocked.

Clothes do make a man. Use shapewear, wear whatever you like, and always try new things so there's no regrets.

For the love of books, please quit watching the "self discovery" videos on YouTube regarding people turning their lives around as they drop lots of pounds by dieting and gym. Gym is good, but you should exercise to be fit not to promote unhealthy beauty standards, that's ridiculous!

6. Don't puke or use laxatives, I beg you

Either seek professional help with this, or have balanced diet. Balanced diet doesn't mean eating sprouted, boiled, tasteless food... Lol no. I mean if you wanna have ice cream and there's some in the fridge, say a bowl of it, eat only three spoons. That way you're satisfied, you had fun, and there's not much calorie gain. Controlled food habits.

Remember, it's more important to be active and fit than slime and tall.


To All My Oversized Girls <3
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  • 420Rachel

    It saddens me that "bigger" girls don't always feel beautiful because of their bodies. Of course you're beautiful! All bodies are beautiful. However, if your body is getting in the way of your health, changes do need to be made. I'm going to work in sonography and the two most common reasons we do abdominal ultrasounds are for gallbladder problems or for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. If fatty liver goes untreated it can lead to cirrhosis. Fatty liver can be reversed, cirrhosis cannot. The vast majority of the time when I see fatty livers the patients are middle aged and overweight.

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  • Debbie14217

    yes... thanks

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  • Haha456

    the girl in the pic is not fat or oversized. she's just wearing a dress just makes her look bigger than she really is.

    but from my experience, its really more about how the woman holds her weight or what her body shape is rather than the number on the scale. I'm a thick girl who had always been a size 14. But I've been told by guys that I have a nice body. Its really more about shape than weight. You can be 130 pounds and have absolutely no shape. You can be 170 pounds and have a gorgeous body. Not everyone puts on weight the same way

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    • Pohjolan

      "the girl in the pic is not fat or oversized."

      Well maybe not by US standards where there are people who literally get stuck in the doorway but in most of the world she would be considered fat.

    • anon1903

      @Pohjolan i hope you're not fat shaming here :/

    • Haha456


      I'm pretty sure that girl won't die early because she's SOOOOOOOOO FAT, as you like to claim. she's doing well.

      there's really no point in you trying to fat shame.

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  • JDavid25

    The girl in the picture is a cutie.. She is plus sized in a way where it doesn't look unhealthy.. But most people definitely don't like skinny girls and plus sized women can definitely have hour glass figures.. The main thing is to be healthy.. I think most people like normal size of any kind and too much excess is... Well too much..

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  • Jessy06flatters

    It’s not skinny that’s “beautiful” to most people it’s being at a healthy weight. All bodies are beautiful, but not all are healthy, love yourself but push urself to be a better you ❤️

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    • While I think a lot of social media sets unrealistic standards, I also think that encouraging women to be healthy is a good thing. in my opinion, we should strive for a standard that's "hard but fair" (a physique you'll have to work for but that's attainable).

      I go into more detail here:

      Girls, what are your thoughts on the body positivity movement? ↗

    • @AngelOfLight258 No there should be no beauty standard because beauty is subjective and not everyone wants to look the same. There also shouldn't be a health standard unless kids are taught how to be healthy and not only taught but helped to create habits.

  • NoUsernameSelected

    Absolute honest question, aside from obviously attacking someone because of how they look is wrong, isn't it just better to weigh less? And I don't mean because of getting less hate, which is wrong in the first place (as I said in my first sentence) - I mean because you get to live longer and have less diseases to worry about.

    I completely agree that people shouldn't be fatphobic. But your body is and you can't really change that.

    • anon1903

      Not everyone wants to live longer.

    • anon1903

      Long life ≠ great life

    • anon1903

      I accept your honest opinion.

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  • Vanidal

    I like big girls too. Just not the ones with my kind of 'too much fat'. Sometimes it's just your bones that are big. I like those who have fit appearance.

  • matchrestore

    As the husband of a "bigger" girl- this is all great advice!

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  • Smoothing

    That girl you used in your My take Is beautiful to be honest.

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  • HippieVeganJewslim

    I disagree with the wear cosmetics part. Many oversized lasses are beautiful without makeup! Shopping with friends or family is quite social for whatever, so why not?

  • pizzalovershouse

    What works for 1 doesntvalways work for another so you do what's right for you but eating healthy helps with all these great healthy snacks my favorite is peanut butter granola

  • anton_dee

    Nice pic. For me, most of the beauty lies in the character, the attitude and the personality.

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  • Pete671

    You look amazing!!!

  • JohnK123

    Excercise is the key to a healthy life

  • SayCheez03

    Everyone has their tastes