Childhood Memories: 'Tinkertoy'


Insipred by @Jjpayne's recent question about collecting Hot Wheels or similar type collector cars, I set out to my parent's house shortly after answering Jj's question to dig through old mementos in my parent's attic & basement.

Among other sentimental items, I found containers of Junior & Jumbo Tinkertoys

Childhood Memories: 'Tinkertoy'
Childhood Memories: 'Tinkertoy'

along with a box of Giant Tinkertoys!

Childhood Memories: 'Tinkertoy'

Do any of you remember these?

Have you ever played with them?

What did you have or do you still own?

Childhood Memories: 'Tinkertoy'

Playing with the Giant Tinkertoys was something I remember enjoying a lot. Those were also wonderful bonding moments with my dad who showed me numerous ways to build structures with the giant set.

Childhood Memories: 'Tinkertoy'

Meanwhile, my brothers each built whatever comes out of their imaginations with the small pieces that they'd carefully display on their desks to admire before they went to sleep.

Childhood Memories: 'Tinkertoy'
Childhood Memories: 'Tinkertoy'

Whatever it is that my dad & I built together would stay out in the backyard because in was too big to have inside.

Childhood Memories: 'Tinkertoy'

Enjoy your trip down memory lane!

Childhood Memories: 'Tinkertoy'
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  • SydneySentinel
    I remember these and I still see them in prek and kindergarten classrooms. I never had these as a kid! Thank you for sharing!!
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  • Harmseygrace
    Yup I have in prep.
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  • Frightening
    Holly shit I completely forgot about those till I saw this lmao Me and my twin brother used to make parkour/agility courses with them. We would make bars to jump over, go under, and etc. Thanks for bringing back some good memories :)
  • Dave-from-Illinois
    I remember having Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs. There were no video games when I was a kid. The only type of handheld video toy was a game that was like pong. You had to move the dials back and forth to hit the ball going across the screen. Then Mattel came out with Football where a bunch of - - - - represented players on the field. Then Atari came out with the square shaped images as players. It's amazing how far we have come.
  • Jjpayne
    Omg I remember these!!! Some at school and others at the doctors office. I'm glad to have inspired you, thanks for the menition
  • Jerre
    Yes, I had them and played with them quite a bit. Then they came out with the metal aluminum sets for building. That was my first experience with screwing.
  • JimRSmith
    Those must have been an American thing. We had something roughly analogous, although more obviously aimed at boys, called Mechano...
  • Jupiter1
    I think I had the junior set and also remember losing pieces.
  • Red_Arrow
    Lincoln Logs!
    • They're not the same as Tinkertoys but, yes, we've had those too.
      Childhood Memories: 'Tinkertoy'