Cars I would buy


I would buy:

1. A car that is reliable

I work shift and there is a curfew in my country to deal with the COVID 19 virus so it would be essential for me to own a reliable car. Reliable cars don't break down or wear out easily because they were well made. While every car requires some servicing by a suitably qualified mechanic or electrician(even if it's just to change the oil or the tyres), they don't need major work, like internal engine work, every few weeks.

2. A vehicle that is spacious enough

I'm over 6'0 so this is a real concern for me. Some auto makers have not designed their vehicles with tall people in mind so in this regard I have to be choosy. Trying to fit myself into or operate a vehicle that is too small for me, besides giving a comical appearance, is an issue of safety. A person under 5'0 driving a very spacious car might have his own issue but he may be able to put extra padding on his driver's seat so such an issue might be less common.

3. A car that matches my driving style

This is perhaps the most important factor that I should consider before buying my next vehicle. Not every car is suitable for every driver, just like not every man is a good match for every kind of woman. I might be able to drive a Toyota vehicle safely but be a danger to myself and everyone else around me if I bought a Nissan or a Fiat. Part of it depends on the vehicle's suspension system but the central point here is knowing yourself first as a driver before you decide to buy a specific vehicle. It is rather like knowing yourself first as a man before you decide to go out with a particular girl.

4. A car I can actually get the parts for

This is another vital factor I'd have to consider before buying a vehicle. I wouldn't want to get stuck with a vehicle that I couldn't source a replacement part for if something broke down. It would therefore be wisest to stick to familiar and well established brands of vehicle. An old boss of mine owned a Fiat and said that parts for it were available only at the dealer. Such vehicles I tend to avoid. In my country dealers often charge exorbitant prices for the parts. I would rather buy something like a Nissan, a Toyota, or a Mitsubishi, where at least there's a chance I could get a quality aftermarket part as necessary.

5. A car I can afford to maintain

In my country Nissan vehicles are, at least in theory, the cheapest vehicles to maintain. BMWs, Mercedes Benz, and Hondas rank among the most expensive. I would know that I bought the wrong vehicle immediately if the maintenance costs, including fuel and insurance, proved to be beyond my budget. The mean salary here is perhaps around US $700-US $1000. This means that only a select few could afford to maintain a BMW, a Mercedes-Benz, a Honda, or even a Toyota. Most people here seem to go for Nissan vehicles.

Vehicles can be expensive where I live so the key is for me to find one that matches all of the specifications I have listed above. At the end of the day, my goal is to enjoy and get the best out of the vehicle I buy and to get to and from my destination(s) safely and without incident.

Cars I would buy
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  • Cloud-9
    I highly recommend Lexus, which is a luxury part of Toyota. Japanese are known to build everything with up most precision and reliability. Their Toyota card are seldom seen at the mechanics shops, precisely for that same reason. So Lexus is what I would consider 😉
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  • DizzyDesii
    Space is very important to me. Bur also style. Thats why i want a stinger or tahoe. I know my bmw will be crowded but i still want it. I wouldn't pay more than 30-60k for eachCars I would buyCars I would buyCars I would buyCars I would buy