Cars I wouldn't buy


I would not buy:

1. Fiat.

In my country they cost much and have very little resale value. They also have a bad reputation for reliability issues. The parts are not easy or cheap to get. I had an old boss who bought a Fiat, preferring European to Japanese vehicles. He said only the dealer supplied the parts for his car. That's a serious red flag for me!

2. Chevrolet and Suzuki.

Both are supplied by one dealer in my country. Forget about getting the parts anywhere except at the dealer, and at astronomical prices. An engine can cost you more than the entire car is worth. This is particularly true for the Chevrolet. My brother owns a Spark. One time he said that an engine would cost him $65,000 of our dollars, while selling the vehicle would bring in $8,000.00. There is also the issue of safety. One day a guy in my country was driving his Chevrolet Cruze on the highway when he lost control of the car. The car just kept speeding up, reaching as fast as 200 km/h. He could not stop the car because the brakes wouldn't respond. He could not slow down. He could not downshift because the gear shifter locked up. He could not steer the car because the steering wheel locked up. All he could do was jump in the back of the car and tearfully call the police explaining his problem. When it finally crashed, his being in the back was what saved his life.

3. BMW and Mini.

Astronomical maintenance costs and resale value that collapses faster than the Concorde are the reasons I won't buy these.

4. Toyota Prius.

This is a good idea but sadly out of my reach. A new Prius costs over $400,000 of our dollars. There is also the smaller Prius C/Aqua at $175,000.00 but I'm over 6' in height so that would be a mismatch. Buying a used one is a bad idea because of the complexities of the vehicle and the maintenance costs. Should a battery go bad, it would set you back at least $15,000 of our dollars. Not everyone here knows how to work on electricical problems related to this car correctly. If someone were to rear end you, you would have the job on your hands to source replacement parts.

5. Mazda.

Specifically, any with that rotary engine, such as the RX-8. From what I understand, restarting the engine too soon after switching it off can get it flooded. Correcting that problem is difficult and expensive.

To say that cars are vastly overpriced to the point of the most outrageous display of profiteering in my country is an epic understatement. I'd rather invest the sanity and the little money I have in a vehicle different from those.

Cars I wouldn't buy
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  • MannySimms
    Location, right? For me, anything over 50,000 USD is out of the question. It's a rule. I never paid 30K for a car. Cars I wouldn't buy Out of the question!
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    That Pontiac Aztec Cars I wouldn't buy is definitely one of the worst vehicles ever manufactured. Everyone in GM was stoned with meth during that time.

    Meanwhile, I agree that Fiat should be in the "no no list" because all their vehicles have poor quality & resale value.
  • Levin
    I was thinking of getting a BMW 1. probably about 4 years old so I don't know if that changes things. I thought they kept their value reasonably well. However yes, I can see maintenance costs being high. I was thinking of getting an Audi a3, VW Golf or BMW1. Can't decide. Think I'll be stingy and save me money for a little while longer.
  • Hermes-Paris
    W are just a little farther south than you in Colombia. We are looking getting a car in July. We are considering a Renault Captur, Kia Tonic, and Nissan Kicks. Fiat no! WE use to say FIAT means Fix It And Trade. My son in law has a Chevrolet Spark. I don't like it.
    • I do not know the Kia as yet, but I'd be wary of Renault. Nissan has been getting a bit of bad press lately in some parts of the world, mainly for the CVT transmission. I like the Sentra personally because it is a roomy vehicle. I haven't heard any horror stories yet about the Nissan CVT in my country and Nissan is one of the cheapest vehicles to buy here. I agree with you about the Spark and in fact I would avoid Chevrolet altogether. In the end I can suggest only that you do some detailed research and shop around.

    • Thanks. We are leaning towards the Kia because they are common and are cheaper to maintain and better financing. Renault is OK but they may not be around in a year. I have two Nissan Sentras in the States and they are both over 10 years old.

  • humanearth
    For me, I won't be willing to buy a car or truck. That have computers or electronics in them. I willing buy cars made before 1974. Todays stuff is just garbage
  • Femdominna
    I would buy BMW if I had enough money, but I agree with you on Chevrolet.
  • sparke328
    The real question is: where do you live?
    • Trinidad and Tobago.

    • sparke328

      Ooooh in the Caribbean... Yeah in America BMW, Chevrolet, and Mazda are pretty good companies/ have good cars and MUCH CHEAPER in retro-speck with amount of money that it costs you in your country. I would agree that a Fiat and Toyota Prius would not be a good buy.

  • destrosio
    and then?
  • coffeewithcream
    What country are you in? Hong Kong?
  • BlueFlame14
    You won't buy a BMW? Wow, you're crazy
    • BMW'S in Trinidad and Tobago can cost upwards of $1,000,000.00 and within 2 years can depreciate by as much as 50%. A replacement engine can cost $100,000.00. Here most of us work for $5,000.00 to $7,000.00 if so much. Maybe I am crazy.

    • BMW's in this country retain their value well. I'm surprised there their value drops by 50% in two years.

  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • Gsm24diecast
  • Plitty-Tank
    Yes. I usually only buy red fords.
    • I have a red 1959 Ford for sale. No stupid computers or electronics. And it still has the orginal vacuum tube AM radio installed to

      No power windows
      No AC
      All orginal glass and paint
      The engine is a 352 Y Big Block V 8
      Manual (AKA Stick Shift) Transmission
      it's a two door coupe

      Asking 40 grand

  • ImjustTooGudd
    So whats the question?