Christmas Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life

Looking for a Christmas gift idea for a boyfriend, husband, friend, brother, or any other man in your life? Look no further - we've got ideas at every price point!

Christmas gift ideas for $

  • Is he a griller who likes to put a "stamp" on his steaks? How about a personalized BBQ branding iron. Unique and fun!

  • Christmas gift ideas
  • Food - As they say, the way to a man's heart is through stomach. So make your own pickles, bake his favorite brownies, or make a lasagna, freeze it, and wrap it in festive packaging.

  • Make him some homemade aftershave.

  • Get him some boxers with his favorite team/university logo

  • Love to camp together? How about a marshmallow twig roaster?

  • Buy him some fun socks and make a cute sock bouquet!

  • Boudoir photos - dress up in your favorite lingerie, and get a good girlfriend to take some sexy pics. Use Photobucket or Instagram to edit the photos!

  • Get a gag gift, like some Fundies or gun ice cube trays.

  • Does he love to BBQ? Get him a small BBQ griller set.

  • Love movie night in your home? How about a popcorn popper for theatre popcorn?

  • Christmas gift ideas
  • Got an old-school music lover in your life? Make him a vinyl record bowl!

  • Get a personalized chef's apron for the cook!

  • If he's a musician, get him some guitar picks. Or better yet, personalized guitar picks!

  • Personalized slippers are a comfy and cute idea for him.

  • For the golfer, check out the golfer's cooler bag.

  • For the car guy, go to a local vintage car museum, or vintage car collector. Take some photographs, and use a photo editor (Photobucket or Instagram) to make them look old-timey. Print them out, and buy a cheap frame. Great gift!

Christmas gift ideas for $$

  • A money clip is a great idea, especially because you can find one that's personal to his hobbies or interests.

  • For the beer drinker with refined taste, how about a selection of beers from around the world, or Beer of the month club.

  • For the liquor connoisseur, you might like a whiskey stones and gift set.

  • Christmas gift ideas
  • Combine a love for board games and drinking with a Shot Glass Checkers Set.

  • For the man who's not afraid of jewelry, you could have his and hers necklaces made.

  • Personalized art! Choose Your Own Color Canvas Art from Your Voice!

  • Ties are a great gift, but go the extra mile with a tie clip! You can personalize it with initials, or with a design that's personal to him.

  • What man doesn't love jerky? The Jerky of the Month Club won't disappoint.

  • We know, we know - you hate the video games. But you won't hate the look on his face when you surprise him on Christmas morning with a brand new game!

  • For the man who loves man's best friend, get him a Hand Drawn Pencil Sketch of His Dog.

  • A Dopp kit is old-fashioned, but never goes out of style.

  • Christmas gift ideas
  • Love a scientist? How about a beer making kit?

  • If he loves his shoes, he'll love a shoe shine kit!

  • For the outdoorsy guy, get him a Camelbak to keep him hydrated.

  • If he totes his laptop back and forth, get him a ergonomically friendly laptop bag!

  • A men's infinity scarf is perfect for the guy who loves fashion.

  • For fun at summer BBQ's, get him a Bocce Ball set, badminton set, washer set, croquet set, or bags set.

  • Custom design your own Noise reduction headphones for the guy who travels, or just loves music to his ears.

Christmas gift ideas for $$$

  • An exciting experience is perfect for the thrill-seeker. A helicopter ride, hang gliding experience, white water rafting, or stock car ride along are all fun and surprising gifts.

  • Christmas gift ideas
  • Cufflinks are classy, and can be personalized with initials, photos, or images that are personal to him.

  • If he's reached a plateau with his golf game, help him out with some golf lessons.

  • Got a Green Bay, Blackhawks, or Astros fan? Get him tickets to opening day!

  • Sharpen his cooking skills with a brand new kitchen knife set.

  • If he's been talking about getting in shape, get him a year-long membership to the gym (and buy yourself one while you're at it, so you can work out together!)

  • Combine his new-school iPod with an old-school boombox with this Portable FM Stereo Boombox for iPhone/iPod.

  • If he's been working hard and needs a break, buy him a spa package, and go together for a massage, facial, and day of R&R.

  • Christmas gift ideas
  • If you live or travel somewhere with good snowfall, how about some snowshoes for both of you?

  • If he enjoys travel (or travels a bit for work), there are some great Black Friday deals on luggage.

  • If he loves his iPad, check out the leather iPad case.

  • Acqua Di Gio - Giorgio Armani was the #1 US best-selling cologne in 2012. If he loves to smell beautiful, this is the cologne for him.

  • The ultimate BBQ King needs the Ultimate BBQ Set.

  • The Rain Showerhead is perfect for the man who loves to luxuriate in the shower (who doesn't??)

Remember, ladies - the more personal the gift, the more memorable. So take your time when finding a gift, and find something that will remind him of you when he sees it. And if you have an idea, list it below! :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • I am totally taking up on the sock idea for this Christmas. I had already bought him two presents, but taking into account he gave me some AWESOME present...for my birthday which coincidentally falls close to chrismtas..and I have no idea what he's giving me for Christmas... I decided to give him something else. I am SURE he needs new socks. And even if he's not extremely romantic I am so I hope he loves those flowers as much I love him. THe jerky of the month was my second best. =) THANX


Most Helpful Guy

  • If you make the vinyl record bowl, you better make sure it's not an album he likes.


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What Girls Said 5

  • Try it's a great site for all men, especially the working man

  • Rain showerhead sounds awesome

  • I would probably give him a perfume..he once told me he likes Cool Water so yeah..a nice scent on him..just perfect!

  • If I hadn't already did a specific idea mentioned, he is not into a suggestion or the relationship is beyond a smaller idea. He is more serious than I am about where the relationship is and I am clueless as to any thought that is appropriate

  • The Christmas gift for the man in my life is a flat screen television.


What Guys Said 3

  • I see the picture of the fundies, but I only see the pic, not a description

  • sex.

  • Maybe get him like a little game for the both of you to play if he likes games