Christmas Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life

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Looking for a Christmas gift idea for a boyfriend, husband, friend, brother, or any other man in your life? Look no further - we've got ideas at every price point!

Christmas gift ideas for Him ($)

Is he a griller who likes to put a "stamp" on his steaks? How about a personalized BBQ branding iron. Unique and fun!

personalized BBQ branding iron
personalized BBQ branding iron

Food - As they say, the way to a man's heart is through stomach. So make your own pickles, bake his favorite brownies, or make a lasagna, freeze it, and wrap it in festive packaging.

Make him some homemade aftershave.

Get him some boxers with his favorite team/university logo

Love to camp together? How about a marshmallow twig roaster?

Buy him some fun socks and make a cute sock bouquet!

sock bouquet
sock bouquet

Boudoir photos - dress up in your favorite lingerie, and get a good girlfriend to take some sexy pics. Use Photobucket or Instagram to edit the photos!

Get a gag gift, like some Fundies or gun ice cube trays.


Does he love to BBQ? Get him a small BBQ griller set.

bbq grill set
bbq grill set

Love movie night in your home? How about a popcorn popper for theatre popcorn?

Got an old-school music lover in your life? Make him a vinyl record bowl!

vinyl record bowl gift
vinyl record bowl gift

Get a personalized chef's apron for the cook!

If he's a musician, get him some guitar picks. Or better yet, personalized guitar picks!

Personalized slippers are a comfy and cute idea for him.

For the golfer, check out the golfer's cooler bag.

For the car guy, go to a local vintage car museum, or vintage car collector. Take some photographs, and use a photo editor (Photobucket or Instagram) to make them look old-timey. Print them out, and buy a cheap frame. Great gift!

Christmas gift ideas for Him ($$)

A money clip is a great idea, especially because you can find one that's personal to his hobbies or interests.

For the beer drinker with refined taste, how about a selection of beers from around the world, or Beer of the month club.

For the liquor connoisseur, you might like a whiskey stones and gift set.

Combine a love for board games and drinking with a Shot Glass Checkers Set.

Shot Glass Checkers Set gift
Shot Glass Checkers Set gift

For the man who's not afraid of jewelry, you could have his and hers necklaces made.

Personalized art! Choose Your Own Color Canvas Art from Your Voice!

Ties are a great gift, but go the extra mile with a tie clip! You can personalize it with initials, or with a design that's personal to him.

What man doesn't love jerky? The Jerky of the Month Club won't disappoint.

We know, we know - you hate the video games. But you won't hate the look on his face when you surprise him on Christmas morning with a brand new game!

For the man who loves man's best friend, get him a Hand Drawn Pencil Sketch of His Dog.

Hand Drawn Pencil Sketch of His Dog gift
Hand Drawn Pencil Sketch of His Dog gift

A Dopp kit is old-fashioned, but never goes out of style.

If he loves his shoes, he'll love a shoe shine kit!Love a scientist? How about a beer making kit?

For the outdoorsy guy, get him a Camelbak to keep him hydrated.

If he totes his laptop back and forth, get him an ergonomically friendly laptop bag!

A men's infinity scarf is perfect for the guy who loves fashion.

For fun at summer BBQ's, get him a Bocce Ball set, badminton set, washer set, croquet set, or bags set.

Custom design your own Noise reduction headphones for the guy who travels, or just loves music to his ears.

Christmas gift ideas for Him ($$$)

An exciting experience is perfect for the thrill-seeker. A helicopter ride, hang gliding experience, white water rafting, or stock car ride along are all fun and surprising gifts.

NASCAR Ride Along experience gift
NASCAR Ride Along experience gift

If he's reached a plateau with his golf game, help him out with some golf lessons.Cufflinks are classy, and can be personalized with initials, photos, or images that are personal to him.

Got a Green Bay, Blackhawks, or Astros fan? Get him tickets to opening day!

Sharpen his cooking skills with a brand new kitchen knife set.

If he's been talking about getting in shape, get him a year-long membership to the gym (and buy yourself one while you're at it, so you can work out together!)

Combine his new-school iPod with an old-school boombox with this Portable FM Stereo Boombox for iPhone/iPod.

If he's been working hard and needs a break, buy him a spa package, and go together for a massage, facial, and day of R&R.

If he enjoys travel (or travels a bit for work), there are some great Black Friday deals on luggage. If you live or travel somewhere with good snowfall, how about some snowshoes for both of you?

If he loves his iPad, check out the leather iPad case.

Acqua Di Gio - Giorgio Armani is one of the top best-selling cologne in the USA. If he loves to smell beautiful, this is the cologne for him.

The ultimate BBQ King needs the Ultimate BBQ Set.

The Rain Showerhead is perfect for the man who loves to luxuriate in the shower (who doesn't??)

Rain Showerhead gift
Rain Showerhead gift

Remember, ladies - the more personal the gift, the more memorable. So take your time when finding a gift, and find something that will remind him of you when he sees it. And if you have an idea, list it below! :)

Christmas Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life
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Most Helpful Girl

  • cerise333
    I am totally taking up on the sock idea for this Christmas. I had already bought him two presents, but taking into account he gave me some AWESOME present...for my birthday which coincidentally falls close to chrismtas..and I have no idea what he's giving me for Christmas... I decided to give him something else. I am SURE he needs new socks. And even if he's not extremely romantic I am so I hope he loves those flowers as much I love him. THe jerky of the month was my second best. =) THANX
    Is this still revelant?
    • Shamalien

      here's a little known secret about men...


      if your man cares too much about clothes he might be gay

    • @Shamalien There's an ignorant comment. Lol.

    • Shamalien

      @CandyCaneZoe is that what ur programming tells u to say? Total NPC what im saying is the unspoken truth straight men don't dare whisper for fear of women not liking them. Fuck it though I don't need people to like me I'd rather tell it as it is

Most Helpful Guy

  • Dandeus
    If you make the vinyl record bowl, you better make sure it's not an album he likes.
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What Girls & Guys Said

  • I’ve already done all this 5 years ago, leading up to now. It doesn’t change or improve a relationship. But I am glad guys are rejecting my gifts and opening my eyes that gifts don’t matter. So now, I just focus on the communication of the relationship and respect their space.
  • Hurlyburly
    I doubt that my boyfriend would like any of these, maybe except for the video game. We buy new games were interested in shortly after release though so this option falls flat aswell.
    I got him a new watch this year since he likes watches and this one has a visible clockwork 😅
    The past few years I had a sdd, playstation vr, a better graphics card and a few books for him.
  • camilahenry
    These are the good ideas for him, I already gifted him a puppy last year and this year I bought Personalized Guitar Stand, Cotton Twill Overshirt, Roger&Gallet L'Homme Menthe Eau de Toilette and a Deséa coffee machine, all i bought by using Black Friday promo codes , I hope he will be happy, although he is very stingy I always love to give him gift lol
  • pervertedjester
    This looks like it was written and paid for by the advertisers. These look like those cheap five to fifteen dollar gifts you get for people you don't know. And in my opinion: No guy wants the shot glass checkers game, just get us the booze.
  • Elliegirl
    I went in with my sister, sister-in-law, and best friend and we got our boys a weekend fishing trip together. It’ll be a fun time for them to be outdoors and have some guy time together.
  • EllieEmma99
    I love the ideas, although it is a good thing I am good at present buying as none of these would work for my partner XD
    I love the take 🙂
  • GloriaMc
    I get my men friends a pair of socks with their name and name meaning print on it 😂😂😂 by the way they still complaining said this is sucks 😒 😆😆😆😆
  • Shamalien
    did a chick write this?

    What he'll like: A shitty sweater

    that's about how good this list is. A vinyl record bowl? Holy fuck that is dumb no man would ever suggest such a thing.
    • You would be surprised. Honestly the ideas don't sound that great, but if it's up there, odds are someone likes it.

  • humanearth
    Ahhh... For me... I'm married and I know my wife. She most likely buy me some sexy lingerie, film for my cameras, or some other camera goodies.
  • Scenario24
    1. Cologne, I got that for my dad. It's what he asked for. Ask them what they want lol

    2. Bathrobes are really nice. Especially on the days you want to be lazy and lounge around the house.

    3. Shoes for working out or going out.

    4. Collectors gift. My boyfriend collects dvd blue rays of movies and anything Godzilla related. I got him the IT movie.

    5. Manscaped razors is the new way to go. Regular razors can suck creating small bumps that look like pimples and such.

    I been getting my boyfriend what he wants and that I can afford during this month. Shoes, blue ray movie. The razor is an exception as he doesn't know about but I know he will love it =)
  • Josephbrian01
    Yes, there are many online store providing beautiful luxury Unique CuffLinks, but last month I was brought classy Unique CuffLinks for my small brother at “J. Ciro Designs” an online store. This CuffLinks was really awesome…..
  • smithd
    If I hadn't already did a specific idea mentioned, he is not into a suggestion or the relationship is beyond a smaller idea. He is more serious than I am about where the relationship is and I am clueless as to any thought that is appropriate

  • FrozenFire782
    Try it's a great site for all men, especially the working man
  • lan18
    I would probably give him a perfume..he once told me he likes Cool Water so yeah..a nice scent on him..just perfect!
  • Phoenix98
    Those are all cool and all but I'd rather just have cash, I've got bills to pay.
  • MannMitAntworten
    A new rifle, ammo, or an envelop of cash would better suit me.
  • Gary888818
    This is over a year old. Why is it showing up in featured?
  • yummybrat
    id be a heart pon a string there's only one nperson to tug on your heartstrings
  • sensitiveguy2
    I see the picture of the fundies, but I only see the pic, not a description
  • TheAnswer
    Maybe get him like a little game for the both of you to play if he likes games
  • dominiquerjones2
    The Christmas gift for the man in my life is a flat screen television.
  • turkman
  • D_Bone_Steak
    I want to play that checkers and lose.
  • maddog998
    Just use pinterest they got everything on there
  • foxrider77
    I’d like plugs and a body suit
  • ColdHeartCries
    Rain showerhead sounds awesome
  • Creepazoid
    Did you just feature your own mytake? Lol
  • kitty71
    How about some men ´s bracelet?
  • ClaytonBabe
    I Would Give My Boyfriend Clone.
  • Anonymous
    I don’t have a boyfriend, but I do have a brother, and he is getting Star Wars themed presents.
  • Anonymous
    When you’re gay 😳😳