What’s Your Take? FAQs & More

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Wondering what the heck all of this “myTake” talk means? You’ve come to the right place!

What’s Your Take? FAQs & More
We’re thrilled to announce the introduction of myTakes to the GAG Community. As a Community of highly-curious guys and girls, we love hearing different takes on everything from dating and relationships to fashion and fitness - more importantly, we love hearing your myTake.

Your trusty GAG team has spent weeks collaborating and brainstorming, and is finally ready to roll out the myTakes feature. Now that myTakes are up and running, we wanted to address a few of the most common questions that have rolled in from the GAG Community.

What’s Your Take? FAQs & More

What’s a myTake?

Similar to a community blog post, creating a myTake provides you with the opportunity to share your thoughts on a variety of topics and ideas. For example, maybe you’ve got a lot of great tips on maintaining a long distance relationship, or perhaps you’re an aspiring fashionista with an eye for the hottest styles, anything you want to share your take on with the opposite sex, we want to hear all about it, and so does the rest of the GAG Community.

Who is an Editor?

Editors are GAG users who have consistently written informative, interesting, or helpful myTakes. When a user is awarded Editor status, all of the myTakes they write will be instantly promoted. Like always, 50 xper points will be earned for every promoted myTake and 150 xper points will be earned for each featured myTake! The admin staff still reviews the published content and then will make the decision to "feature" it on the homepage or un-promote the myTake. To become an Editor, keep writing great myTakes!
For more information on Editors, please read:
Become an Editor for GirlsAskGuys!

What’s Your Take? FAQs & More

How Are myTakes Different Than Questions?

Questions on GAG are designed to provide users with access to a plethora of quick and helpful solutions from their peers, while myTakes serve as an outlet for users to demonstrate their skills and expertise on a particular subject. For example, rather than posting a question about what to get your boyfriend for their birthday, users can create a myTake about the “Top 5 Birthday Gifts for Guys.” The difference is in the content: a question is inquisitive, while a myTake is informative.

What’s Your Take? FAQs & More

What Format Can myTakes Be In?

myTakes can be in article or list format. While a minimum of one embedded image is required in every myTake, you're welcome to embed up to 15 images and/or videos. For example, perhaps you’re sharing your take on the Top 5 Spring Break Destinations - this would be a great place to embed multiple images or videos. Including embedded media in your myTake provides endless creative opportunities to express yourself. Check out these examples:

List: Top 10 Fall Fashion Trends for Girls & Guys

Article: Dating for women over 30 or 40

Video: 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Image: Best Halloween Costumes for Girls & Guys

What’s Your Take? FAQs & More

How Do I Create a myTake?

You’re going to love how easy this is! To create a myTake, follow this three-step process:

  • Step #1: Click the "Share myTake" icon under the "Post" menu.
  • Step #2: Use the myTake Title and Details boxes to enter your text, build your list, embed your image, or even add a video. Remember, the title of your myTake should be descriptive, enticing, and free of grammatical errors. After entering your text and image, choose a topic for your myTake, then click the preview button to see your unpublished myTake.
  • Step #3: Review your myTake. If everything looks great, click the submit button. If your myTake still needs some work, you may either edit, delete, or save as draft to post later - the choice is yours.

How Many myTakes Can I Create Everyday?

Just like with questions, the amount of myTakes users are allowed to create is dependent upon Xper Level. Xper Level 1 users may create a maximum of one myTake every 24 hours. Xper Level 2 users may create a maximum of two myTakes every 24 hours, and Xper Level 2+ users may create a maximum of three myTakes every 24 hours.

What are Promoted myTakes?

Just like questions, really awesome myTakes are praised in the GAG Community. If your myTake is really awesome, GAG will let you know by promoting it. Instead of the gray lightbulb that myTakes have, it'll have a blue (guy) or pink (girl) lightbulb. If your myTake is promoted, you’ll receive an additional 50 Xper points and your myTake will appear in the Site Feed, Popular Feed, and also on the myTakes list pages (Recent, Popular, No Opinions, and By Topic). Read more about Promoted and Featured myTakes

What are Featured myTakes?

Features myTakes are docked on the homepage feed. So, these are really really awesome myTakes that the GAG editors liked alot and decided to feature them on the homepage. Writers of Featured myTakes receive an additional 150 Xper points, so the total bounty comes up to 200 Xper points for a Featured myTake. Read more about Promoted and Featured myTakes

What’s the Difference Between Regular myTakes & Popular myTakes?

myTakes that are not promoted can become a popular myTake, according to the unique algorithm used to measure engagement on the site.

myTake Support

To learn more about myTakes, click here. In the meantime, start thinking about what you’d like to share your myTake on. As always, the GAG team is here to help. Whether you have questions about a myTake topic or simply need some help with using this new feature, don’t sweat it; send a message to the "gagTake" user.

What’s Your Take? FAQs & More
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