How To Write A Featured myTake

Promoted myTakes vs. Featured myTakes: What Is The Difference?

Promoted myTakes are helpful and interesting myTakes selected by the admin staff to share with other GAG users. Each promoted myTake earns 25 Xper points.

Featured myTakes are Promoted myTakes that the admin staff chooses to feature on the GirlsAskGuys homepage, share on Facebook or Twitter, and/or send to our partner sites. If your myTake is featured, you will earn an additional 100 Xper points.

Featured myTakes: What We Look For

Since the Featured myTakes are highlighted on the GirlsAskGuys homepage, as well as shared on our social media channels, email blasts, and partner sites, we have created guidelines to help users understand what we look for when selecting these myTakes. These are the factors the admin staff considers when choosing to feature myTakes:


Content is key for creating a great myTake to be featured on GAG. Choose an engaging topic and share your passions with our community. Whether you share a personal story or experience, or write about your opinion on a specific issue or matter, we want to know more about YOU. Dating, relationships, and sexual behavior are always popular topics featured on the homepage, but we welcome myTakes written about any subject! For a full list of topics, click here. Be passionate and open, and share what matters to you.


A featured myTake is always visually appealing, so pay attention to structure when writing your myTake. Readability is important for engagement, so take advantage of the available tools (headers, quotes, bold, italics, line breaks, etc) to help highlight important aspects of your myTake. One long paragraph can be overwhelming to a reader, so break it down into multiple paragraphs and take advantage of the structural tool bar.


An image is required on every myTake, and the images you choose to include represent the context of your article. Choosing high-quality, relatable images can help boost the engagement from GAG readers, as well as make your myTake aesthetically pleasing. Inserting an image at the start of your myTake is preferred by GAG admin, and users can insert up to 25 images per myTake. Here are some ways to insert visuals into your myTake:

Embed Images

To embed an image, click the image button and choose file or paste a link to an image link, then click ok. The minimum image size is 320x60, and the max file size is 3MB. We recommend images finding large images that stretch across the width of the myTake content section - 730px is ideal!

Embed GIFs

GIFs are animated images that are inserted the same way as images. Sites like GIPHY are a great source for adding engaging imagery into your myTakes. Copy the link of the GIF and embed as an image.

Embed Videos

Click the video icon and paste the video link in the box. YouTube, Facebook, or Vine videos are great sources for video content. If you embed a video, the primary image will have the play icon over it.

Embed Instagram Photos

Click on the Instagram icon in the myTake toolbar and paste the link of the instagram post to embed in myTake.

Embed Tweets

Embed tweets by clicking on the Twitter icon and pasting the tweet URL.

Add Links

You can add live links to reputable sites to help or reference within your story. Simply highlight the words you would like to link, click the link button on the myTake toobar, and insert link.

Include Hashtags

Including hashtags in your posts will boost engagement and help other users discover your posts. Use trending hashtags or create your own. We recommend this!


Since we have seen 40% more opinions and views for myTakes that do not have grammatical errors, we are more likely to feature the myTakes that use correct punctuation, spelling, and grammar. Proofread your myTakes before submitting them to increase your chances of being featured on GAG and our social media channels!


The most important factor in a myTake’s reach is the title, so a great, catchy title will help drive more users to your myTake. Here are a few tips for creating an engaging myTake title:

- Include the main focus of your myTake in your title - example: “Women Need To Stop This Now” should be “Women Need To Stop Getting Jealous Now”

- Capitalize the first letter of each word in the title - example: “How to love yourself” should be “How To Love Yourself”

- Avoid punctuation in your title - example: “I Learned To Be Independent. It Changed My Life.” should be “How Learning To Be Single Changed My Life’”

- Titles written in question form will attract more readers - example: “How I Plan To Stop Worrying So Much About My Relationship”


Certain topics are not allowed in the GAG community. To avoid having your myTake removed by the GAG admins, click here to see a full list of what is prohibited on the site

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I think the best thing GAG could do is to take away the editor status from patrons.

    I say this for the greatest strength of this site is involvement. And by having all on an equal footing it will mean takes are always promoted on their merit, rather than by default b/c one is an 'editor'. in no way am I diminishing the merits of any of the 'editors' for they have earnt their status, but i think all should be equal

    It would promote more diversity from a greater part of GAG

    • *argument made impotent by the fact that editors have their takes automatically promoted not featured.

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    • @kxera Is that true? Can girls not be juniors? Seems sexist...

    • @pavlove Yep, it's true. & I suppose if you applied it to the definition, it could be, it has no major effect. I and I'm sure several other girls as well are perfectly fine with not being called Jr.

Most Helpful Girl

  • How to write a featured mytake
    Step 1 write about something like sex because we all know everyone will click on that
    Step 2 be a mod or suck up to a mod and kiss ass
    Step 3 use a click bait title to get attention even though it has nothing to do with the mytake
    Step 4 get butthurt if someone does not agree with your mytake and attack them to make yourself feel better

    • Sounds legit. I wish we didn't live in a world where everything was a popularity contest. People let their objectivity be compromised enough as it is

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    • @Zeanobia When people try really hard to be sarcastic and still don't make any sense with their argument. PROFIT

    • @M_A_X Behold, the first of my 2 viewers. Lol

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What Guys Said 13

  • How to get your myTake featured?
    ●Make it controversial
    ●Cute pics
    ●Trending topic
    ●Clickbait title
    ●Write on Dating, relationships & sexual behaviour.
    ●Preferred topics are: feminism, nice guys, alpha males, friendzone, virginity, boobs and penis size


    Just write anything at top level.

  • How to write a Featured GaG MyTake: Section two
    Here are a few tips that are, completely, imperative and, at any cost, must be hit upon in the construction of any MyTake worthy of the all mighty "feature".
    1. Although GaG tries to represent all demographics and all takes (pun intended) on a multitude of issues, they fail utterly in their attempts. So, it can be said, with reasonable certainty, that any MyTake of liberal personality will be weighted with greater than those of conservative view. In fact, I would go as far as to say any controversial topic, approached from a liberal point of view, that has a modicum of facts or logical statements can achieve the heightened state by merely causing arguments and issues.
    2. The topic of images and other media devices was hit upon earlier in this post; however, i feel it necessary to reiterate the importance of such devices. The notion that two-thirds of the world is thought to be unintelligent and/or detestable by the other one-third, a theory generated by the GaG observer, John Spielfield, is taken to heart in the development community. With out such images, it must be questioned how we maintain the attention of the reader. The ages of reading have long been gone, and, going with the flow of society, we feel it a responsibility to support the degradation of the human attention span and do our part in the overall regression of society. Now, we have only made it necessary that one image is added; yet, to achieve the heightened state of being featured we ask that you include a veritable multitude of images and media devices. With out such devices, we feel that the audience will not be able to understand what is trying to be stated. Again, we would like to assure you that MyTakes posted on the site will be graded not on their writing skill and reason, but on their ability to incorporate easily understandable media.
    3. Less is more: the statement holds true. When writing you MyTake, we urge you to say less in the realm of factual and reasonable and logical and understandable and more in realm of controversial and easy to understand. Here at GaG, we do not condone the spreading of enlightened ideas nor do we support the spreading of works that may be found difficult to comprehend by the public, despite the responsibility with which the author came to the prescribed conclusions. Lastly, it can not be emphasized enough how vital this is; always remember that less is more and mass comprehension is greater...

  • lol some of the mytakes that get featured are dreadful

  • From what I've seen the only way to get featured is to write a bunch of bullshit that gets written five times a day.

  • Step 1: Become an admin.
    Seriously anything controversial or well written is a prime candidate to being featured.

  • a lot of the mytakes that get featured straight up suck ass. a lot of times, it's just the same users and people with the most words. a lot of them are about nothing, too.

  • Would these things work well for Question posting as well, or do you have something like this specifically for questions?

  • How long until this topic gets closed?

  • How to get a featured mytake

    1. Spend points on it
    2. ?
    3. Profit

  • So there is a featured myTake on how to write a feature myTake, myTake-ception!!!

  • It's truly amazing how many people do not know this.

  • Be careful about writing "my takes"; you may have your work stolen.

    • I noticed menguc said you may have disavowed it.
      Are you sure that you didn't click disavow by accident or whatnot?

    • @dangerDoge looks like we'll never really know...

What Girls Said 10

  • Well #4 about the grammar and spelling part. Defeats the whole purpose of the more in depth adhd and autism mytake I made. Since I made sure not to correct anything I messed up when writing. So others could see how much my learning disorder that comes with having both is like. Along with how much I struggle trying to figure out how to spell them.

  • How do I stop getting notifications of this, ugh.

  • I am, in the process of working on this. I am (new ) to technology and pretty much clueless. It can come off as clueless or uneducated becuase I am with this type of stuff. I am good at writing on an English assignment or typing but this is pretty I'm only 16 and still thinking about what to post and what not to do. (I don't want to write abortion I am neither for or against for example) I also find the memes of Donald Trump extremely hilarious. I will respect others opinions even If this is just a website I'm still talking to real people online. I don't bash other even though I am strong in my beliefs .

  • excellent. good way to break it down =]
    thanks for that.

  • I'll keep that in mind 👌🏼

  • does anybody know if you get paid for myTakes? or is it just because?

  • I feel special! Mine was featured

  • Love this

  • wow...

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