Why I Write MyTakes

Most of the time when I write a take, people seem to think I asked a question or try to argue for no reason.Today I am going to be telling you WHY I write MyTakes.

Why I write MyTakes

Why I write MyTakes.

Well everyone writes for different reasons, so please do not think this applies to everyone.

I write because it is a way for me to express myself. Some people write songs to show how they feel, some express it through art, others might dance, there is a ton of stuff people do, to express themselves. I like to type as a way to express myself, it's just what I do. It helps me find the words I'm looking for and get what I need to say out. I also like writing in general, that is my reason for journals. I have some pretty.. unique ideas and thoughts lol and I would like to share them with the world! :D

I hope you enjoyed MyTake. Thanks for reading!!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Just so everyone knows, I don't normally Promote Takes that are this short (we generally need more content for Promoted/Featured Takes).

    However, I wanted users to see the reasons here; frankly, I think MOST people should be writing takes because they want to express themselves. They want to make a statement, take a stand, tell a story, or just write to be creative. That's really the goal of the myTake. And yeah, if it has great trending content the digital world tends to really like, all the better. But you should have fun doing it and you shouldn't be doing for the express purpose of starting arguments.

    And by the way, the more you do it, the better you'll get. ;) I've already seen a lot of frequent Take-makers who have improved considerably in recent weeks and months, thanks in part to a little guidance from me and their desire to produce really engaging stuff that they LIKE to produce.

    • Thank you so much! You actually promoted another one of MyTakes (6 Things I Find Intensely Romantic)

Most Helpful Girl

  • I would write mytakes just to express what's on my mind.

    • So what's stopping you? ;)

    • @Fathoms77 I'm afraid it might not get promoted or someone might try to start an argument with me

    • It's the internet so you need a thick skin. Just don't take anything personally; in fact, my advice to all new writers on here is to ignore any negative or harsh comments. Just respond to the positive ones. This also helps foster an air of positivity that we really need...

      And a lot of Takes aren't Promoted. You still get your thoughts up and people can still see it, and the more you write, the better chances you have of being Promoted (quality is a premium, of course).

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What Guys Said 3

  • Sounds fair enough to me - I never expected take to be pieces of scholastic journalism out of the Washington Post or The TImes - They are just expressions of what you are thinking at that time - I wrote a few takes on my old account and I would always include a disclaimer that this was just a thought process, a stream of conscience not backed up by hard facts but just an opinion I had formed.
    It was essentially just a blog entry, a public journal piece. If I could do that then everyone else is entitled to do the same regardless of gender, age, race, faith, nationality etc. I believe in freedom of speech, often I might politely say I don't agree with your point but I won't put you down or get aggressive about it unless I feel someone is being hurt or abused.

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  • So you write for fun. I think everyone writes these things for fun.


What Girls Said 1

  • So what do mytakes actually mean? If you do a mytake, what can I take from it?

    I really want to know...

    • I don't even know.
      I always thought of it as, expressing your opinions to others. :)

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