6 Tips On How To Get Your myTake The Recognition It Deserves

6 Tips On How To Get Your myTake The Recognition It Deserves

1. Ask yourself questions about the online community you are posting in.

A) What is the common age group of visitors that frequent this site?

If the community you are posting in mostly consists of a certain age group, it's best to write about

things that age group will find interesting. This aids in allowing your article to get recognition.

B) What topic(s) mostly interest the visitors?

Sure, we all have things that we are interested in writing about, it's okay to share those with others but keep in mind your topic may not strike the interest of daily users.

As an avid writer, I know how it feels to put hours into a myTake only to get almost no comments on it.

It feels like all of your work has went to waste because no one has probably read it.

So, the key important factor here is to, know your audience and what appeals to them.

For example,

If most of the users are single people without children.

A myTake written about "How to care for your children" may get less views and comments,

as opposed to one written about the dating life and relationships.

People are interested in reading what pertains to their every day life, this is what all audiences have incommon.

2. Write a title that stands out

Sometimes no matter how informative, inspiring or interesting your article is,

it will get almost no views or comments.

So, a great tactic to keep in mind is to write a catchy title.

Example 1: "Bullying is bad"

Example 2: "Stop Bullying! It Can End Lives!"

Which article do you think is more eye catching and that viewers are more likely to want to read?

Sure, example 1 may strike some peoples interest but my eyes are immediately

drawn to example 2.

It allows me to ask myself more questions about what the articles details may contain.

"How does bullying end lives?"

"Will the writer give examples and write its effects?"

The title strikes my interest, and allows me to want to read it.

Example 1, "Bullying is bad" is too vague and does not capture a readers interest.

Although this may be a great article, it most likely will be overlooked.

What also helps is, capitalizing each word in your title. This allows it to stand out even more.

3. An interesting photo

Photos also aid in capturing a readers interest.

In combination with your catchy title, this causes wonders to happen!

Number (2)- A catchy title and (3) - A interesting photo are most important of all because,

you must take into account that this site has an expanding user base.

Hundreds of myTakes are produced in just one day alone.

A large amount of those takes get promoted and featured.

You should understand that you are amongst many of those users if your article has been promoted.

A poor title and photo decreases the ability of your article to stand out in that crowd

4. Have a decent amount of people on your followers list.

The more followers you have, the more likely they are able to see what you have recently posted.

Your followers may take interest in what you write, and may want to comment.

5. Be precise and to the point.

The people that visit your article are going to either:

A) Read only the title and comment.

B) Skim through it to get a general idea.

C) Fully read your entire material.

D) Lose interest and not comment.

Your job is to capture your readers interest within the first 3 sentences of your article. If you're all over the place in what you are speaking about, the visitor will most likely D) Lose interest and not comment at all. Have great opening lines, and remember get to the point!

6. Experiment with different topics based on the communities interest.

If you're creating articles based on the same topic time after time, this allows viewers to get bored after a while. They will know longer have the urge to want to click to see what you are writing about.

Keep things fresh!

Write about different topics, even play around with your approach to it.

-Do you want to be humorous today?

-Do you want a more serious tone?

-Do you want to introduce your topic with a relevant quote?

A different approach always keeps things interesting.

Best of luck!

I am looking forward to noticing and reading your myTake!

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  • Can't say this has been too hard for me. So far all of my Takes have been promoted by the mods and have received satisfying reception for me except 2, one on college and one about MRAs and feminism, but any time you're a guy here writing about feminism you're gonna get tuned out.


Most Helpful Girl

  • well put. this is definitely something i can witness to.


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What Guys Said 12

  • How to write a good one from what I have gathered:

    1) Good title.
    2) Good picture.
    3) Not too long. Like max 4 paragraphs. Otherwise people will be demotivated to go through it all.

  • Genius! Love it.

  • Another fantastic Take - about writing Takes, great idea, I like it :D

  • That is good advice for people interested in doing My Takes

  • good job !

  • Love the pictures they worked great with the take

  • 7. Make it controversial :D

  • Thanks, Nice MyTake! :)

  • Nice article

  • No one likes my takes :(

  • cute pics =)

    *declining userbase

  • Honestly I write good takes I believe... many of 'em went promoted... I have almost 40 Takes but most of 'em receive 1-2 answers on average... but y? Don't people appreciate anonymous Takes? In ma messages it says they appear at Live Feed... but y they r so unpopular? :/

    • The thing is, promoted things don't get much recognition. I can vouch for the same. My featured takes will get 30-70 comments. While my promoted comments may get anywhere from 4-13.
      The key to the trick is to make a article so good that it gets featured.
      If you showed me some of your articles, I can pin point why it didn't get featured.

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    • You can follow me and ill follow you back for exchange of messages

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What Girls Said 2

  • Or just have it be about boobs lol

  • I did all of these things on my old account and gag never featured my mytake. Even though I got compliments on My mytake and I only had 2 mytakes promoted out of 10

    • I wish I could see them to know the quality of then. Content and how well you write also plays a part.

    • The only ones that got promoted had a eye catching title

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