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My main reason for being on GAG is to share my writing. I want it critiqued. Even if people deem it complete dross.

I never follow anyone but I am happy for people to follow me. I never message anyone, but anyone is free to message me. I seek nothing meaningful but I am willing to represent meaning to any in need.

I never share pics, i never ask for pics. i do not need to see ones looks to enjoy their company

I am the definition of a 'fuck up' in life. The irony is the wisdom in the embrace. Many tough lessons have cruelled me. How I struggled with them has made me better. I am a PHD in denial. Also, a MASTERS in the retrospection of this.

I am supremely book smart but I value my immense street smarts more :)

I am a sexual deviant but one who is underpinned by respect. i have no interest in cam sex. I enjoy turning a woman on through words, though. My interest is a passion for writing erotic literature

Lastly, I am passionate about equality and 'one human race'

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