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Hey G@G! I'm here to help you.

----- About Me ------
I'm a recent college graduate majoring in psychology, and I'm soon to be working on my masters for counseling psych. If I'm not on G@G, chances are I'm practicing music. I play drums, bass, guitar, and a bit of keyboard and viola. (Let's be honest though-- I can't sing worth Schei├če, so I play instruments to make up for it). I tend to write progressive metal music, but I also respect jazz/blues/funk and play it for fun on occasion.

----- Need Help? -----
I'm on here quite frequently I'd say. I'm here to help whenever I can! So dudes/dudets, if you are needing advice, going through tough times, or whatever, feel free to PM or contact me somehow and I can try my best for you... Whether that means just listening or giving advice. I've learned a few things from my psych classes, and while I'm not a professional yet, I may be able to give some tips to at least help... especially regarding depression due to past dealings with it.

As always, I can't guarantee sage wisdom, but I can sure try my best. :)

(Sidenote: Cover photo is of my dog during her puppy days.)

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