What's something new you tried recently?

I was talking to my girlfriend about the Hunger games and about what weapons we'd choose and the whole knife throwing thing always irked me because you're disarming yourself and I don't see a way that would reliably make the blade stick every time.

I decided to give it a try and follow tips from Adam Celadin after I got some smith & Wesson non-sharpened knives. Someone left some gigantic empty cardboard boxes at work and wrote "trash" on them. They were totally clean and I knew nobody was coming back for them, so I took them home so I could use them as a target.

Following tips from Adam Celadin, I'm actually not off to a TERRIBLE start, I've stuck on 5 of 6 throws a few times already. I tried some no-spin throws he shows in a video and it's definitely harder to pull off but I can do it maybe every 5 attempts.

I like doing it and it's a fun hobby that I'm glad I got into starting, although as for what weapon I'd choose in the hunger games, I'd still take a short sword for the beginning and a bow afterwards, I will concede that my previous thoughts about throwing knives as being ridiculous were unfounded and based on my lack of experience in throwing them because while my consistency isn't there, I have already proven that it can be effective.

What's something new you've tried and how did it go?
Whats something new you tried recently?
What's something new you tried recently?
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